The Cwmbran Big Event

On Saturday 16 July 2011 members of the Torfaen Writing Squad enjoyed a creative writing workshop at the first Cwmbran Big Event at the Boating Lakes.

Following discussions with performance poet Mike Church, the young people divided into small groups to explore the festival atmosphere of the event. Inspired by stalls, overheard conversations and observations, each individual created their own poem.

Councillor Bob Wellington, supporting the first Cwmbran Big Event was extremely impressed by the young people’s work and dedication to writing. He invited members of the squad to perform their work to members of the Torfaen Council in the Autumn.


The Cwmbran Big Event

A choir’s voice echoes
across a muddy field,
filled with donkeys and dragons
and small girls with shotguns.

It goes quiet,
a thousand voices in the background.
Wherever you look
there is something red,
the wind rustles the surrounding trees
and then,
the choir starts again.

From tae-kwon-do to tortoises,
And china dolls to fire engines,
Everyone comes together
For Cwmbran’s Big Event.
Jackson Watkins

Cwmbran Big Event

If You Were To Come Down To Cwmbran Big Event
If you were to come down to Cwmbran Big Event,
watch out for the Victorian cyclist who rides around
on his old Victorian bicycle wearing his top hat.
If you were to come down to the Cwmbran Big Event,
make sure to buy one of the delicious burgers
that gives off an aroma guaranteed to make your mouth water.

If you were to come down to Cwmbran Big Event,
Keep an eye out for the rugby players training hard
In their red jerseys and stylish rugby boots.

If you were to come down to Cwmbran Big Event,
listen out for the choir singing beautifully across the park
in their white shirts and green ties.

ALL THIS if you come down to Cwmbran Big Event.
But it’s up to you.
Joshua Colhoun
Cwmbran Big Event

Walking on the muddy grass
Is an awful feeling for me.
I just want candy floss really,
The only treat for me.

Mum says ‘stroke the rabbits dear!’
I say ‘No Mum, I told you loud and clear,
I just want candy floss really,
This fresh pink kind, here.’

‘What about the greyhounds then?’
I’d rather drink ink from a pen.
Mum, I told you loud and clear,
It’s candy floss for me.’
Georgia Taylor
The Cwmbran Big Event

We wander on from one tent to another,
Spying knick-knacks, rag-rugs, tea-cups.
First – an odd contraption,
The ‘blenderbike’ – supposedly it keeps you
slender, but the concoction produced is
Tangy, Lumpy, Thick
With the pungent smell of baby sick.

We move on to find a bin,
Past the donkeys, dogs and rabbits
To a patch cordoned off.
Barrels and boxes inside – a makeshift playground.
Knee high children run and scream,
Arms bundled with snacks
Hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream.

We follow the crowd across the bridge,
Over the river with its murky brown waters.
Further on we find the scoutmaster
Struggling to pump up a bouncy castle,
Observed by a solitary scout,
Legs folded, sat on the grass.
Molly Crump
A Greyhound’s View Of Cwmbran Big Event

I’ve been here all day,
Walking around and watching.
There are two stalls here competing for me,
A greyhound’s retirement’s not much fun.

Little kids pet me and mess up my hair,
Face painting stalls create startling, screaming children.
Behold! The healthy mud-brown shade of the Afon Llywd.
I’m dying for a swim – not.

Some daft dogs are wearing more than their owners,
They’re all silly and tiny,
They could never run as fast as me.
They should’ve seen me in my day.

No one gives me a jammy doughnut.
I’m forced to sit here and watch disturbing drawings
And floating footballs,
And listen to this blinking poet taking the mick.

What’s this? A smoothie stall?
Looks more lumpy than smoothie!
A penny farthing bicycle?
Please, what rubbish!

Sorry, I’m not usually this grumpy.
Take me with you. Please don’t go.
Life’s not much fun for a homeless greyhound,
A homeless greyhound like me.
Ffion Morgan
A Leopard Tortoise’s View Of The Cwmbran Big Event

A busy, intriguing atmosphere
With the smell of burgers in the air.
Trees swaying in the breeze
Above a calm, cascading river.
But it’s all too much for me…….

Pink haired pensioners stroll around,
Old fashioned rifles wait to be used.
A climbing wall being conquered by people of all ages,
A black-cloaked man blows up balloons.
But it’s all too much for me…….

