Icon Arriva Trains

Throughout September and October 2012, five groups taking part in the Neath Port Talbot Icon project travelled from Port Talbot or Neath train stations along the scenic seaside route to Carmarthen.

In partnership with Arriva Trains Wales, Poets Patrick Jones and Rhian Edwards travelled with the groups to support them in exploring the Welsh landscape as an iconic inspiration for writing.

The Icon Project was a £350,000 Film, Arts and Multi-Media project funded by The European Social Fund through the Arts Council for Wales designed and produced by Arts Development team and was part of the Reach the Heights initiative to create and produce a film multi- media arts project to engage young people between the ages of 11 and 19 years of age who are, or at risk of being classified as being not in education, employent or training (NEET).

The Icon Project was based on Welsh icons past present and future. 100 young people received over 250 engaging workshops over a 9 month period that included: Animation, Music Composition and Software Editing, Creative Writing, Graffiti Design, Green Screen Production, Film Making, Directing, Animatronics, Special Effects, Production Design., Acting for Film, Puppetry, Marketing for Film and Gaming Design.

Tuesday 18 Sept with Patrick Jones

Welsh Landscape
Mountains, Mountains, anorexic mountain
Trains like hoovers
I drink Pepsi
Sheep on mountains
Sheep on hills
Sheep, sheep, mountains
It was dark
I saw fields
There were over grown buildings
I ate a potato
I love mini coopers
There are caravans and shops
I liked the river
I was filmed for a video
I love Icon
Icon rocks.

Welsh Landscape
At the train station it was cold and boring
On the train was a young woman snoring
I saw loads of green trees, as I felt a cold breeze
I started writing on paper, then I decided to finish it later
I saw a motorway as I was passing Swansea Bay
I was sitting in my seat as we were passing the beach
I was thinking about my Dad and was feeling quite sad
I want to go back home to my family where I belong
I was wanting to go to my bed as I was starting to feel dead
It was hot as I wasn’t eating a lot
I saw a boat when I was drinking my diet coke
We were taking photos of different things until my phone started to ring
Another train passed us, it was long, it was so fast in two seconds it was gone
Now I am on my way to Sue and Andrew’s house, I don’t really like it there
It’s worse than seeing a mouse
I sit by Megan, which is nicer than Heaven
Now we are arriving at Port Talbot
Nothing rhymes with that
Oh well, later people’s.

Welsh Landscape
Waiting for the train 11 to 12 minutes long
See lots of people even a little dog
Taking pictures, writing things down
Still waiting for the train
12 to 13 minutes on
At last the train comes 13 to 14 minutes gone
On the train, sitting on my own
Two Chinese people sitting the other side
Looking out of the window, lots of things going by
Trees, plants to cows and sheep
14 to 15 minutes gone by
Fruit and veg, apples and bread
Lots of things to eat to keep the body going
15 to 16 minutes gone watching things go by
First stop, Chinese people get off
So three of my friends sit by me now
I’m not alone but I’m still empty, maybe because I haven’t eaten
Go in my bag, find an apple as big as a fist
16 to 17 minutes gone by
Second stop, no one gets off
The train starts going backwards through a tunnel
On a different track as dark as Space
17 to 18 minutes now gone by
Seen a beach, seen a sheep, how long is it going to be
18 to 19 minutes by, I can see the last stop
Wrote three columns and took lots of pictures
What a nice train ride
19 to 20 minutes gone by.

Welsh Landscape
Ohh do love a cuppa
You coming to watch the game
On Saturday
See how many sheep we
Can count on that hill
See how many yellow cars
On the M4 junction 14
Will you nip with me
To Greggs to grab a
Corned beef pasty
I’ve forgotten to get
Some welsh cakes from
Tesco’s for my lunch box
I’m going to see Swansea
Next Saturday
Aww, I’ve still got my
Video tape of the Passion
Look at the TV
Really don’t understand
S4C even though I’m
Welsh but do like
Having a wally
Jumper knitted
By Nana Finney.

