Treorchy Journey

Tom Anderson

A creative writing and music partnership between Academi and the Welsh National Opera provided inspiration and new opportunities for year nine pupils from Treorchy Comprehensive on 26 May 2010.

Seventeen music pupils enjoyed a morning of writing about a journey around Treorchy with Travel Writer, Tom Anderson, before working with Welsh National Opera composer Stacey Blythe and Soprano,Jennifer Walker to compose their own Treorchy Journey song.

The day workshop, a partnership between Academi, WNO MAX, Treorchy Library and Treorchy E3+ encouraged individuals to explore their imagination and musical talents in composing a song in a day. The final piece was performed at the Park and Dare Theatre as a prequel to the WNO MAX performance of The Journey.

WNO commissioned The Journey in Spring 2009 as the final celebration of three years work within the South Wales Valleys communities funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. The Journey brought together the music and words created through a range of song writing projects in six counties. The Valleys Communities have ownership and involvement of the entire oratorio – representing their journey with WNO and in part Academi across the three year programme of work.

WNO & Group

Treorchy Journey

Will you take a pic’ of us please?
Yeah go on then.
Twelve blue buildings that blend in to sky,
blend in to sky,
blend in to sky…
(The grubby old train station, waiting for the metal monster to arrive.)
Stars shine as if it was day,
as if it was day,
(What d’you want for breakfast?)
smell of fish and chips is all around,
multi-coloured tip tops with familiar faces,
shops stand in a sloppy row, designed by a depressed architect.
(Mam – where’s my flowered top? In the bin. Serious?)
People walking by… whoops, they walked in to a lamppost,
oh God my head’s banging, people passing.
The sheep I saw had a walking stick.
I cut my finger open opening soup.
Morgan Lewis Brendan Kaine Tracey Sue and Nicola Galore.
(Do you know where my shoes are? Serious? Ok boss.)
The never-ending road – a nadyr rwnd yr mynedd
(Thankyou Mammy!)
As I’m standing on the platform, I look down
to discover loads of little eyes
staring back up at me.
I’m now tempted to dive in and
discover the magical world beneath me.
(Yeah go on then.).