Sarn Library Project Journey to Porthcawl

During the Easter Holidays of April 2009, ten local children from Sarn aged 6-14 worked with author, Anita Flowers and artist, Dom Williams to create a series of poems and murals which are permanently displayed in the newly refurbished Sarn Library.

Funding from the Sarn Communities First Team and partnership working with Academi, Bridgend Libraries and Bridgend Arts Development enabled the children to experience three days of creative writing withAnita and four days of painting murals with Dom Williams.

The children worked with Anita Flowers to produce a series of poems about a trip to Porthcawl and Dom Williams encouraged them to draw a series of images to illustrate their writing. The pictures were drawn onto large wooden boards and the children used acrylic paints to complete three colourful murals depicting a journey from Sarn to Porthcawl. Each child was also encouraged to record their poems which were used to create an audio visual DVD as a permanent celebration of the project.

Anita Flowers said:

To capture for a brief moment the elusive, butterfly minds of the children who use Sarn Library was a joy. They were funny, compassionate and creative. This is why I love working in the community.
Dom Williams said:

The group produced something really colourful and fun. Plus everyone had a great time, and I think that’s a very important part of a project like this.
Margaret Griffiths, Children’s Librarian said:

Bridgend Library and Information Service were pleased to co-operate with the South Wales Valleys Literature Development Officer of Academi in this literature and art project for a group of young people in Sarn. The youngsters are regular users of the Centre and the artwork produced will enhance the newly extended library.


We went to Porthcawl Fair
Keighley Jones

We went to Porthcawl Fair
Where the rides went round and round
With the people shouting
To the fairground sound

We went to Porthcawl beach
Where the ballistic sand was blowing
With the sea shore roar
To the waves foaming

We went to Porthcawl beach
Where the tattoo lady worked
With henna…not ink
To have a playboy rabbit drawn in the colour pink


Catrin Jones

People running into the sea
Pants falling down
Underwater bras falling off
In the water seaweed gets caught in swimsuits
Balloons popping
People screaming and yelling on the rides
Hair streaming in the wind
Laughing at the skeletons on the ghost ride
The air smells of dounuts
Nasty whiff of rats and rubbish
Strong aromas of coffee and candy floss
Munching on blood red cheesy burgers
Pulling candy floss through sticky fingers
I had a good day full of adventure.

Sarn 1

We went to Porthcawl Fair

We went to Porthcawl fair
And saw donkey rides along the beach
People splashing in the sea
People eating pink candyfloss
Crunchy ready salted crisps
Creamy chocolate ice cream
Sugary jam donuts piping hot
Wet sand moulded into castles
Swimming in cold, blue water
Sharp grey rocks hard to touch
People screaming on the rides
Seagulls crying like babies
Waves splashing against the shore
A day in Porthcawl is always good fun


Christian Jones

I love the rides, all of the rides
Megaphobia’s the best
With megaphobic massive queues
It puts you to the test

Shuffling and shoving
Hurry up, move along
Sweet megaphobic sugar donuts
I’m tired of them playing the same ol’ song

Mouth watering chips, pink rock
Cotton ball candy floss – go on lick it
At last it’s my megaphobic turn
I give the man my ticket

In the front seat I’m up and away
Creeping and spider crawling
With megaphobic fear
Below the sand and sea are sprawling

My eyes are open wide, my hair blown back
Children, women and men
Hands gripping, megaphobic heart beating
Relaxed lazy legs too scared to do it again

Sarn mural

We went to Porthcawl Fair

My Nan came on the rides with me
We went high, low and round and round
Up to the sky and down to the ground
The smell of chips wafts through the air
Sweet brown sauce and burgers
Warm, toffee popcorn pops in the machine
Birds squawking and Toby barking
People screaming on the high rides
Wind howling through the rides
Gritty sand, soft against my toes
Cold water climbs up my ankles
Hard, grey and black rocks
Tall rides tower above me
Orange, white sand lies flat below
Arcades like caves lead to the ghost rides


We went to Porthcawl beach

We went to Porthcawl beach
And saw people having fun
On trampolines and rides
I smelled cheeseburgers

We went to Porthcawl beach
And felt some hot air
I can hear people screaming
Like they are dying

Sarn painting


We went to Porthcawl
And went on the rides
And went to the beach

We went to Porthcawl
And went in the water
And there was seaweed over their suits

We went to Porthcawl
The kites were blowing
I can smell donuts and burgers
I had a cheeseburger
It was very nice
I went on the ghost ride and I didn’t like it
I went on the beach to fly a kite
I went on the slide and it was fun


I went to Porthcawl
Rhys Thomas

People was munching in Porthcawl
People was playing in Porthcawl
People was having fun in Porthcawl
People was screaming on the rides in Porthcawl
People was splashing in the sea in Porthcawl
People was eating donuts by the sea in Porthcawl



We went to Porthcawl
I like the fair
And the cold water
On my hair

We went to Porthcawl
I like sitting on the sand
Catching a tan
Eating ice cream
And building castles in the sand

We went to Porthcawl
Where the donkey rides were fun
And we spent a great day in the sun

Dom & Catrin

We went to Porthcawl

We went to Porthcawl beach
We hear people screaming and laughing from the rides

We went to Porthcawl beach
I could smell cheese burgers

We went to Porthcawl beach
I could see people having fun
On trampolines, jumping up and down

We went to Porthcawl beach
I could touch the hot air

We went to Porthcawl beach
I could taste the warm hotdog

We went to Porthcawl beach

T Sarn.