Young Carers 2016


During the November half term, Mike Church led a drama project to give young carers from the Caerphilly a chance to enjoy and learn more about drama and develop trust and friendships with each other through their experience of performing together. This was also a chance for young carers to have a break from their caring role.

Through team games and role play, Mike built teamwork, unlocked imagination and helped the group immerse themselves in creativity. Each session started with warm up games like ‘Eek, Woosh and Pass’, and giant Rock, Paper, Scissors. In the afternoon everyone took part playing roles in stories like the ‘Hat Maker’ (each person playing a monkey and stealing a hat from the hat maker).  The young carers started playing with characters through role playing. The Laughing Chair, where the person sitting down is not allowed to laugh and people takes turns trying to make them laugh. Nobody made it up to one minute in the chair.

The groups then put together poetry about a brick, with everyone contributing ideas for what it could be used for. These ideas were then built on in small groups to develop little plays which were performed at the end of the day, all showing just how much can be imagined from a humble brick.

“The young carers loved this type of activity. They all went home with smile on their faces. Even the young carers who were normally quiet took part in the activities that Mike delivered. If given the chance we would certainly be looking to do more partnership working in the future.” – Gillian Cleaton, Barnardo’s Team Manager