All Skilled Up Third Round

Peter Read CCFC

November 2010 saw the continued success of the All Skilled Up Project at Cardiff City Stadium. This was a partnership project with Academi, Cardiff City Football in the Community Team, LEA Education Departments, LEA Libraries and BSA Cymru.

In early November pupils from Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen and Bridgend Schools enjoyed the project, which continued with funding from the Football League until Spring 2012. Two groups from Caerphilly also enjoyed the project with funding from Caerphilly Borough Council.

Two hundred and thirty five children and young people from schools in the four authorities visited the new Cardiff City Stadium for an inspiring day of football activities and creative writing opportunities. Pupils worked with either John Tripp Award Winner, Peter Read, or celebrated poet and author Mike Jenkins to create a new football poem. They also enjoyed a treasure hunt as part of their guided tour around the grounds of the stadium.

Mike Jenkins CCFC

Ystruth Primary School with Mike Jenkins
Quiet and Loud
Seats as blue as the sky,
Field like a green dragon,
Bars cols as ice,
Windy as a wasteland,
Quiet as a caterpillar.
Mowers are a gentle murmur,
Speakers like silver bells,
Empty as a cookie jar,
Shiny as a disk,
Green as a palm tree,
Letters on seats big as giants,
Stadium high as the sky.

When we’re playing Swansea
It’s like a roaring panther,
Lights like eyes
Fans are screaming
Loud as a monster truck
Or cats or babies yelling.
Busy as a zoo,
Swearing like a mad man
Full as a restaurant.
Announcer speaking like a giant,
Noisy as a stormy wind
Fans shouting their heads off
The stadium is like a crowded shop.

Coed Y Garn Primary with Mike Jenkins
Present and Future
The stadium’s big as a giant,
You can smell the fresh air
And see the seagull
Who’s eaten as much chips as me.
Grass green as a cucumber,
Empty as a used pop bottle,
Seats blue as the sea,
Goals big as elephants,
Other seats white as clouds
Pitch like a zebra crossing
And wide as a rectangle;
Cold as an ice cube
Echoey as a cave.

Crowd as wild as lions
It’s loud as a rainforest,
Noisy as a trumpet
The players like little bugs,
Screaming and shouting
Like wolves on a hunt;
Exploding like a volcano
The referee blows his whistle
As squeaky as a baboon.
Pitch as long as the Titanic,
Fans colourful as a rainbow,
Flags bright as the sun,
People yelling like the seaside
The stadium on match days buzzing.

Plasnewydd Primary with Peter Read
Fans cheering like banshees,
Howling like owls,
Screaming like the wind.
A volcano erupting when heroes score,
Singing and dancing better than Rhianna.
The stadium a huge swimming pool,
Footballers, powerful movers
Dive without water.
Like stars and diamonds the lights dazzle,
Light up the chairs, rows of shining skies.
Referees whistle causes full time.
Through the streets Bluebird voices sing
Glory, glory Cardiff City.

Tynyrheol Primary with Peter Read
Cardiff Strike Back
Through the tunnel
An amazing fantasy,
It takes your breath away.
Aqua blue seats screaming with fans
Cold isolated yellow chairs
Sitting down, a burst of fresh air.
In front of the wind-blown net
The goalie stands, a soldier guarding his base.
Gi-normous bill boards, silently talking
Asking us to buy. The green cold carpet
Waits for the dancing battle
Of players moving, dribbling, passing,
Striking, shooting, scoring goals.
Skidding along the turf, they slide in celebration.
Goal. Seats rattle, fans leave, Cardiff wins.

Fast Forward Group with Mike Jenkins
Empty to Full or Calm to Crazy
Man cutting the grass,
CCTV cameras and lights,
Nets to catch the ball,
Big screen above the seats.
Cardiff written down,
Rain on my face.
Advertising boards like toblereone,
Stadium an empty bowl,
Echoes when you’re talking,
Lonely as a dead man.

Crowd roaring like lions,
Football players on the pitch,
Cameras rolling in the TV studio,
Atmosphere is tingling
Sponsors are everywhere
Seagulls circling like vultures
Smells of burgers and beer
Crowd goes wild when
The ball hits the net.

Pentwynmawr Primary with Mike Jenkins
Different Motions
The field empty as a graveyard
Grass green as a tree frog
Quiet as a hibernating hedgehog
Echoes like I’m the only one here.
Lots of sad chairs
Spaces all around like a drunk waterbottle
Seats shiny as a crystal
Steps yellow as the sun
Field as sof as snow
Pitch as clear as the sky
Posts as big as elephants
It’s quiet as death.

Loud as a herd of elephants
Unfriendly to other fans
As two monkeys to one banana.
The pitch is like a volcano
Seats warm with people
Stadium is a massive bowl
With multicoloured krispies
Crowd loud as a building site
Or as a racing car
Shouting so loud I can’t hear my friend
Lots of noise when we win.

Our Lady of the Angels Primary with Peter Read
Kicking and Ticking to Victory
Clock ticking every second
Moving towards half time.
Fans scream like howling wolves
Telling players to get moving,
As time runs faster than egg timers
Players fight for the cup.
Sat in the crowd I am a tiny ant
In the gargantuan stadium.
Seconds move to minutes,
Minutes turn into the hour
We must do it now or never.
A roaring wind, the crowd push City on,
Applause, the sound of clapping thunder
The Bluebirds score, as the clock
Moves towards the final whistle.
Pontnewydd Primary with Peter Read
The Dream Game
Out of the white, bright lights
Of the tunnel, into the ice cold air,
The clapping crowd roar my name
As I step onto the grass, green as a tiger’s eye.
The pitch laid out like an emerald carpet
Under the cover of the night sky.
In the warm-up, I stretch my legs,
Flexible as a piece of string,
Bend down and touch the turf
Soft and spongy as green marshmallows.
Wild as a lion, the Manager screams instructions,
Shouts my name, tells me to spread the ball,
Play the game and score a goal..