Newport City Council

Literature based activity in Newport is primarily supported by Newport Community Learning and Libraries service.

Current creative writing projects include:

‘Let’s Celebrate’ a new partnership project which worked alongside Barnarndo’s and Newport City Councils Community learning and libraries.

Young parents , children and babies met weekly at The SHARE centre to get creative, have fun, celebrate Christmas and learn. The families were given sacks at the beginning of the project and each week created stories, poems, decorations, nursery rhymes, instruments and toys. The participatory element of this project had a focus on literature which enabled parents to develop new skills themselves and also inspired parents to use alternative ways to play with their children. The families were given opportunities to access the libraries facilities and find out about the services on offer for all the family, as well as take part in story time.

The project is also developing links with menteriaithcasnewydd, Gwent Arts in Health, the Riverfront and Newport University to explore potential new projects..