Envirovision Rhondda Cynon Taf

mike jenkins

In Late June and Early July 2010 celebrated author and poet Mike Jenkins worked with four primary Schools in the Pontypridd Cluster to create a series of songs with an environmental theme to link to Rhondda Cynon Taf’s Envirovision project.

Mike visited Coedpenmaen, Heol y Celyn, Parc Lewis and Ffynnon Taff Primary Schools to work with children exploring conservation and environmental issues in their area. The groups created and drew their own recycling hero and attributed it with super powers and special limbs such as hoover feet, washing machine body and cardboard box head amongst others. The super heros including Enviroman, Big Cylce, Bin it Bob and Rhodri Recycle were then used to inspire the groups to explore the forms of recycling they would like to see in their authority.

The poems produced by each group were set to music and recorded in a local studio. The groups were also invited to the Muni on 13 July for the Envirovision competition of the bands between the Secondary School Groups.

Big Cycle

Big Cycle
Fynnon Taff Primary

Paper cardboard lying everywhere
So people think that we just don’t care
Smashed up glass on the floor
From broken windows and broken doors
Plastic bottles and lots of tins
No one bothers to put them in bins
We need some help who can we call
Big Cycle, he’s strong and tall

Who’s the person we’re gonna call
The only guy who can save us all
He’s really big and rides a cycle
And when he’s undercover
His real name is Michael

Big Cycle, recycle, now the jobs done
Big Cycle, recycle now we’ll have some fun
Big Cycle, recycle cleaning up the Earth
Big Cycle, recycle for all it is worth

All the rubbish is making us sick
Better call Big Cycle, better be quick
He’ll clean up for the good of mankind
If Earth was cleaner, we wouldn’t mind
Making loud noises with his Hoover feet
Big Cycle is here to clean up our street
Dirty chewing gum that’s stuck to the floor
Scraping it up with his spatula claws

Sadness turns to happiness in the blink of an eye
Smiling flowers bloom, not wither and die
Heavy grey clouds hurrying away
As Big Cycle and the new world come out to play
No more plastic bottles floating
All we see is pretty rainbows in the sky
Clean blue seas and dancing fish
Let’s hope Big Cycle will grant you that wish..