Green Journeys

Mike Church  Grahame Davies

In March 2011 pupils from Maesteg Comprehensive and YGG Llangynwyd worked with poets Mike Church and Grahame Davies to create a series of poems and statements inspired by their local history and local environment.

A selection of the English and Welsh Language work was used in artworks to be created by sculptor Adam Williamson. The Public Artworks, in the form of inscribed rocks, boulders and benches line the route of the new cycle track which will link Bridgend with the Afan Valley in Neath Port Talbot.

This project was be supported by Sustrans and forms part of a strategic plan to develop the cycle network in this area of Bridgend. As well as the planned cycle path a new BMX track is due to be constructed in Caerau. There was a large scale event in Maesteg in May 2011 to launch this scheme.

An artwork bench has been placed on the cycle path near Maesteg Comprehensive School.

Welsh language work created by YGG Llangynwyd working with Grahame Davies:

Hyll yw mieri. Prydferth yw eu mwyar.
(Ugly are the brambles, beautiful are their blackberries).

Llwybr dŵr a llwybr dyn
ânt i’r unlle yn gytûn.
(Man’s path and nature’s path
go the same way together.)

Mieri lle bu mwynfeydd.
(Brambles where once were coalmines).

Drain a defaid, llyn a llwch,
dyna, i ni, yw harddwch.
(Thorns and sheep, lake and dust,
that, to us, is beauty).

Drain yr eithin – weiren bigog natur.
Ffens fetal – drain dynion.
(The thorns of the gorse – nature’s barbed wire.
The metal fence – the thorns of man.)

Ddoe, glo yn aur du.
Nawr, bedwen arian lle bu.
(Yesterday, coal was black gold.
Now, in its place, a silver birch.)

Drych y llyn yn adlewyrchu –
mae modd cuddio mewn goleuni.
(The lake’s reflecting mirror.
– light can also conceal.)

Dŵr y nant yn troelli’n llithrig
fel sarff wydr rhwng y cerrig.
(The water of the stream twisting slippery
like a glass serpent between the stones.)

Twmpath morgrug ar y bryn.
Lorïau’n cropian yn y dyffryn.
(An anthill on the mountain.
Lorries crawling in the valley.)

Defaid yn arolygu’r cwm –
yn ein cyfri ni gyda’u llygaid trwm?
(Sheep supervising the valley –
counting us with their heavy eyes?)

Arogl cnau coco blodau’r eithin.
Cau eich llygaid.
(The coconut smell of the gorse flowers.
Close your eyes.

Aur yr eithin fel cyfoeth tanllyd
i’th gynnal di ar daith dy fywyd.
(The gold of the gorse a fiery wealth
to sustain you on life’s journey.)

Hanes yn haenau y ddaear.
(History in the layers of the earth).

Storïau’n cuddio yn haenau’r ddaear.
Hanesyddol. Presennol.
Maes o law, dyfodol.
(Stories hidden in the layers of the earth.
Historic. Present.
In due course – future.)

Glo oedd ein gobaith unwaith.
Bellach, hanes yw ein cyfoeth.
(Once, coal was our hope.
Now, history is our wealth).

Atseinia’r rhaeadr atgofion y gorffennol.
(The waterfall echoes the memories of the past.)

Sibrydion yr awel ysgafn
yn rhoi croen gŵydd i’r llyn.
(The whispers of the light breeze
give the lake goosebumps).

Sŵn y rhaeadr wen yn syrthio.
Rhuo pell y ceir yn gwibio.
(The sound of the white cascade falling.
The distant roar of cars speeding.)

Yr aber lle mae dwy nant yn cwrdd
fel cwpl ar ddêt.
(The confluence where two streams meet
like a couple on a date.)
English Language Work created by Maesteg Comprehensive School working with Mike Church

Solitary Man

A solitary man stands resolute,
Amongst row upon row of enormous trees,
A solitary man stands resolute,
The black remains of a log fire, smoulder at his feet,
A solitary man stands resolute,
As the cacophony of the forest orchestra erupts in the darkness,
A solitary man stands resolute,
His thoughts filled with deep contemplation of the world around,
A solitary man stands resolute,
As the dark night envelops the surroundings,
A solitary man stands resolute,
The distant rush of pure water sloshing against the banks,
A solitary man stands resolute,
As he will for all eternity,
Because that man is rock.

