Porthkerry WATCH

On a wet Saturday in June 2012, dedicated members of the Porthkerry Park WATCH conservation team enjoyed a creative writing workshop about the environment with poet, Mike Church.

There are around 300 Wildlife Watch groups across the UK. The groups encourage and support young people to respect and enjoy their local environment, make friends with other nature detectives and have lots of fun taking part in all sorts of practical activities – from pond dipping to wildlife safaris.

Watch Groups are organised by volunteer Leaders who know about the local places and wildlife. They generally work with their young members and local experts to organise all kinds of wildlife and environmental activities:

• badger watching
• bat detecting
• pond-dipping
• wildlife campaigns
• wildlife gardening
• mini-beast pootering
• arts & crafts
• environmental games
• tree health surveys
• composting
• woodland wanders – and much, much more

The poems created by the group were sent to the National WATCH magazine.


Evil Frog
Into the pond
The frogling goes
To plan his tricks
The mystery flows
Watching as dog walkers pass by
Waiting ‘til the time is right
Then jumping in the reeds behind him.
The frogling watching and waiting
Finding and taking
The little black pests that buzz around our heads
Leaving the green and into the black
The frogling hops and meets a rat
The frogling looking evil
The rat looking worse
That rat moving closer
And that’s that.
The frogling is dead.

Golf Life
Trees sway to the rhythm of the wind
Leaves trembling
Birds dance across the sky, forever assembling
John moves majestically with his mower
Tending his greens
The sounds of families fill the air with love
As golf balls whistle by aiming for par
£6.40 I’ve taken today, a small fortune
Busiest day of the week so far
Golf life at Porthkerry Park.

Pond life
‘Go and look in the pond’ said Mel
Don’t fall in – you’ll have a terrible smell
Mark grabbed the fork and yanked at the weed
Rhodri caught ten tadpoles – what shall he feed?
Laura and Bethan made piles but stayed very clean
Simon wandered off – he couldn’t be seen
Rebecca got wet – but didn’t mind
Lowri looked deep – what did she find?
Fun in the pond,
Fun in the rain

Pond life
The weeds and roots tangled and plaited together
To make a thick foresty knot
Tadpoles chasing the tips of their tails
As they dance through the murky water
Spiders, spinning, swirling, swaying and swishing on
The roof of the river
Fiery fish darting in and out of the flowing water
Weasily rodents spying through the tangled mess
Like a lion stalking it’s prey, waiting to pounce
Flowing softly the river reaches the bank
Gently drifting to a halt as it climbs the oozing mud

When life on Earth become extinct
There will be no dropping your homework down the kitchen sink
No incy wincy spider climbing up the drain
No parents complaining about the rain
No more bullies or drug dealers or worldwide fights
No taking Mum’s chocolate cake for a few bites
No worrying about not slamming doors
Never having to do your chores
Whether disease or wars or the stars from above
When we’re extinct it’ll be quiet as a dove.

Pond Life
Go and look in the pond
All life is there
Skaters and divers
Jumpers and swimmers
Fast or slow
Striving to be the best
At what they know
To get past the winning post
In the great race of life
No gold medals to be won
Pond life just goes on and on.

Life on Earth is great
But not without your mate
Also you need food on a plate
You make homes and places with
Comfort using slate
Sometimes you’re late
But your food got ate

Everyone’s life will
Come to an end
Which unfortunately
Can’t be mended
People can lend
But some can’t
Some things can
Bend but some
Everyone will
Die but first
You must eat

Life on Earth
Life on Earth is hard, tough, solid
Some might say
Easy, nice and calm
But the people who can’t say
Anything about Earth
Have not lived the real life.
Life is not a game
You can’t win
You can’t lose
And can’t draw
You can only enjoy it
Some could say
Life is a game
And you can
Win, lose and draw
They are the people
Who think life is
Easy, nice and calm

Go and look in the pond
Go and look in the pond
Through the murky waters
To where the tadpoles play
Amongst muddy graves

Go and look in the pond
And watch the sticklebacks cower
Behind the long-lost shoes and glasses
As a frantic puppy learns to swim

Go and look in the pond
To where the twisted weeds dance gaily
And the dragonflies leave their young
To grow as children of the deep

Go and look in the pond
At the fish and the flies
The bugs and the beetles
At the children of the watery world.