Welsh Landscape
Look out the window, peace will
Be over the mountain concentrate
The old couple falling in love no
Matter what age the sheep
Lazing like there’s no tomorrow.
The cows in groups having
A gossip the dead flower
And new purple ones over
Growing, the cottage like
A single fairytale land
But past the fairytale
Land comes the abandoned factories
Wastelands, loud football fields
Small and big estates the
Stray nameless dog
Joined by the singing people
But I bring my attention
Off all the things behind
The window and bring my attention
To the lady on the microphone
Saying, ‘We are now leaving Wales’.

Welsh Landscape
Chavs, fat people, dragons
Muffins, trains, beach
I see trees of green
Red roses too
what a wonderful world
My Nan’s house
Kyle’s kitkat
Welsh – I think I missed my
Welsh lesson – oh well
A poet called Thomas
Kyle “Shut Up”
My Mother, my Dad
And that’s my life.
Today trains, Port Talbot
Sandfields Youth Club
If I were a sheep I’d love
Eating grass and stealing
Welsh actors,
I want to be one soon.
Icon project journey
Talking about Winnie the Pooh
The nickname Twiglet and Gorgia’s
Funny thoughts.

Welsh Landscape
Sheep, sheep everywhere
They’re white as a sheet
Sleep eating a leek
Premiership teams
Ranting banter
Jumping trains
As if you’re a hunter
Pass the catrinies
Over the junkies
Under the scooties
Passing the Liberty
It’s a big shame
Bright rivers
Grey sun
Warm flats
Cold factory
Short houses
Tall people
Starining the brain
Keen as a beam
I’m sexy, so you might
Be nexy
The landscape of the mind
Mountains and trees
Leaf and bees
Sun and buns
Death and breath
A brief wreath
Shows greatness and wisdom.

Welsh Landscape
I’m going to sum up in words how Wales is part of my own little world
Loud trains, sweet smells. Just passed Swansea prison cells
Babies crying. Dogs barking
Oh! Here comes our train! OK, OK little kids going insane
Find a seat and quick. Ohh found one and its next to Giorgia
Oh no, she’s had Pepsi now I have to try and control her
Riner’s flowing, birds flying
No more babies crying
No more dogs barking. Oh no, spoke too soon.
Giorgia’s humming a little tune.
Baa baa black sheep have you any wool. Sorry, Off topic.
Girogia, please stop it.
Now our journey’s coming to an end
I’m glad I could spend my amazing journey
With my best friends.

Welsh Landscape
People on the train station
Chewing gum on the floor
People talking English and Welsh
Cameras on the train
Trolley on the train
Bridge over the river
Graveyard under the mountain
Washing lines in people’s gardens
Horses on the farm
Tapping the table
Can’t smell anything
Got a cold.
Liberty stadium
Like a big spider
Expensive food from the trolley
Graffiti on the wall in the tunnel
Electricity pylon
Sleeping person on the train.

Welsh Landscape
I see mountains that are
Tall and slimey
I saw a colourful house
By the train station
By the bin
I see people with a dog
Under the bench,
Sniffing along the bench
Rocks and stones along the railway
With the hard bums on the floor
We smell bacon and chicken and roasted chips
We stop at Neath station the Welsh
Castell Nedd
Then we went to Swansea
Welsh word Abertawe.


Loud pigeons
Fast windmills
Boring castles
Green clouds
Tiring trees
Long sand
Big dung
Noisy clock
Cold children
Lazy bin.

Happy flower
Fast Becca
Exciting Megan
Frightening people
Thoughtful Sun
Creative sky
Relaxing coffee
Fun cigarettes
Interesting hate
Intense death.

Inspiring beach
Fascinating estate
Entertaining peace
Exciting sweets
Colourful drinks
Enjoyable dogs
Noisy sofa
Long flowers
Comfortable hills
Speedy old people.

