Merthyr Tydfil Housing Association

September 2012 saw young people living in Merthyr Tydfil Housing Association properties work with celebrated local poet and author Mike Jenkins.

The group created poems inspired by healthy eating and living to link with the Abergavenny Food Festival. The young people were also offered the opportunity to visit the Abergavenny Food Festival free on 16 September courtesy of the Chief Executive, Kim Waters.

Abergavenny Food Festival is an annual event with true culinary crusaders. It is their mission to inspire, motivate and encourage you to experiment, be brave, try something new. The festival includes for masterclasses, tutored tastings and food talks, as well as over two hundred hand-picked exhibitors. Literature Wales has engaged with the project in the past five years holding events with Ric Hool, Jeff Rees, Daniel Morden, Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and National Poet Gillian Clarke.


My name is a colour

I’m round

I’m the colour of the sun

I taste great

I can be juiced

I can be small or big

There are different names for me

My name is a colour

What am I?

What am I?

I start off green

The colour yellow is next

Then I sprout into red

When I’m at me very best

I can be used with pastry

Or with any jam

But with cream

I am very tasty.


I’ve got a yellow, browny face

But if you cut me open

Which I would not like

I will be yellow

I am sweet, but can be sharp

You can turn me into juice

What am I?


A handful of green grass

A dash of sharp orange juice

A squeeze of blueberry juice

A slug of cherry juice

A squashed kiwi

A drip of pulped strawberry

A pint of creamy milk

Mix it all together

Swallow quickly.

Eat fruit and be healthy

Juicy pineapple

Chunks, cubes, slices and rings too

Sweet as sugar.

My Apple

I love eating apples

They taste so nice

You can cook them, peel or

Best of all EAT them

You can add sugar

Crumble or custard

The apple that I ate

Was sooo good.

My favourite Fruit

I have a bright red face

From the sun

I have a green house

I have spots

All over my face

What am I?