Torfaen Gypsy Traveller History Month

Torfaen Gypsy

As part of the Welsh celebrations for Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month 2010, Academi funded two days of creative Writing workshops with Gypsy Travellers in West Monmouth Comprehensive School Torfaen.

Twelve pupils accessing the Torfaen Traveller Education Support Service worked with author and poet, Anita Flowers to create poetry exploring cultural identity and celebrating the customs and traditions of the Torfaen Gypsy Traveller Community.

Participants also created a series of self portraits and recorded their poems. Each participant received a CD recording of the poems and images as a lasting celebration of the workshops.

gypsy 1


I am

I am friendly and polite
I have a brother who is eight
I enjoy playing with my cousins
I am looking forward to going on holiday
I have a parrot called Fred and nine dogs
I want to be a hairdresser when I leave school
If I was an animal I would be a dog

I am
Dino Smith

I am a boxer
I am Dino Smith
I am the second eldest boy
I am a scholar
I am loud
I am a pop singer

I am
Lilian Richards

I am a shortie
I am quiet
I am eleven years old
I like television
I enjoy being a Gypsy
My birthday is in July
I like coming down the Damontables to see the teachers
My favourite colours are red and pink
I go to West Mon School
My favourite drink is Dr Pepper
I like Chocolate
My friends are Mary Jones and Tracey Dixon.

gypsy 2

I am
Tracey Dixon

I am small and quiet and very good in school
I like Seven up, Dr Pepper and Coca Cola
I like coming down the Damontables to see the teachers
They help me with my homework and my work
My favourite colours are pink, blue, brown, yellow, red and baby pink
My favourite character is Horrid Henry
I was born on 14 April 1998
My friends are Mary, Lilian, Courtney, Tilly, ?, / and Donna
I love my family
My favourite foods are chips and curry and macdonalds
I am aged 12

I am
Mary Jones

I am small and friendly
I am the colour baby blue
I like pink nail varnish
I am a shopper and I like shopping for shoes
I love my family
I am the fourth eldest in my family
I am a Gypsy and I enjoy being one
Other people think I am different, but
I am the same as them
I am proud of who I am.

I am
Sam Janes

I am big and strong
I am not small and weak
I’m strong willed and not easy to persuade
I’m the oldest and definitely the smartest
I am responsible for my own things
I’m determined to be a builder and a plumber
I may be strong but I’ve got a kind heart
I’m not the bravest but I will try my best
I am tall and broad
I am proud of my Gypsy Heritage
I am Sam Janes

gypsy 3

I am

I am quiet and small
I am shy and thoughtful
I am quietly determined

I am the middle sister of three girls and three boys
I am supported by my Mam and Step Dad
I am valued in my family

I am looking forward to my future
I am looking forward to being a teacher
I like working with young children

I like crisps and chocolate
I like Dr Pepper and Coca Cola
I am sweet but not sickly

I am what my Mam and Dad made me
I am proud to be a Gypsy

I am
James & Dean

I am a Gypsy, a true Romany Gyspy
I am a Romanian Gypsy

I live in a chalet
I am a monkey and I feel good

We talk in our own Gypsy language
I am a racley

I like ur chockas
I like being a Gypsy because everyone respects me

Being called a Pikey makes
Me feel angry inside

I am Superman to my brothers and sisters
I have friends and they respect me because I am a good friend
They don’t bully me and call me Pikey

I like my Culture
I like fishing
I like take-aways: Chinese, Indian, Macdonalds, KFC

Group Poem
Dino, Tilly, Donna, Sam, Jesse, Glyn

I am Jesse Jones
I am big outside and small inside
I am kind hearted
I am long blonde hi-lighted hair
I am quietly determined
I am loud

I am a college student
I am a successful hairdresser
I am beauty therapy
I am crisps, chocolate and Dr Pepper

I am powerful and exciting
I am not small and weak
I am enjoying working with young children
I am thirteen fights, I am the Champion

I am strong willed
I am going to be a professional boxer
I am Glyn, I am a boxer, and the greatest
I like jogging – no pain, no gain..