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A Town Full of Words

On 29 June 2009, 14 Year 6 pupils from Ystruth Primary School, Blaina, Gwent travelled to Abergavenny to work with poet Ric Hool as part of the Global Poetry System (GPS) Project.

The pupils collected words and phrases from the town centre of Abergavenny and created poems from them. We are surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands of words in any town centre; advertising words, instructions, directions, street names, business names … so many words in so many sizes and in so many colours.

The visit included a visit to Waterstone’s Abergavenny where each child received the gift of a book from the shop and employee Peter Daviesread the group his favourite poem Pangur Ban. The pupils also visited Abergavenny Library where they constructed their poems and Early Years worker Julia Rogers and Library Manager Claire Cross shared two of their favourite poems with the pupils.

GPS was one of Southbank Centre’s major literature project towards the 2012 Olympics. As it charts the poetry of Britain, it generates a living archive of the country. New collections each year will build up the online resource, and there is the potential to extend it internationally. It will also strengthen links and collaboration between literature organisations and artists in the UK with the opportunity to work together on a shared project. It aims to investigate the potential of GPS technology and online participation, and really push the boundaries of how the public can explore the collection.

GPS users can upload photographs, written words, video, and sound recordings that convey the poetry of a place, and then tell the world where it is, by tagging it to a location on the on-line map.

If you would like to get involved in GPS and become one of the pioneers of the site, please visit the following website for further information:

gps 2



Into the shops
Computers & phones
French fries & frogs
Cats & dogs
Buildings & shops
Everything & everyone
(the hammer comes down)

By a Y6 pupil, Ystruth Primary School

Mountains, markets & more
This is a public place

A thought for today
‘Be there for your community’

Magic Moments
A new religion for hair

Green light for cinema
Bumble & Bucket

Hen & Chicks
Get connected

Abergavenny in Bloom

A cut-up collaborative poem
from words & phrases found
in Abergavenny by Ystruth Primary Y6 pupils

Guns, spears, shields
Protective clothing

People killed
A victory won
People defeated

Soldiers that survive
Show medals of bravery
Go home to their families

Tell tales to forget
Their memories
by a Y6 pupil, Ystruth Primary School
reflecting on commemorative plaques
in St Mary’s Church, Abergavenny

Where the Streets All Have Names

Out of breath
Pant Street
Mr Angry
Cross Street
Old habits
Monk Street
All things sold
Market Street
Motorists’ favourite
Park Street
Got no dough
Baker Street
Wash your face
Flannel Street
Chess piece
Castle Street
God save the …
Queen Street

A cut-up collaborative poem
based on Abergavenny street names
by Ystruth Primary Y6 pupils

GPS 4.