Torfaen County Borough Council

Literature based activity in Torfaen is primarily supported by The Arts and Community Development Department and Torfaen Libraries service.

Creative writing projects include:

Torfaen Writing squads, two squads meet regularly throughout the year to enjoy creative writing workshops with Wales based authors. Past workshops have included visits to Big Pit with Ric Hool, Tredegar House, with Catherine Fisher, Cwmbran Big Event with Mike Church.

Torfaen libraries also run a number of reading groups who meet regularly. These have also enjoyed visits from local authors including Phil Carradice, and Roy Noble.

Torfaen Arts Development have also been instrumental in forging links with local housing associations to explore creative writing projects with tenants, The Torfaen Youth Council, Regeneration, Big Pit and Blaenavon Workmen’s Hall to host the successful Writing from Life conference..