Writing Aloud

Writing Aloud

One hundred and thirty nine writers, authors and publishers from around Wales attended Academi’s Writing Aloud Day on Saturday 22 November at Llanhilleth Miners Institute near Abertillery.

As part of the South Wales Valleys Literature Development Initiative, this Academi-organised event was held in partnership with the Llanhilleth Institute, Blaenau Gwent Libraries, Llanhilleth Communities First, Seren, Pont Books, Screaming Dreams Publishers, Pendragon Press and CPD Printers.

Academi Chief Executive Officer, Peter Finch launched the day with advice on how to get published. Other features included talks from some of Wales’s leading writers, including romantic novelist Catrin Collier and broadcaster and author Mavis Nicholson, along with workshops from some of the country’s best writers including:

• Paul Henry – poetry
• Steve Lockley – horror
• Paul Manship – writing for children
• Della Galton – short stories
• Catherine Fisher – writing for children and poetry

The day also offered the opportunity to meet some of Wales’s leading publishers including: Accent Press, Pendragon Press, Pont Books, Screaming Dreams and Seren. CPD Printers were available to explain the process of turning a manuscript into a book.

Writers attending were given the chance to submit a manuscript and the best one will be assessed, at a later date, by the publishers involved.

The day aimed to attract and celebrate the creative writing talents of people of all ages and abilities. It showcased Welsh publishers and authors and offered the opportunity to discover more about how to get published and to reach the reading public.

Comments from delegates included:
‘Enjoyed the day immensely. It was very informative and helpful.’

‘Very interesting with lots of different points of view and authors.’

‘Excellent; focused, useful, well-run with good sessions.’

Peter Finch said ‘The Academi’s Writing Aloud day run as part of our South wales Valleys initiative and with the considerable help of staff at the revitalised Llanhilleth Miners Institute was an amazing success.  A 50% higher attendance than estimated shows that in these days of recession something still sparks and shouts.  There is a clear need among new, amateur and beginner writers of Wales for the help and advice that a day like Llanhilleth’ s provides.  Attendees listened to talks, met published authors, accessed insider gossip, sat in specialist workshops, had their manuscripts assessed, bought books, discussed agents, publishing and plots, learnt about characterisation, form, format and how to manage success.  Most said they’d come again.  Watch the Academi website to find out where and when.’

Peter Finch