All Skilled Up Rolls Out

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September and November 2009 saw the roll out of the All Skilled UpProject at Cardiff City Stadium. This was a partnership project with Academi, Cardiff City Football in the Community Team, LEA Education Departments, LEA Libraries and BSA Cymru.

Funding from the Football League ensured that ten schools per year for three years in Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen and Bridgend were engaged with the six week rolling programme which combines literature and sporting activities in a new and innovative way.

183 children from schools in the three areas visited the new Cardiff City Stadium for an inspiring day of football activities and creative writing opportunities. Pupils worked with John Tripp Award Winner, Peter Readto create a new football poem. They also enjoyed a treasure hunt as part of their guided tour around the grounds of the stadium and a visit from Bartley, Cardiff City’s mascot.

City Pitch

Poems written with Peter Read:

Cornelli Primary School

The Math

The whistle blows
Players run
This way, that way
Like dogs chasing a bone
Hunting the ball
Thus, thump, boom
It flies like a bird in the air
Fans scream
Like howling wolves
Cheering, chanting
Singing Cardiff songs
Naming their heroes
Ledley, Chopra, McCormack
Go, go, go City
It’s like a war
Controlled by the Ref
A war without guns
Just arms, legs, feet, head
And a hurt, battered, dizzy ball
The crowd leave the stadium
Happy as Christmas
Over another Bluebird win
Go, go, go City

Afon y Felin

Thoughts at a Stadium

Clock counts every second played
Soundless chairs scream Cardiff City
Astroturf soft as fur
Green grass waits for its next game
Sensory lights shine brightly
Television copies every move
Tractor rrrr’s through its work
Mower brrrr’s on the turf through the day
Crowds sway like a wave
Noise levels higher as players shoot at goal
The sound of tigers, drums, pneumatic drills
Rolled into one.

Padre Pio


Fans scream like lions watching Bluebirds
On and on they chant their heroes names
Officials dressed as dark as night keep order
Tired legs and limbs tread the turf
Ball round as the sun kicked from foot to foot
After the match fans are happy or gutted
Leaving the stadium we long for another match
Litter drifting through the air as we make our way home


Colours of my team

Majestic stadium tall and grand
The blue and white arena reflects the sky
Chequered seats blue and white
Watching the ground moist and green
Bluebirds soar across the pitch
Flying above the fluttering flags
Heading for another goal
Rows and rows of Cardiff fans
Like bluebells in a field
Waving to the wind
Over our heads in celebration
We push the blue, yellow and white tops
White for the pure football we play
Blue for the days when it doesn’t go our way
Yellow for the dawn of a new beginning
When Cardiff go from championship to the top

Tynyrheol Primary School

The Quiet and Noisy Stadium

Silent Stadium, like being in a room with no-one there
The crowd climb the steps like crazy monkeys
On week days talking seats whisper Cardiff City
Cheers stampede through the air like noisy buffaloes
A butterfly programme flutters with no-one to read it.
Out of tune klaxons and trumpets desperately seek orchestras
At the final whistle an old man sits alone
Watches the crowd fade away in a sea of blue
Dreams of another Cardiff win and a rocking stadium.

Plasnewydd Primary School

Cardiff City Stadium

Grass green as an apple,
A Forest, a bunch of grapes, an emerald stone.
Pitch as pitched darkness
When clouds and shadows arrive.
Seats blue as the bright sky
The playing field divided as a chess board
Mowed as fine as a green carpet.
Lines squiggly like serpents
Outline where players can play
As they run towards goalposts
Shining bright like snow in the night
Moving between parallel lines that never meet.
Slowly the sun shines and shoos the darkness away
As colours of the crowd camouflage the seats.
Football fans sing like happy Bluebirds
Cheering their heroes onto victory.

Pontnewydd Primary School

Impressions of Cardiff City

The cleaner, a big black monster
Picking up people’s heads off the ground.
Looking down into the colossal stadium
People are tiny lego pieces.
Blue and white chairs flow in waves
Seats shoot up the stands
Like everlasting fireworks
Shaped in a V for victory.
At the end of the match
They flick back like falling dominoes.
In the big picture silent seats spell Cardiff
White advertising boards, sprinkled
Around the pitch like falling snow,
Look onto a giant-like pool table
Or perhaps the hand of a gi-normous green giant.

Woodlands Primary School

Cardiff City

We watch the Bluebirds fly high
Woosh the seasiders of Blackpool away
Rob the Robins of Bristol of their three points
Capture the Royals of Reading and crown the Bluebirds kings
Invade the Seagulls, then borrow Crystal Palace
Take the wheels of the Ipswich Tractor Boys
Sting the Hornets of Watford with goals
Wiser than the Sheffield Owls hunting victory
Blunt the Blades with sharp football
Stop the Pilgrims of Plymouth moving
Cut down the Forest of Nottingham
Make the Posh of Peterborough pathetic
Outfox the Foxes of Leicester City
Bring sorrow to the Magpies of Newcastle
Bag the Baggies of Wets Brom, send them packing
We watch the Bluebirds fly high
In the sky, higher, higher than the Swans.

Ystruth Primary School

Little Freddy

Little Freddy is a Cardiff fan
Fell asleep in the middle of a match
Got locked in at the final whistle.
Lived in the stadium near the pitch
Green and smooth as a billiard table.
Ran on the grass spongy like a carpet.
First night in his massive new home
Rain rattles like elephants stamping on the roof.
Rows of seats were soldiers waiting for action.
Freddy played hide and seek with himself
Ran on the ground, became Joe Ledley
In front of twenty thousand fans.
Celebrated scoring the winning goal against Man U.
Got cold after his lap of honour, headed for the changing rooms
Put on Michael Chopra’s kit, just as the Cardiff team
Burst in.

Coed y Garn Primary School

Eating the Stadium

People arrive for football
But when I see it, it looks good enough to eat
A candy stadium with gingerbread players
Shooting the gumdrop ball
Seats a blueberry cake with white icing
A few yellow chairs like lumps of cheese
Green grass is lime ice-cream on the floor
Muck spread around the pitch like chocolate nutella
The open roof is a giant donut
Sprinkled with sugar-like rain
Air vents are the shape of waffles
Touchlines are spilt milk on a green tablecloth
Columns of steps made with yellow liquorice
Candyfloss nets drape over sticky candy cane goalposts
Railings in the stand are salt and vinegar chipsticks
Advertising boards are laid out like Toblerone bars
Lights hang from roofs and look like bubble gum
The blue and white stadium smeared with layers of caramel.

Bartley & Group.