The Bargoed Miracle


From October 2015-January 2016 young people accessing Education Other Than at School (EOTAS) provision in Rhymney enjoyed a series of creative writing workshops led by Mike Church, funded by the Rhys Davies Trust and Caerphilly Arts Development.

Through a series of interactive drama and creative writing workshops, the young people devised the story of the Bargoed Miracle, reflecting the imagination and experiences of the young people in the group.

Illustrator, Osian Grifford joined the final sessions to introduce and explore the illustration styles of a range of graphic novels. Based upon their preferences of illustration, Osian illustrated the story and created a stunning graphic novel, which was launched at Rhymney library on 26 April.

Beverley Horrell from EOTAS said:  “I would like to thank Literature Wales and the libraries for your support for this graphic novel project. The support Mike gave the group in producing an amazing story, and Osian’s illustrations were fabulous. This has been a huge achievement for our young people.”

Illustrator Osian Grifford said: “It was brilliant seeing Mike [Church] bring an energy to a room of 14-16 year olds that allowed a strange and comedic story to flow continuously from them. Encouraging a playful atmosphere brought a confidence and a creative flow that the group steered into creating a story and world that could only have come from their minds and perspectives.

As the illustrator it was great to get to engage with the group and get a feel for their perspective on the story and its setting and characters so that we could together create the bizarre atmospheric visual world that ended up in the final product.”