All Skilled Up Round Five

Patrick Jones
May 2011 saw the continued success of the All Skilled Up Project at Cardiff City Stadium. This was a partnership project with Literature Wales, Cardiff City Football in the Community Team, LEA Education Departments, LEA Libraries and BSA Cymru.

Throughout May pupils from Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen and Bridgend Schools enjoyed the project, which continued with funding from the Football League until Spring 2012. One group from Caerphilly also enjoyed the project with funding from Caerphilly Borough Council.

Over two hundred children and young people from schools in the four authorities visited the new Cardiff City Stadium for an inspiring day of football activities and creative writing opportunities. Pupils worked with either celebrated poet and author Mike Jenkins, celebrated poet Patrick Jones or performance poet Mike Church to create a new football poem. They also enjoyed a treasure hunt as part of their guided tour around the grounds of the stadium.

Mike Church CCFC

May Poems:

Maendy Primary School with Mike Church

Go on, go to a Football Match

Go on, go to a football match.
You’ll see a huge green pitch with nets
Go on you’ll see celebrity players who earn so much money.
Maybe you’ll hear screams of fans cheering.

Go on, go to a football match
You’ll smell beer and burgers,
Take in all the adverts,
Maybe you’ll hear the referees whistle.

Go on go to the football match
See the floodlights glowing brightly,
Lighting up the starts and night sky.
Maybe you’ll see players faking injury, diving and rolling,
The moans and groans of overpaid players.

Go on go to the match
The big screen showing a closer look and telling you the scores.
You may see the backroom stages the secrets where it all happens.
You may see words written on seats like poems, like this one.
Go on go to the football match
You know you want to.

Pontymoel Primary School with Mike Church

Go on go to a football match
Support your team with passion and excitement.
Smell the hot dogs and onions, maybe a hint of garlic.
Go on see the Mexican wave of blue crowds roaring and shouting ‘Come on’
Go on go to a football match and see
The players swearing and fouling and sometimes riots on the pitch.
Go on see the skills, the bicycle kicks,
The kick ups, the spins the volleys.
Go on go to the football match hear
Singing, chanting, shouting, airhorns blasting.
See wierd hats and painted faces booing the referee
Whistling for full time.
See mascots in costume.
Go on go to a football match
If you’ve never been, you won’t know what you’re missing.

Nantyffyllon Primary School with Mike Jenkins

Cardiff! Oh Cardiff!

‘Cardiff! Go Cardiff!’ I say,
My colours are yellow, blue and white
Blue as the sky, white as clouds.
My sounds of the crowd going wild
Unstoppable talking and chanting.
I am a golden and blue eagle,
Well built, huge and tall.
I’m happy when we score
And sad when they score.
They make me feel like the only bird in the world.
My letters on seats stand out on my large, hard shoulders.
I hope to be a premier bird.

Abercerdin Primary School with Mike Jenkins

The Stadium’s Heart

The pitch is my heart
And the seats are my bones,
I’m as blue as the sky, as white as the clouds.
As I was about to kick the ball
A gentle bird flew down on me.
People cheer me on a match day
Shouting ‘Come on you Bluebirds’ all the way
I am so happy when we win
Trying to win the trophy all day
What music will I have loud, quiet or none at all?
Now that Bellamy’s scored
I’m delighted my heart beating like fans clapping.

Cwmcarn Primary School with Mike Jenkins

The Big Baby Stadium

I am a toddler, two years old,
I wear a blue and white top with yellow stripes.
My head is the scoreboard,
My heart is the centre circle,
My eyes are the goals.
I’d say ‘Cardiff City Rocks!’
I’m happy when we win,
And sad when we lose.
My music is fans roaring.
I am a big cat, fast and furious.
My hopes are we play many successful games..