Jordan Francis

A Place to Think

On a rock is where I think best,
My mind widened and my brain blows,
And without a wink or hint of rest,
I see the craziest things that only I know,
And only if you find a place to think.
On a rock you can’t think of the craziest things,
Like a polar bear giving you a high five,
Or a mouse singing a hymn,
And the best thing is you never have to say bye,
And only if you find a place to think.
So come and find a place to think,
Even if it’s far or near,
You could see as ship sink,
And this is the best place to be ‘Yes Here’

Thom Braund

Is It Fair

The Day is fresh and bright,
You decide to go out into the light,
The forest is what you see,
And you think that’s where I would be,
You see this rock,
And you begin to think,
As you begin to sip a drink,
How long has this rock been here?
You think is it fair?
The things this rocks been through,
Stuck in this rut,
And hasn’t had a chance to dance and strut,
People walk past like they don’t care,
And it makes you think is it fair?

Lloyd Bastion

Go On ……..

Go on smell it,
Along the floor,
Trees swaying in the breeze,

The burnt out morning dew,
Go on smell it,

Go on breathe it in,
Breathe in the crisp clean air,
The task of adventure,
In the kernel that you wait and seek,
Go on breath it in,

Go on touch it,
Touch the rough texture of the old oak tree,
The prickly thorns of a brambly bush,
The never ending world of hope,
Go on touch it.

Go on enter it,
Enter the magical world of enchantment,
The unknown animal world,
The timeless land of trees that dance,
And silvery ice-cold rivers,
Go on take the risk.

Caitlyn Smith

A Walk in the Woods

Take a walk in the woods,
What will you find?
Insects scurrying along the floor,
Trees swaying in the breeze,
Birds flying in the sky,
I sit here on a lonesome rock,
On the walk in the woods.

Sinead Humphreys

A Place to Think

A place to think,
Where you can hide,
In whatever place you can find.
Wind whistling in the woods,
Imagination bursts with life,
Holly leaves and thistles cut you like a knife.
Let your mind wander,
In your place where you think.
Memories and memoirs,
Leaves rustling,
People rushing, to a shop before they close.
I sit here and think on my rock,
My place, my only place, and the place I demand.
I look at the prison school up on the hill,
The day is over; this thinking place is my own.
This is a place to think.

Jessica Broklebank

A Walk in the Woods

Would you care to come, for a walk in the woods?
See the trees dancing in the morning breeze.

Would you care to come for a walk in the woods?
Touch the lush green grass that lay in the shade.

Would you care to come for a walk in the woods?
Smell the sweet scented flowers and burning wood.

Would you care to come for a walk in the woods?
Hear the birds tweeting joyfully as they glide through the sky.

Would you care to come, for a walk in the woods?
Taste the sharp, zesty lemonade.

Would you care to come, for a walk in the woods?
And join me

Lucy May

A Place to Think

Take the time to stop and think,
Let your mind wander for a while,
You might see a dancing pig,
Or even a crocodile wearing a wig.

Take the time to stop and think,
Let your mind wander for a while,
I might find a broken shoe,
Or a granny with a wacky hairdo.

Take the time to stop and think,
Let your mind wander for a while,
Might I hear a loud rock band?
Or a goldfish bury in the sand.

Hannah Lewis

Rock of Ages

Go see the rock, the rock of ages,
Crumbling, rumbling rock of ages,
A thundering crack, a big bang,
No longer the rock of ages.

Long Ago it stood so tall,
But no longer the rock of ages.

People come and people go,
To see the stone from long ago,
T’was there since records and time began,
But no longer the rock of ages.

Ewan Thomas

The Picturesque Painting

Sitting on a clear faced boulder,
With the crystal clear river sparkling all over,
The sound of small waterfalls up ahead,
As three small droplets form a perfect ripple.

Katie Rees.