All Skilled Up Round Seven

February and April 2012 saw the continued success of the All Skilled Up Project at Cardiff City Stadium. This was a partnership project with Literature Wales, Cardiff City Football in the Community Team, LEA Education Departments, LEA Libraries and BSA Cymru.

Throughout February and April pupils from Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen and Bridgend Schools enjoyed the project, which continued with funding from the Football League until Summer 2012. One group from Caerphilly joined the project with funding from Caerphilly Borough Council. Several schools from RCT also enjoyed visits as part of theHands on Initiative funded by Families First and in partnership with Tonyrefail, Gilfach Goch and Evanstown Communities First teams. The project offered the first Welsh Language sessions with authors Aneirin Karadog and Eurig Salisbury.

Over five hundred and fifty children and young people from schools in the five authorities visited the new Cardiff City Stadium for an inspiring day of football activities and creative writing opportunities. Pupils worked with either, celebrated poet and author Mike Jenkins, celebrated poetPatrick Jones, John Tripp award winner Peter Read or performance poet Mike Church to create a new football poem. They also enjoyed a treasure hunt as part of their guided tour around the grounds of the stadium.

Poems February 12
Williamstown with Mike Jenkins
Before and During the Match
Empty seats as blue as the sea
A Welsh flag, red as a poppy
Machine lights, bright as the sun
Grass as short as MR P’s beard
Advertising colourful as a rainbow
Flags stripy as zebras
Stadium is echoey like a cave.

Tref y Rhug with Mike Jenkins
Calm before the Storm
The stadium quiet as a flower, slowly opening,
Changing room silent as a plant growing,
Corridors long as a train track,
Grass green as a frog,
Ref’s room peaceful as children at night.

Stadium loud as a baby crying,
Kenny Miller celebrates after scoring like a lunatic
Crowd loud as a lion’s petrifying roar
Match as awesome as a baby being born.

YGG Tonyrefail with Eurig Salisbury
Oi. Oi! Tîm Caerdydd,
Fe ddaeth y dydd,
Rheinos yn taclo,
Morgrug yn pasio,
Ceffylau’n cicio,
Jiraff’s yn penio,
A theirw’n sgorio!

Rhaid rhedeg at y coch,
A n’mnau’n gweiddi’n groch,
A siarad fel un llais
I guro tîm y sias,
Fel adar, hedfanwch mas
A gwnewch eich gorau glas!
Newton with Mike Jenkins
Similie City FC
The stadium as empty as school on Friday night,
The pitch quiet as clouds moving through the sky,
Seats as blue as the sea on a beautiful sunny day,
The grass-grower bright as a firefly’s tail,
The black screen dark as the night sky
Goal posts empty as if they’ve never been used
26,000 deserted seats empty like a damp Sunday
The stadium as loud as an orchestra
The manager as competitive as my Dad watching Cardiff
The crowd as loud as a massed choir
Running players after the ball fast as a cheetah chasing his prey
As busy as a market place where everything’s on sale
The lights bright as a hundred stars
The seats are full as a huge playground.

Poems April 2012
Coed y Garn with Mike Jenkins
Differences of the stadium
Grass green as mint ice cream
Seats white as a cloud
Goal posts like standing polar bears
Flag wide as a hungry crocodile’s mouth
Scoreboard like two big red dragon eyes
Signs colourful as a rainbow
Yellow steps like street lights
Lines white as paper
Stadium feels huge as Africa.

Players ready as bees to sting
Lights shining like the moon
Wingers fast as cheetahs
Seats full as school halls
Stadium loud as a tenor horn
Pitch sticky as chewing gum
Food smells like a fish shop
When they score the crowd are happy as Christmas
Players as sweaty as monkeys
The ball flies like a bird
Markings are bright as snow
Stadium is as long as a giant lying.

Ystrad with Mike Jenkins
Can’t wait to see the match
It’s the day before the match
Pitch like stripes on a Tudor house
Stadium quiet as a mouse
And silent as a locked box
The big screen black as night
Rain bucketing down like a waterfall
Chairs blue as the ocean
Cold as a winter’s day
Grass as wet as a swimming pool

Kick off at 3 o’clock
Crowded as a full glass
Fans chanting like a pack of howling wolves
Can’t wait to see Conway
Whittingham scores a goal
The sight as bright as the sky
Players running fast as cheetahs
Stadium packed as a school yard..