Ty Hapus

Throughout August and September, people accessing Ty Hapus in Barry enjoyed a series of creative sessions with poet Patrick Jones.

A partnership project with the Vale of Glamorgan libraries, this project linked with the new ‘Picture the Vale’ project. This project aims to digitise local historic photograph collections held by Vale libraries, local history groups and photographs of historic value from members of the public and upload them to the People’s Collection Wales website. This will involve the scanning, saving and indexing of photographs.

Tŷ Hapus is an innovative centre designed to relieve and promote the relief and treatment of people with early onset Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and to provide respite support for sufferers, their families and carers


Comment from Ty Hapus:

I just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of the Ty Hapus guests for your superb interaction and involvement with them over the past weeks. Given the nature of memory loss in dementia it is heartwarming to hear guests talk about you, remember your name, and look forward to the next session many days after you have been. I think a lot of that is due to your engaging personality and non-patronising approach as well as the fun you brought into people’s lives.  I do hope we see you again. There is always a welcome for you at Ty Hapus.




I remember scrumping apples

the tingly taste of gooseberries

My grandmother in the garden in Solva

I remember picking raspberries

used to take a plastic bag

I can see it now late 1940’s

early morning

going mushrooming with my dad

sharing time with my dad

I remember the fruit garden

and my mother would always say

‘dont pick them all, leave something for the birds’

and she’d make a lovely pie

from fruit ‘growing half an hour ago’

the taste of memories

these memories of taste


My mother’s hard pastries

covered with evaporated milk

strawberries and ice cream always reminds me of summer

I remember being in digs in college

boiled eggs for breakfast

and the white was always too runny

oooh sausage sandwiches with brown sauce

how I loved trifle

My mum used to make it as a special treat

and make us wait for it to be ready


At my nan’s we’d have pick n mix

and she’d sneak me extra ones

a mixed grill

with chips and garlic mushrooms

chocolate – any chocolate


Fresh bread just out of the over

with butter and cheese yesss

I remember christmas cake and my father would have a little drink of what he called nelson’s blood, which was rum

to warm the heart

sunday st david’s church

to this day I love lychees and their delicate taste

and the memory of chip scrapings

with salted gravy remains forever

and ever emblazoned upon my tongue

my memory


Denise, Annie,Adrian, Mike, Pam, Brian, Elaine






I am an aeroplane

(my son works for British Airways)


I am very happy at the moment

with lots of friends,


I am a window,looking out of my window

still with me


I am a field of golden daffodils


I am a voice

singing in Rhiwbina


I am not the person I used to be

I want to go back in time,

I am the singer loving what I do,


I am a rock

for anybody I know

sometime I feel people ignore me

But I am always there

if people need me,


I am a walking disaster

I am the reporter on the bbc news

with news that Wales have won the 2014 world cup

I am

We are……………….


Denise, Annie,Adrian, Mike, Pam, Brian, Elaine