Newbridge Inclusion Centre


Rap Project with Rufus Mufasa and Patrick Jones

Working with 8 young people (ages 13-16) at Newbridge Inclusion Centre, poet Patrick Jones and rapper Rufus Mufasa created a series of rap and spoken word compositions over a period of just six weeks.

The centre is a specialist educational facility provided for students with a history of challenging behaviour in the classroom; not just at Newbridge, but all schools in Caerphilly County Borough. The young people are mentored and encouraged by a group of committed teachers and staff, including Deputy Head Tony Gallagher. Himself an actor and performer with a passion for script-writing, Tony Gallagher is keen to encourage creative activities for the students of the centre, to improve their aspiration, confidence and learning skills.

“I Am Special as a Diamond that Shines Bright like the Universe”

The young people’s words – link below – were recorded and put to a beat by Rufus Mufasa and Jamey Peace, before being shared at a presentation ceremony at Newbridge School in July 2015.

Here’s a sneak-peak of the lyrics:

“Boxing in the ring

Makes me want to sing

I’m going to be the champion

I’m going to be the king.”

“I’m too good for this game

I’m like a special star

Shining in the sky

Not so far

I’m far off like lightning

Everyday I’m so frightening

I’m one thing; I’m exciting”

“My name is Jack

And I am a sprat

And everybody says I look like that

Is a skunk; is a punk,

Is a dirty little one

Look at him standing there

[…] Two feet tall

Look at this one-inch wonder

Looks like a sign of thunder…”

“I am all that I wish for

Winning the lottery

Dad coming home

Getting on well with my brother.”