Llangatwg Secondary School

Throughout January and early February 2013 Mike Church led for creative writing workshops with specially selected pupils at Llangatwg Secondary School.

The workshops explored a range of issues and writing techniques including identity, dreams for the future, school in a variety of free verse poems.

The work created had been used to create a book, which will serve as a lasting celebration of the workshops. Each pupil has received a copy and it is stoked in local libraries in Neath Port Talbot.

Examples of poems:


The school is quiet

the shouting, the screaming,

all that sound


No teachers telling off,

yelling from the classroom door


No odd notes

from the music room

sounds from French

you don’t understand

numbers from maths you just don’t know

No bell ringing

All is peaceful

All is quiet

from everything

Hannah Bradshaw

A packet of crisps

sat waiting in the cupboard

waiting for what?

The beginning?

The end?

A packet of crisps

sat waiting on the chair

waiting for what?

To be eaten?

Or sat on?

A chewed blanket

laying there

just for the dog


to be chewed some more

Fa Khemthong