New Light on Bridgend

Mari Lwyd

In November 2008, 17 local residents of Bridgend were involved in creative writing workshops to feed into the Bridgend New Light Project co-ordinated by Bridgend Arts Development team.

Twelve young people from Bridgend worked with rap poet Aneirin Karadog to create a modern rap response to the traditional Mari Lwydpwnco. The new rap was performed on the main stage to a multicultural back beat provided by the Bad Bikes Dhol Drummers in front of an audience of 150 people in Bridgend Town Centre.

A further five retired citizens from Bridgend worked with poet John Bilsborough to create a group poem on the theme of Christmas and Family. The finished poem was filmed by local media students from Bridgend College and projected onto shop fronts in Dunraven Place on 17 December as part of the New Light project.

The project was a partnership between Academi; Bridgend Arts Development; Wideload; Bad Bikes and Youth Works, Bridgend.

Wildmill rappers

Y Fari Lwyd Rap
Wildmill Youth and Aneirin Karadog

Yo, yo, yo bro I’m going with da flow Jo
And I’m layin it down coz I’m the best MC in town

I’m Gibby so you’d better get ready
Coz when I’m on the mic you’ll have to hold steady

I’m MC Brinny and I’m not here to sing
I’m rappin on the mic and I’m not here for the bling

I’m MC D and I’ll blow the amplifier
And I’m so hot the boom box is on fire

We’re knockin on the door listen up here’s the score
The Fari Lwyd is here so you’d better clear the floor

We’re on a mission for tradition Fari Lwyd is in position
We’re ready for transition New Year’s coming so listen

We’ve got the head of a horse but we’re not the mafia
It’s called the Fari Lwyd and we are the Taffia

We’re outside making shapes coz the Fari Lwyd’s a dancer
So come on open up and give us an answer

Mari Lwyd

Download a copy of Y Fari Lwyd Rap here:

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