Bright river
Fun trees
Calm smell
Nice food
Fast sea
Colourful birds
Green cars
Blue houses
Short factories
Quiet shame.

Unenthusiastic beaches
Oddly rivers
Claustrophobic hills
Depressing boats
Enormous farms
Strane sheep
Enjoyable children
Humungous farmer
Bright environment
Eye-opening trees.

Loud chairs
Fast trains
Boring me
Green mintos
Tiring bus
Long old people
Big mountain
Noisy water
Cold stadiums
Lazy Port Talbot.

Cool epic dog
Funny sky
Weird bird
Fast court
Dark people
Bright pink
Creative sheep
Lone Neath
Loud houses.

Pitch black pen
Non-breakable dog
Wet Joe
Noisy Lowri
Big high human
Whole love
Colourful death
Godly smells
Busy cod
Blue X-Box.

19 Sept 12 with Rhian Edwards

Memories of my first Train Journey
Past the old mining houses
Past the lorry moving food
Past the season of time
Past the seagulls pecking the school ground
Past the sun filtering through the trees
Passing through the tunnel and thinking of a cup of tea
Past the images of the clouds and the groovey cows
Going into the wilderness unknown
Seeing a line in the sky
Past the beautiful beach on a nice September day
Talking to a person who has memories of days passed
Past the open fields full of cows, sheep and horses
Seeing the black smoke in the distance
Past the Shetland ponies
Past the new birds learning to fly
And a helicopter flying by
Past the campsite on the way through
Seeing some wind turbines on a hillside
Next to an old castle
Past a school and church
Past an old train cottage
Past a blur of things.

The trip on the train
What a lovely bright, sunny day
It is on 19 September
On a train ride to Carmarthen
Past the big, white Swansea football stadium
Past the hillside around Swansea station
Past the houses surrounded with pink flowers
Going under a big, long, dark, black tunnel.
Heading towards the grey, breezy clouds
Past an old, brick building in the middle of a green field
Passing the dark green fields
Past a dog chasing the train
Leaving paw prints in the sand.
Past a field full of fluffy, white sheep
Past an old, brick school
The train going past the blurriness of the dark
past the green trees.

The Train trip
Past the clear skies shining
On a bright valley morning
On a winding mountain road
Past the trees shadows
Going from Neath to Swansea
Going from busy town
To quiet countryside.
Going though black as we head through
To the past then future
Then the past again.
Past the water that lights up
From the sun
With mysterious black smoke covering the sky.
Past the trees with summer and autumn
With the flickering lights of the trees shadow
As I ride the train from Neath to Carmarthen.

Friends from the past
I remember running, then playing
Pokemon and Digimon
Dreaming up the life we wished we had
Then running home to play Pokemon blue and yellow
Fighting each other on those games
Fun memories I will always have
But then in year 3 he left
I can remember his Pikichu slippers and hat
He always wore.
Now and again, I play the games I used to play
To recall memories of happy times.

I once met this girl, who lived
Across the street from me
She used to look after me
Because my Dad was always working
She took care of me
Her name is Sarah.
I once met this man
Who was a stocky person with black hair
Either wearing his paramedic uniform
Or casual clothes
Full of advice
Who wanted to get the best out of me
I could go to him for anything
That is why I am proud
To call him a friend.

Once you were my friend
When we started Cwmtawe
You then became my enemy
Used to be in the same class as me
Always naughty
Sent into the corner
We then left school
And have never seen or heard from each other again
Thank goodness for that
As I wouldn’t know what to say or do.


My Dad
A tall-built, happy chap
Chattering away all day long
Bright green eyes
With a head of black hair
Working all day long
With his hard, rough hands
Always laughing and making you happy
Always there through thick and thin
Likes the rallying, likes the speed
Likes to win, likes the award
Sitting in the chair in the corner watching
Welsh rugby, cheering and shouting.

