Creative Writing for Welsh Learners

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Together with Torfaen Arts Development and Coleg Gwent Pontypool, a group of adult Welsh learners broke free of grammar books, textbooks, and vocab tests for a month. Instead, they had the chance to write in Welsh for fun. The poet and Bardd Plant Aneirin Karadog and novelist Gwennan Evans led two workshops each – one focusing on rhymes and rhythm, the other on prose and storytelling. It was an opportunity to break free from the usual strictures of language learning and use what they had learnt in new and imaginative ways.

Mair Turner of Coleg Gwent said: “Our learners succeeded in creating some great stuff!”

Here’s a taster:

Un peth cwl am Bontypwl

Coleg Gwent wrth gwrs

Cartref adran iaith y nefoed

Calonogi pawb i gynnal sgwrs

Ac yn yr Haf dwy fil a phymtheg oedd

Ffynnon o Gymraeg farddonol.