DEMO Festival 2010


A creative writing and music partnership between Academi and the Welsh National Opera provided inspiration and new opportunities for year ten pupils from the Bishop of Llandaff Comprehensive School on 27 September 2010.

Nineteen music pupils enjoyed a morning of writing about a personal journey with poet Clare Potter, before working with Welsh National Opera composer Stacey Blythe and Soprano, Ros Evans to compose their own Journey song.

The day workshop, a partnership between Academi, WNO MAX, and the music department at the Bishop of Llandaff encouraged individuals to explore their imagination and musical talents in composing a song in a day. The final piece created a dialogue with the Treorchy Journey composed with travel writer Tom Anderson in May 2010. Both pieces were performed as part of the St David’s Hall DEMO Community Arts Festival and also at the Wales Millennium Centre’s Open Day on Saturday 2 October.

The St David’s Hall DEMO Community Arts Festival was the first event of its kind with a mixture of displays, workshops and performances from over twenty of Cardiff’s leading community arts organisations. The public were invited to take part in a variety of workshops including creative writing with Academi, Circus Skills with No Fit State Circus, singing, drumming and percussion with Community Music Wales, Gamelan with A2Arts Active. African Dance, MCing, graffiti and drama workshops as well as a SWICA performance of extracts of their theatre carnival piece dragon

Clare Potter & Stacey Blythe

Bishop of Llandaff Song lyrics:

Find Your Way

I spy with my little eye
What do you really see?

My little brother being sick.
Trying, but failing to get to sleep.
I’m bored and uncomfortable,
Arguing with my little brother.
Crab bait has gone off.
Fields full of horses.
Open the windows and shout –
If they wave back, they’re sweet,
If they don’t they’re sour.
Long roads, wrong turns
Setting out and getting through it.
Where are you going?
What are you feeling?
Who is with you?

Dad dissin’ the Grandparents.
A journey through life takes time
Maybe it’s time to rewind.
Singing songs ‘til the petrol station,
The feeling you get when you drive in the dark.
Seat belts, ipods, windows and sweets.

Have I left the oven on…?
I’ve left the sink running…
The back door’s open.
Packing up and going
Getting through it.

People singing really loud on the bus
While you are trying to get some sleep.
Is that too much to ask?

Getting lost
Getting lost
Getting lost
Getting lost
Love, depression, D. of E.,
School bus,

A journey through life
It takes time to get there.
Where are you going?
What do you see?
Is there a change?
Is your conscience keeping you company?

A journey through life takes time.
When you get there
It doesn’t seem so long.
The moon pulls without a word.
Fields full of horses.
Find your way
Find your way
Find your way
It’ll take a while but you’ll get there someday
A journey through life, it takes time to get there.
WMC Rehearsal  WMC Stage.