The Father I hardly knew
As far as I can remember
He was really tall and skinny
With black hair as black
As night, like the clothes
He always wore
Playing games like Grand Tusimo
Racing through the streets
Running to him for warm hugs
Then going to Toys R Us
It’s been ten years
That’s the Father I hardly knew.

My Dad
I know this man, who is caring
Loving and friendly
Giving guidance to help me through any sort of problem
He has been there for ages
Even tough, I still look up to him
I used to love the way
He shares his memories
And used to take me everywhere
He joined in most of the sports I did
At one point he was even my coach
And tried to get the best out of me
I also used to love
The rivalry between me and him
On a rugby field
When we were opponents
That is why I have a lot of respect
For my Dad.


I am not happy
As the sun
Always down in the dumps
Just like black bags
Can’t stop crying
Like a river
I look like I am lost
And have no meaning
In life
I live in my house
All the time
Never go out
And have no friends.

Warm like the sun’s rays
Bright like Ra’s flames
Perfect like a warm bath
Smooth like a sweet
Like a sugar treat.

The smell of roses
The butterflies in my belly
Muddling my words
Shy and nervous
Feeling so comforted
Feeling so sad and lost
During the days of the week
Down goes the sun
Out come the stars
Shining bright and twinkling away.

The Trip home
Past the grey, rainy clouds
Going through the dark tunnels
Past the wavey lakes
Past the long dark tunnels.

The trip home
Past the cloudy, grey sky
Past the rusty warehouse
After a long day
People going home from work.
Past the lakes that shone in the morning
But aren’t any more
People getting ready for the night shift.

The trip home
Past the old train shed
Past the half bicycle hanging out of a building
Past the clouds of dark smoke
Past the conductor wearing a waistcoat.
Past the playing field, where there is a football match
Is being played
Past the Gowerton Rugby Club
Past the church hidden between the trees.

20 September with Patrick Jones

Short two line poems

Meg & Joel
Mouldy house
Washed cows
Smashed train
Chicken-scented cemetery
Peeling cold
Green marsh
Colourful people
Round fisherman
Freaky birds
Bright sheep.

David and Meg
Uncomfortable graffiti
Melancholy washing
Angry engine
Annoyed marsh
Nervous silo
Sad clock
Aggressive carplate
Hungry car plate
Tired buoy.

David and Joel
Sick grazing animals
Grey dark clouds
Birdy train stations
Tired tunnels
Noisy farms
Marshy hills
Sheepy small towns
Scary playgrounds
Big blocks of flats.

Eridanus III
Date 26.02.2437
Location: Eradinus III, Eradinus System
John boarded the train, after waiting through the hour delay. He was already late. As he sat down in the slightly uncomfortable seat, John surveyed the carriage he felt a bit more comfortable. When he saw his friend and acquaintance, Linda.

Dragon’s Memory
I like the mountains for they have architecture and nature
I dislike the mountains for they are hard to walk up
I love the forests for they are full of nature
I dread the mountains for they are full of mud
I adore the Welsh language for it is exquisite to the ear
I appal the Welsh language for I am unable to learn it
Overall, I adore the Welsh Heritage over them all.

Welsh Memories
I am appalled by the weather
And the way it changes it’s mind
The way everything is rusty
‘Cause it always rains
I am in my car going to the cinema
Telly tubby house on the hill
Still there, still round, still high, high in the sky
Marsh, marsh, sinking away
Drive right through and you won’t stay
Sheep that are white go slowly brown
Sinking, sinking, crying something’s not right.
Ballamory houses all in a line
Red, blue, green, pink.
All the colours of the rainbow and more
Yellow, purple, orange, aqua.
Ferryside boats swaying
Water ripples
Oystercatchers taking their prey
Watching, waiting.
Krazy Kids buildings, Krazy Kids car
Loud, playing.
Washing on the lines in green, green gardens
Wet, drying, windy.
Smashed windows and yellow warning cones
Bright yellow digger, wrecking balls
Ruins, all ruins, once memories
Now gone.

