Kenfig Nature Reserve


On Wednesday 19 August 2009 Academi, Venture Out, Bridgend and Bridgend Arts Development joined together for a fun community walking event at Kenfig Nature Reserve.

Thirty two adults and children enjoyed a ramble around Kenfig with author Robert Minhinnick and artist Chris Morgan collecting images using digital media during the walk and talking about their movements and thoughts prompted by the surrounding nature and history of the reserve.

The group enjoyed a buffet and talk about the local history of Kenfig at the Prince of Wales public house. They then worked with Robert Minhinnick to create a small number of creative pieces. A soundscape of the day will be played at the Seascape Exhibition at Porthcawl Grand Pavilion in September 2009.
Writing created on the day:

My Favourite Place
Mari Evans

My favourite place is Oakwood because of all of the fast rides. When you come through the gates you cans ee the very tall rides like Bounce, where you can’t see the end. My Favourite rides are Treetops and Megaphobia. I’ve been on all of the rides (except Speed and Vertigo). I leave Oakwood slowly because I never want to leave.

Chelsea Flower Show

The flowers and shows and plants are out of this world. All the work that has gone into things. You are in a different world. For me, I am at home with everything there is to see and do. When I get there I never want to go back to my garden, it’s not the same. But I learn a lot and my garden can and will be as good.
By the way, I have never been to the flower show, but I intend to go.

Gwalia Store

Gwalia Store once situated at Ogmore Vale, now at St Fagans.
I used to stand outside this store as a child, admiring the tools etc. on display and the smell of all the food inside the shop.
Adjacent to the store ran the railway line and the steam locos fascinated me.
Whenever I think of the Ogmore Valley, I recall all these moments.

Warner Beach


Stuck between the lifeguard station and the beach café, a small group of friends, surfers, Afrikaners, in-betweeners. Not accepted, but not rejected. Hand drawn t-shirts ‘’cause we are unique, set apart.
Remember the taste of a quarter loaf.
Life back into my shivering limbs,
energy pushed to the brink as wave after wave washes my mind clean.
Scars remain as medals on my heart
This is where friends were made and
Enemies redeemed

You were my first love and
You will always be my last

Warner Beach, always in my heart.

Click below to listen to the soundscape:

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