National Tree Week

In November 2013 pupils from Pilgwennlly Primary School visited Belle Vue Park, Newport and worked with poet Ric Hool to create poems inspired by the landscape of the park.

The pupils explored the cultural geography of the trees in the park, many of which originated from Asia, China, Australia and Africa. They also created poems exploring the history associated with old trees and the ancient druidic cultures associated with them.

The pupils were invited back to Belle Vue Park during National Tree Week on 29 November and performed a selection of the poems to local Education Officers, the Park Manager, Friends of Belle Vue Park and members of the local council and media. The pupils also planted a new tree as part of the celebration.

Examples of poems:

Oak Tree Memory

I remember a time when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up James 1st in parliament, The Gunpowder Plot.
I bear in mind the black rats brought the plague to London, the plague doctor, big hat, pointy stick, a long nose, scary creature.
I recall when the angry great fire burnt everything in its path, people running, houses falling, children dying, all because of a mistake.


Oak Tree Memory

I remember a time when the Germans attacked Britain in World War 2, many people lost their lives fighting for continued freedom.
I recall air raid shelters to protect people from the German bombs.
I think back to the destructive air raid sirens warning the people that the Germans were here.


Oak Tree Memory

I remember the horrible World War 2, Germany and Britain at war, explosions, people screaming, solders marching and air raid sirens.
I bear in mind the Great Fire of London where houses and buildings no longer stand, people dying and many mistakes made.
I recall Guy Fawkes plotting to blow up the houses of parliament, caught in the act, tortured until he told.