21 September with Patrick Jones

Two Line Train Journey Snapshots

David and Callum
Boring house
Green cow
Brown cars
Blue trees
Slow train
Quick bird
Red cloud
Happy horse
White crane.

Callum and David
Green tree
Red cows
Brown sheep
Blue birds
Slow houses
Quiet cars
Cloudy school
Bored sea
Stationary train
White caravan site.

Deakon and Ffion
Sunny table
Green sand
Happy bikes
Seaside buses
Slow trains
Cloudy cars
Flowery vans
Birdy lak
Excited grass
Tunnel-like barn.

Ffion and Deakon
Black tree
Red house
Mountain-like sun
Plant-like bush
Stoney people
Bored horse
Wormey cow
Starving beach
Dock-like cloud.

David and Ada
Blue train
Bored car
Green trees
Yellow grass
Red flowers
Brown water
Rusty train track
Loud cow
Happy horse.

Ada and David
Happy car
Bored bike
Green tree
Blue sea
Fast field
Loud train
Pink bird
Grey fox
Black Police
Sea-side house.

Train Journey
The train ride reminded me of the time I went to sleep at my friend’s house and we went to Swansea to Laze zone. We watched ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3’. My friend had a bag of crisps and he threw them everywhere. At the end of the movie when the lights came on we could see crisps all over the floor. When we went back to my friend’s house we went in a tent and told creepy stories. One of my friend’s popped out of the tent and when he came back one of the other boys didn’t know who he was, he threw drink all over him and he was soaking.

Inspired by the Train Ride
The train ride reminded me of when I went to Swansea with my friends. We went to Angels Park and visited Exist to get parts for our bikes. I got a snap back cap, but when we left the park I left my cap behind. Then we started to ride our bikes back from Swansea to Neath. On the way back, my friend fell into a bush of brambles and after that I fell and my camel sack backpack broke and water was dripping all over the place.

Train Ride
Mountain as high as a bird
Trees as bored as leaves
High as rain falling from the sky
As cold as the sea coming down the stream
Fox in the train station as sly as robbers
Animals fenced like furniture in houses
Doors as thick as bricks and red as blood
Grass flooded by water as thick as mud
Stones as black as the Devil’ heart
Island on fire billowing black smoke
Trees as fast as the wind can blow
Leaves dancing like hip hop rappers
That is what the train journey showed me.

The pocket watch reminds me of my Grandpa
I have never met him
But I have a photo
On the table in my room
I pick up the watch
And I feel like he is holding me
And it’s like time stops
I feel a shiver down the back of my neck
There is no-one in the room
The watch is the only thing I have of him
With the photos and stories
That he was a good man.

The Key
Find a key to your dreams and enjoyments
The magical garden is full of them
Enjoy hearing the voices of your dreams and loves
You will love in the magical garden
The garden is peaceful and quiet
Full of hopes and family which you had lost many times
But they will always be there in your heart.

Love Bracelet
The Love bracelet reminds me
Of my Grandad
Because I loved him so much
I looked up to him
He was my role model
My Grandad was like
My best friend
I loved visiting him
Because he always made me smile
He had a heart of gold
I would have loved to have
Spent his last moments with him
He will always be in my heart
No matter what.

I need You
David and Callum
I need you like Batman needs Robin
I need you like Mario needs Luigi
I need you like a train needs a track
I need you like Bolognese needs mince
I need you like James Bond needs a girl
I need you like Homer needs a donut
I need you like Stewie needs Brian
I need you like a bird needs wings
I need you like Bart needs a board
I need you like a pirate needs an eye
I need you like Harry needs a scare
I need you like a gun needs bullets
I need you like Armstrong needs a rocket
I need you like a cat needs a dog
I need you like Schwarzenegger needs a chopper.

