All Skilled Up Final Round

June 2012 saw the final sessions of the All Skilled Up Project at Cardiff City Stadium. This has been a partnership project with Literature Wales, Cardiff City Football in the Community Team, LEA Education Departments, LEA Libraries and BSA Cymru.

One hundred and twenty six children and young people from schools in three authorities visited the new Cardiff City Stadium for an inspiring day offootball activities and creative writing opportunities. Pupils worked with either, celebrated poet and author Mike Jenkins, celebrated poetPatrick Jones or performance poet Mike Church to create a new football poem. They also enjoyed a treasure hunt as part of their guided tour around the grounds of the stadium.

The project has enjoyed funding from the Football League to deliver workshops to nearly three thousand pupils and staff in authorities across South East Wales since January 2009.

Poems created with Mike Jenkins

The Biggest Game
From high seats players like ants
Players scream whilst training for the most important game
As the ball goes in the goals
The players become pros
Manager furious as a spitting lion
Chairs personalised like a secret journal
Players yelling like gorillas
Passes fast as an aeroplane
Blue chairs like sparkling stars
And spread out like to ocean
When the goalie saves it’s like to street dancing
Kicking the ball loud as thunder
Practising for the match like bluebirds trying to fly

Fans clapping louder than a monster chucks wheels
Goalie diving for the ball like a dolphin
In the blue sea
Players like they’re swimming
And screaming like a storm
Crowd laughing like hungry hyenas
And shouting like they’re playing
Drum beating like a humming-bird’s heart beat
Fans roaring with excitement
And as loud as an air horn.

Cornelly Primary School
In Season, Out of Season
Out of season, still as a glass of water
And as blank as a page
As bare as a tree in autumn
Or raging like a blizzard
As deserted as an abandoned gold mine
You can hear a pin drop
Seats as empty as a graveyard
As quiet as a gentle breeze
Like a soft feather landing
Chairs missing people
Like a ghost with no-one to haunt
Like the last person on Earth.

Flags waving like a swarm of wasps
Sirens yelling like a car stuck in traffic
As loud as a wolf howling
People screaming like a Nan winning Bingo
Movement of the players sharp as a shark’s tooth
Crowd’s hearts racing like
They are on a rollercoaster
As wild as a lion chasing prey
Chanting like a tribe to a prisoner in a pot
As exciting as sky-diving
As full as a pint of water.

Afon y Felin
Spot the difference
Seats as bright as fireworks at night
And quiet as bedtime
Deserted as a desert
Pitch clean as a hospital
Windy as a giant breathing
Or like a huge fan
Grass green as on y Ddraig Goch
Sitting high as the sky
As colourful as a rainbow
Patterned as graph paper
Empty like whistling
As hidden as a chameleon

Stadium full as a beehive
Like a happy face when Bluebirds are winning
Busy as a Saturday town
Pitch wet as players sweat
Players fast as cheetahs chasing prey
Fans cheering as loud as a train
And noisy as New York x20
Or a traffic jam
When Cardiff score, the crowd go
Wild as the jungle
Time ticking as scores change
When Cardiff win, rain starts to fall.