Ringland Youth


Young people in Ringland, Newport enjoyed a series of creative workshops as part of a communities First and library partnership to promote creative engagement with reading and writing.

Young people enjoyed two circus poetry workshops with Mike Church and two rap workshops with Rufus Mufasa between September and November 2013.

Ringland Raps

Hard Hands Heavy

Hypnotising Hollow Drum

Rough Rhythms of Ritual

Hypnotising Hollow Drum.

Solid Singing Strings

Beats Banging Beats

Loud Quiet Hard Rough

Soft Smooth Sweet.

Wooden Music Beating

Tempo Tattoo

Fun Music Singing

Vibrant Volume.

I love Keith Lemon

I dig Joey Essex

I love GTA5

# Proper Creepy Sick

Time out of school

I should be King

I love BMXin’

Stop bullying

Bring me some C.O.D

And buckets full of bling.

No school uniforms-


This is the sound

Of the Underground Celts!

Get Up Stand Up

Welcome to Jam Rock!

Put on your best shades

We represent Welsh Hip Hop!

Bob Marley represents Peace and Freedom

Not forgetting his chilling Reggae

3 Little Birds sang “Don’t worry be happy!”

Grow your hair, chill out, play some beats from Bob Marley.

Sun and freedom- Waaagwwaaarrnn Sanca Man

I shot the Sheriff, so this is my Redemption Song

Get Up Stand Up, Yeah Man, Peace Man

In the darkness of the cold, channel your inner Rasta Man!

Boxing, Bikes, Bad Junkies

Hate surprises, hate suspense, want more money

Piercings, weed, tropical fish

My teapot Chihuahua will destroy your Bull Mastiff.

GTA5 will suck you in

My Nan doesn’t understand and she slammed it in the bin

What a sin, I’ll wipe that grin

Off your cheeky chin chin!

Your mums got a big bum chin

I’ll wipe her smile and her bling.

Beatbox, Gaming, Bad Man Swag

I’d mess on the streets but not with my dad.

Facebook, Twitter, Skype to mates

Social Networking, set up dates.

Surfing curbs, flip tricks, forever fab

Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Personalities are not always what they seem

Where you’re born, how you talk, different accents, different scenes.

Music, hobbies, your identity tag themes

Showing love and respect, friends and families.