Every human and every animal
Ecstatic about the day.
Except me – the lazy, leopard tortoise.
And to be honest I couldn’t care less!
It’s all too much for me……..
Daniel Jones
A Baby’s View of Cwmbran Big Event

My pram chugs along through the muddy ground.
Dogs walk around wearing crazy socks and jumpers.
Are they cold?
Mummy talks to a tall lady, she hands me a balloon.
It’s big and green!
I don’t really want it.
I see some sweets but Mum buys a lolly instead.
Lucky me!
We travel along the bumpy path to the big, blue lake.
I see a lost football floating by.
Is it crying too?
I see hula hoops and cardboard houses
And start to play while the music hums behind me.
It’s raining and we’re muddy now.

We go to see the donkeys,
I say hello but they don’t answer,
Too busy eating the grass.
A puppy crawls up to me,
I hug him and want to take him home.
But Mummy won’t let me.
I’m back in my pram and it’s time to chug home.
I’m going to throw a tantrum though.
You just wait and see!
Kate Avetoomyan
Cwmbran’s Big Event

When I look around
Cwmbran’s Big Event,
I see:
People performing on stage,
Muddy ground,
Ice cream van,
Dogs of every kind,
Donkeys in a small pen,
A tortoise munching leaves.

I see book stalls,
A girl hoola hooping,
I hear singing
And lots of talking.

When I look around
Cwmbran’s Big Event,
I see:
Rock climbers,
Candy floss,
Face painting,
Children swinging,
A wall full of pictures,
A girl with an ice cream moustache
And a kid stuck in a tube
on the obstacle course.

That’s what I see!
Beth Pullen
The Big Event

Come to Cwmbran Big Event!
Come to Cwmbran Big Event!
It puts a smile on your face.
It has cuddly candy floss
And creamy mouthed kids,
Happy hands and toughened toes.

Come to Cwmbran Big Event!
Come to Cwmbran Big Event!
It puts a smile on your face.
It has blowing trees
And singing schools,
Dogs that love to swim in pools,
A sapphire lake and lily pad banks,
All at Cwmbran Big Event!

Come to Cwmbran Big Event!
Come to Cwmbran Big Event!
It puts a smile on your face.
From doughnut stands to military vans,
Cupcake stalls to cute dogs,
All at Cwmbran Big Event!

Come, have fun!
Put a smile on your face!
All for one day
In this special place!
Katharine Adair
Cwmbran Big Event

Come to the biggest event in Cwmbran’s history!
Come and see…….
The silly scarecrow and cute little dogs,
Fun and excitement and crazy candyfloss.
Happy hands and toddler toes,
And the ripped pyjama girl!

Come to the biggest event in Cwmbran’s history!
Come and see……..
Fruity Fairtrade and weedy waterfalls,
Fun and excitement all day long,
And the creamy moustached girl!

Come to the biggest event in Cwmbran’s history!
Come and see……..
The flat haired woman and the ice cream van,
The super sales and the baby bicycles,
Come on down to the Big Event,
A happy place to be!
Nia Davies
The Cwmbran big Event

Happy hands and twinkly toes,
Dogs eating pasties,
People eating roasted pig,
At Cwmbran’s Big Event!

Greyhounds galore
And tortoises too,
Come and join the hullabaloo,
At Cwmbran’s Big Event!

Random people waving sticks,
Some in ripped pyjamas,
Others in flammable ,fluorescent clothing,
All at Cwmbran’s Big Event!
Lucy Broome

Cwmbran’s’ Big Event

Humid winds scratch
hard worked skins,
luminous faces,
light places,
far away seen.
The jittering chittering
persons scarcely born,
Are empty to the racket
of the gunfire booms.
This place full of wonder,
Of liquid exercise.
All will be gone,
As the soldiers watch on.

Nails that search, ceaseless.
Search the wood boards
for wonder where there’s none.
Hands, soft yet leathery,
Steal the bounds of trickery.
The tantalisation of cupcakes,
Prizes none have won,
All soon gone,
As the children watch on.

The dogs in danger,
Sleek river’s wind
carving away.
Teeming wildlife
that’s lost its way.
Police scream change
in this ancient valley,
Picked clean.
Our elders fall to pieces,
The younger generations lost.
All will be gone,
As the china dolls watch on.
Sophie Baker