I need you
Ffion and Deakon
I need you like Ozzy needs sunglasses
I need you like the sun needs the sky
I need you like a dog needs water
I need you like a library needs books
I need you like a coffin needs a body
I need you like a boat needs the sea
I need you like a table needs legs
I need you like Shrek needs Fiona
I need you like a dancer needs music
I need you like a disco needs a DJ
I need you like a fridge needs a freezer
I need you like a frog needs the kiss of a princess
I need you like Ant needs Dec
I need you like paper needs a pen
I need you like squash needs water
I need you like a phone needs apps
I need you like a bulb needs light.

I need you
Ada and David
I need you like Spongebob needs Patrick
I need you like Batman needs Robin
I need you like Ant needs Dec
I need you like a phone needs a battery
I need you like a pen needs ink
I need you like a heart needs a beat
I need you like a pencil needs a sharpener
I need you like a bee needs honey
I need you like tea needs sugar
I need you like salt needs pepper
I need you like a car needs petrol
I need you like a door needs a handle.

2 Oct with Patrick Jones

Welsh Landscape
In Port Talbot, there are ugly steel works
You can hear loud seas and weird girls
There are quiet pubs on a Sunday night
Compared to a Saturday night
Because there are young teenagers on the pull
There are weird sheep that roll down the hill
Sometimes there are weird trains that
Pass Port Talbot
You can see people dealing weird drugs nearly every weekend
Most Welsh people go on facebook every day
There are gypsy scrap yards in Briton Ferry
There are about five stadiums in Wales
Wales has one big airport, Cardiff
There may be another two
But I don’t know their names.

Welsh landscape
Wales to me is rugby stadiums
Bursting with people
On a bleak day
At the park are Scarlets.

Welsh Landscape
To live in Wales
You have to live in Port Talbot
To live in Port Talbot
You need to see the people
On a Saturday they all party
Like they’ve never partied before
If you go to Swansea
You have to go to the Liberty stadium
See what a wonderful building it is
After that you could probably go to the great restaurant
Frankie and Bennie’s
It is wonderful.
To live in Wales
Is to see, to smell to taste
All the different things
Like our mountains covered in white, fluffy sheep
Our sports stars like
Gareth Bale, Shane Williams, Ryan Giggs and Craig Bellamy
And the home of Welsh Rugby
The Millennium stadium.

Welsh Landscape
To live in Wales is not too bad but, when I get older, I’d escape Wales for a different place to live. Around Swansea or Cardiff, because it sounds alot better, with more opportunities. On the weekends it does get busy and loud in the town because of all the pubs. I don’t live far from the town and I can hear the young teens and adults walking home drunk, their behaviour can be very appalling. I normally spend my days in my house, with the girls, getting ready for parties or having a take-away with my family. I do like going on facebook. Then we have our Welsh weather, raining most of the time, we hardly have much of a summer, loads of people complain. When you travel past the farms in Port Talbot, there is normally a weird smell of horse’s and cow’s dump. To live in Wales then is not such a peaceful place, unless you go down to the beach when it finally turns a bit sunny. Grass smells fresh when it’s been cut by the council. Helpful people to our country. I do feel pity for the wildlife when people don’t think about their homes, cutting the trees down in Port Talbot and around. I can’t wait to move out of Port Talbot.

Welsh Landscape
I can see out of the train window
Trees, a bungalow, houses, cars
Farms, factories, signs, scruffs, steps
Clocks, station master, umberellas
I can hear the engine of the train
See purple coats, fencing
I can hear the women speaking through the monitor
I can see Neath College
Granary, yellow, wood, tunnel
Dark clouds, bridges, rain, schools
Forest paths, Liberty stadium, raindrops
And sunlight.

