Penarth Poetry

In September 2013 young people from the Vale Of Glamorgan enjoyed a morning of poetry and exploration with celebrated author Phil Carradice.

Young members of the Penarth library Art Blast sessions which aim to encourage and support creativity in young people and engagement with the community library and other young people of Penarth explored the local Penarth pier and park as inspiration for a variety of poems and short stories.

The pieces were shared at a celebratory event in Penarth library in October 2013 as part of the second Penarth Book Festival.


Standing on the sea front

What do I see?

Many clouds

Sailing through the sky

Waves lapping

On the shore

Like pet owners

Stroking their animals

And Yachts


Across the Channel

While speed boats Zooming

Across the beach

Fishermen throwing

And pulling

At their rods

Trying to get a catch

I stand on the sea front

That is what I see.




Stand on the seafront,

What do you see,

Sparkling waves,

Smiling up at me.

Stand in Penarth,

What do I see,

a bustling town,

not waiting for me,

Standing here,

Stating all,

That I can see,

I think I’m starting,

To need a wee.





I went to the pier

What did I see

Fishermens sticks

as long as pencils

People sitting down

Relaxing while licking ice cream.


I went to the pier

What do I see

Steepholm and Flatholm

Ships setting sail

Waiting to attack

to find treasure

Under the earth


I Went to the pier

that’s what I see.




Stand on the pier

See the strange railings

See the howling sea

See Flatholm

and a pirate ship

way out at sea.





Stand on the seafront

What do you see

I see blue waves

swooshing like

clouds up in the

sky and boats

bobbing along

on Bristol Channel.



Stand on the seafront

what do you see?

The waves crashing

onto the rocks

as hard as a storm.

Step on the pier

as pretty as a rose,

like a towering building

bigger than me,

look at the trees.

Swaying leaves

pretty colours

of auburn and green.

Take a trip out

to an island

on a boat

as long as a tree

look at the pier

in the distance

what do you see?

Water glimmering

beneath the wooden planks.


Stand on the seafront

what do you see?

Birds chirping

Flying over the sea

Blue sky

and white fluffy clouds

looking like candy floss.

Stand on the pier

walk the way down

see people fishing

and having fun.

look at the railings

detailed like flowers

beautiful and sweet.

Glance out into the

sparkling ocean

fish leaping

in the air.

Stand on the seafront

what do you see?

I see everything

what do you see?



Stand on the Sea front

What do you see?

I see the pier

over the big blue waves,

standing there


standing strong,


in the breeze,

from the big blue Sea.


Standing on the Sea Front

What do you see?

I see the ships


on the waves


and rocks

cliffs and ships,

that’s what I see

when I stand on the Sea Front.



Vampire Flame

A dance is being held in the Pavilion on the Pier.

The girls are there on their own, everyone loves them.

Only I can see the strain in their smiles, the sinister

glitter in their eyes. I leave and walk to the top of the Pier.

Leaving the Pavilion, the girl’s teeth are sharp, and they

talk like they have been alive for years.

All of a sudden when I feel like walking back the place

erupts into flame. The girls walk out of the blaze, not a

scratch on their skin, their eyes on fire, their hair rippling

out like an inferno. They smile, pointed teeth sticking out.

They start towards me. I pray for the sleeping town of

Penarth. Their is no hope left for me.



Stand in Penarth


If I stand in Penarth

This is what I see

the sparkling blue sea


from the bright sky

Flat Holm

and Steep Holm

lying like big rocks

in the vast Channel.


If I stand on the pier


I see

flying high

bridges and massive blackberries

growing in the summer heat

prickly holly

like needles

fern leaves

and pine cones

growing in the narrow ding

full of nature.

Sailing boats

sailing with full sails

zooming around.

This is what I see



Stand on the Seafront, what do you see?


I stand on the Seafront, And what do I see?

I see a pier,

A picture,

It looks like a boat,

Floating on the waves.

The plaques

Were made of brass.

I saw Lavernock Point,

Steep Holm,

Flat Holm.

On the way back,

Past Alexandra Park,

I smelt real,

Fresh Garlic,

Fresh as the air,

That’s what I Saw!



Full Moon on the Pier.


Look I have secret to tell…

Me and my best friend Amy are wolfbloods.

Please tell me what they are!

I’m Rhydian (yes I’m a girl) and this is my

Story about the great fire on the pier!

It’s time for the great dance ( a ball if you’re posh).

Amy and I head over to the Pier. Amy’s family

is traditional. I feel so sorry for her. I mean

she made Amy wear frilly knickers!

We went inside and we danced till we dropped

forgetting that tonight was full moon.

We went outside at 12:30 p.m. to get fresh air.

When I felt a tingling feeling, my body hunched

up. “Amy can you feel that too?!!

“Uh, Rhydian, it’s full moon!”

A blue swirl began to form around us, then

everything stopped!

I looked at Amy, her eyes golden.

You see, I’m the only one with odd eyes,

Green and blue. We ran together off the pier

as we did, behind us we saw it go up in flames.



I went hunting for treasure,

then I saw I was standing by a door.

I knocked twice but no-one answered,

so I went inside. There was treasure and gold,

but then I heard.  Someone was coming, who

was it, I don’t know.



At Penarth on the Great, Great Sea


Stand on the Sea Front

what do you see?


The Sparkling Sea,

looking up at me,


seagulls bellowing

as loud as they can,

stealing chips

from a dear old man,


Once boys jumped

at the ladies

Climbing the girders

below the Pier

Made them scream

fainting fits!


Wild garlic

here and there

across the old bridge

I think its sturdy enough

even for me!

I thank after those chips

I gained

a pound or two!


The glistening Sea

is staring up

at me.


The Pier tall

and strong

Like a boat

that would

Catch the spotlight

of the lighthouse

across the waves.


That’s what I see

on the great

great Sea

at Penarth.



Penarth Seafront


Stand on the Sea front,

What do you see,

the long majestic pier,

Staring at the Sea,

like Mr. Wonka

Staring at a lake

of chocolate,

Crowds of people

eating crispy fish

and chips,

like children licking

a Cadwalladers

chocolate ice cream,

thousands of rocks staring at me,

My sister collecting

hundreds of shells,

collecting books

in W. H. Smith,

the waves rippling

like sailing boats

creating waves,

seagulls plummeting down

in to the sea

trying to rest

but its becoming more crowded

it flies away

and eats leftover chips

that’s all that I see

that’s all I see

on the Seafront

All Seen by me!





Stand on the seafront

what do you see.

I see the pier

bobbing on the water

like a boat.

I see ivy

tangled in the railings

like snakes.

I see the steep cliffs

and the pebbly beach below

like scattered bird food.

I see trees

like giants

and bushes like tennis balls.

I smell fresh sea air

and a sweet smell

like cake.

I hear the rushing

of the sea,

when the sun shines

on the sea front,

this is what I see.



Penarth Pier


Stand on the seafront

What do you see?

Imagination take over,

The grand pier

In my eyesight,

Lights flash

before my eyes,

The nightime dance,

Women in long frilly dresses,

Outside down the boardwalk

What is now a chippy

and public toilets

Sitting on the bench

Where the couples

Had their moment

The house lights

and streetlamps

brighten up the picture

It hasn’t changed one bit

I stare at the seafront

That’s what I see.

Iman .