Bridgend Olympic Play Scheme

Mike Church

Over two hundred and thirty Young People were involved in a variety of creative and sports activities at Bridgend Recreation Centre on Friday 19 August 2011.

The day event was a culmination of six summer play schemes in Porthcawl, Bridgend, Bryntition, Maesteg, Ogmore Vale and Pencoed run during the summer holidays by Bridgend County Council. The Young People explored a variety of workshops including Circus Poetry withMike Church, Willow Sculpture with Guy O’Donnell and It’s a Knock Out with the Bridgend Sports Development team.

During the Circus Poetry session, the young people were invited to contribute ideas to group poems as well as experimenting with a variety of circus skills including diabolo, juggling, devil sticks and plate spinning.

The theme of the day was the Olympic games, and the willow sculptures and poems produced were displayed as part of the Following the Flame Exhibition housed in Bridgend Recreation Centre from October 2011 as part of the Cultural Olympiad celebrations for 2012.

My Olympic Poem

I’ve seen them running around the track,
As they smile and wave at me.
I see them doing different things,
And I wonder what it could be.

They ran around with different names,
This is of course,
The Olympic Games.

I saw them doing different sports,
And trying to be the best,
There were quite a few
Amazing sports,
But what about the rest?

There should be some sports
About sleeping and burping,
And maybe some of drinking and slurping.
If they want the Olympics to be the best,
Then they should include the rest.
Declan Dando

Olympic Event

I wish there was an Olympic event
For eating crisps in front of the tele
Or clipping toenails on the settee
I wish Gold Medals were given out
For running through puddles
Or blowing bubbles in a glass of milk
I wish there was an Olympic event
For making breaking wind noises
When you put your hand under your armpit
And flap like a chicken
Or 4 textin ur best m8 on a rolacoasta
Or for claiming the last chocolate in the box
I wish Gold Medals were given out
For missing the bus
Or keeping a straight face when you’re being told off
Or making up the best excuse for why you’re late home
I wish there could be
A long distance event for dunking biscuits in a cup of tea
Or holding your breath through tunnels
Or dodging the cracks on the pavement
Or just getting to school on time
I wish there was an Olympic event
For turning over and going back to sleep
Or for pulling funny faces behind backs
Or for knowing what’s happening in Eastenders
Or reading a book that you can’t put down
There should be an event for getting dirt under your fingernails
Or spoiling your new shoes
And a special award if you can eat an ice lolly
Without the last bit dropping off
I wish life was an Olympic event
And we all got Gold Medals for taking part!!

The 100 Metres Dawdle

The 100 metres dawdle would be a fascinating race
Insisting on athletes with a glazed face
And a faraway air
People who don’t really care about winning
They’d cross the line grinning
About nothing in particular
It would need people who aren’t really athletes at all
Who know how to crawl through life
It wouldn’t be won by a lean, mean machine
That needs a gun to get them to go
This race would need someone who can successfully waste time
An average schoolchild would be fine
At the start line a philosophy student might try
To win the race by asking: ‘Why?’
They’d refuse to take part at all
Then veer off track
You’d need someone with absolutely no attack
Someone who goes slack
If you give them something to do
In fact a poet might do
The 100 metres dawdle would be a fascinating race
Without any pace
Lasting longer than a marathon
Maybe taking years to complete
As dawdling feet
Shuffle towards the line
Without a design for life
The 100 metres dawdle might teach us
That winning at any cost
Is when sport gets lost
Racing headlong for the grave
When we might save
A bit more time
By dawdling….