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Thursday 15 January 2009 saw the launch of an innovative new sports and literature project between Academi, South Wales Valleys Literature Development Initiative and Cardiff City Football in the Community Team at Ninian Park Football Club ‘All Skilled Up, Read it, Write it, Play it.’

127 Pupils from Garnteg and Pontnewydd Primary Schools, Torfaen and St Mary’s Roman Catholic School and Rhos y Fedwen, Blaenau Gwent visited Ninian Park Football Ground for an inspiring day of football activities and creative writing opportunities. Pupils worked with John Tripp Award Winner, Peter Read to create a new football chant. They also explored a range of football techniques as part of their guided tour around the grounds of the club.

This was a partnership project with Academi, Cardiff City Football in the  Community Team, LEA Education Departments, LEA Libraries and BSA Cymru. The project aims:

  •  To utilise an interest in sports to actively engage particularly men and boys in literature and creative writing sessions
  •  To stimulate and support new creative writing talent in the Valleys of Wales in areas not traditionally involved
  •  To raise the profile of creative writing
  •  To encourage active participation in sports activities to help reduce obesity and heart disease amongst the target audience
  •  To encourage strong links with local Libraries/Educational facilities and Sports Centres/Clubs
  •  To celebrate multi-culturalism in Wales through the medium of sport

The groups were involved in a rolling programme for 7 weeks with a variety of different workshops and activities including a variety of creative writing workshops such as writing Match Reports, researching information on sports role models and creating top trump characters and creating and performing a football related play.

Alongside the creative workshops, pupils were also be encouraged to learn more about and practice a variety of creative football skills with Cardiff City’s Football in the Community Team Tutors.

CFC Sports and Lit


The Semi Final
Garnteg Primary School and Peter Read

Running down the wing
Like a jet swooshing
Through the whipping wind
The crowd excited as never before.
Wearing my bluebird shirt
I skim past Rinaldo, Tevez and Rooney
As the crowd chant my name
“Liam, Liam, Liam Jones
There’s only one Liam Jones.”
Suddenly there’s only Van Der Sar to beat
He narrows the angle, dives at my feet
An open goal, no one left to tackle me
I see Liam Jones in the history books
Hear my name on Cardiff City’s lips
I bring back my foot
To score the brilliant goal.
Hear a voice in the back of my head
“Wake up Liam, you’re going to be late
It’s time for school, it’s half past eight.”

Peter Read CFC

FA Cup 2007-2008
St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School
 and Peter Read

Cardiff City soared
From round to round
Chased Chasetown in the ground
Three goals in the net.
With their strip of red
They tamed the bulls of Hereford
Then the charging Wolves appeared
Their wild dogs disappeared
Swallowed by the flying Bluebirds.
Next the Premier came
We pulled them apart
Left, right and in the Middlesborough.
Barnsley came crashing down to earth
As Cardiff stormed them on their way to Wembley.

CFC Sports and Lit 2

The Ninian Park Crowd
Rhos Y Fedwen School and Peter Read

Like a giant swarm of ants
The crushed crowd crawl to Ninian Park.

Yapping, chanting and clapping
Singing the names of City stars.

Air filled with smells of sizzling food
And the fans hope for another win.

Ball squirming from foot to foot,
Players run like a moving work of art.

The crowd are jumping up and down
Like mad, crazy, kangaroos.

Waving scarves, spilling drinks,
Waiting for a goal. At last it comes.

Players celebrate, headless bodies
With shirts over eyes. The crowd roar
Like lions chanting and singing “Bluebirds.”

Peter Read CFC

Pontnewydd Primary School and Peter Read

Like a human chess match
On a green turfed board.
Tactics, hard to work out,
Trying to find the gap,
Moving every player
This way, that way
Forwards, backwards,
Left, right and centre,
Until they find the winning goal.
Goalies spring like leaping frogs,
Wingers run like cheetahs,
Defenders pounce like lions,
Strikers nip in like lightening.
Goalie lies like a fallen king.
Goal. Check mate. The crowd sing.