Welsh Landscape
To live in Wales is a depressing feeling with rubbish weather,
Loads of pubs with old men and young fella’s drinking until they can’t walk.
Train stations full on a day when Wales are playing rugby.
Teenagers hanging around the corners of streets doing drugs,
going out partying on Saturday nights,
drinking loads of alcohol and getting drunk.
The smell of rotten eggs lingering around Port Talbot from the steelworks.
Sheep laying down on the green grass on fields.
The smell of salt around the beach from the sea.
People in the bakery, stuffing their faces with Welsh cakes.
So, yeah, that’s what it’s like living in the boring country Wales.

Welsh Landscape
There are dark Welsh cakes, cold pickings
Boring steel works
Smelly sea and messy dogs
Dangerous sheep, mad drugs
Lots of gangs and an unfriendly city.
Scary at might
Lots of barter – protective horses
Super sized cows
I also like the heart of Wales
It is unseen by most
Because people stay in the towns
Few visit the countryside
Naughty people do what they want
Lots of fighting.
To live in Wales it’s true
Most dreams are mythological people
People say we’re scruffs
The English say we love sheep
They all think we have funny accents
People think we are chavs that we wear
Socks over our Nike trainers
With a Nike jacket and Nike hi-tops
But really we have superstars
Like our rubgy team
We are the best
We have lots of actors and singers
That is living in Wales.

Welsh Landscape
To live in Wales is a terrible feeling. The weather is always boring, very rarely sunny, it mostly rains, every day. There are a few pubs where most men and women go. You need good weather to do things in Wales, if the weather is boring, there isn’t much you can do. Teenagers hang around corners of streets, doing drugs or whatever they shouldn’t be doing. Some even drink on a Saturday night with friends. There is a horrible smell lingering in the streets in Port Talbot. On weekends the noises are really loud. Sheep laying down on the green grass. There is a smell of salt around the area by the beach front in Port Talbot.
There are a few people around Port Talbot who take drugs, but they shouldn’t because it’s illegal. There are quite a few mountains around here as well. There are a few restaurants around Port Talbot where people might go for a special occasion.

I am
I am a rock
But really a feather
I am known because people want to hit me
I am the one who always get scared
I am the boy who hangs around on corners
But I am the one who gets all the hassle.

I am
I am the red hand around your throat
I am the one who loves my bed
I am the Teddy Bear
I am the camera with no photos
I am the book with no cover
I am the sporty one
I am the Fifa 13 lover
I am the window with no glass
I am the pen with no ink
I am the heart with no beat
I am the chicken with no bones
I am.

I am
I am a drink
Fizzy and bubbly
Laughing and jokes.

I am
I am as quiet as
The falling snow
I am.

I am
I am shy like a woodland hedgehog
I am quiet as a wild, free mouse
I am blue like a true friend
I am helpful at home
I am kind
I am caring
I am stubborn in the mornings
I am in my bed.

I am
People think I’m the wavy sea
But I’m really the shallow stream
People think I am easily led
But really they follow me, as if I am the King
People think I’m not really here
But really I am the visible man.

Two-line poems

Boring steelworks
Colourful trains
Different sea
Sad mountain
Loud girls
Weird sheep
Cold pubs
Moving drugs
Odd court
Quiet Swansea.

Talking money
Green steelworks
Different sheep
Dull farm
Weird girls
Noisy drugs
Cold boys
Surrounding towns
Strange rugby
Bleak park.

House-like castles
Talking graffiti
Communicating gangs
Weathered drugs
Noisy sea
Smelly parks
Sound-proof houses
Tree-like chip shops
Emotional town.

Boring cake
Rainy castles
Windy mountains
Musical tata steel
Green drugs
Black beach
Walking farms
Beautiful trains
Depressing pubs
Lake-like shops.

Colourful weather
Weathered drugs
Beautiful actors
Noisy steelworks
Smelly sea
Boring restaurants
Musical birds
Emotional horses
Walking people
Soaking mountains.

Dark welshcakes
Cold piercings
Boring steelworks
Rainy trains
Smelly sea
Messy alcohol
Uncivilised drugs
Dangerous sheep
Quiet church
Smoggy pubs..