Adult Learners Week 2009 Greenmeadow Farm

Peter Read
Greenmeadow Farm hosted the first Adult Learners Fair in partnership with Torfaen Learning Alliance on Tuesday 12 May 2009.
Peter Read was poet in residence for the day and encouraged people to contribute to a new group poem exploring farming, history and conservation matters at Greenmeadow Farm, Cwmbran.
Alliteration, rhyme and rhythm were employed by all involved to create a stunning composition exploring the history and current position of the farm and its position in the local community.
The Green Lung
Adult Learners Week participants and Peter Read

The green lung of farm land
Keeps breathing, despite centuries
Of coal, industry and motorway lanes
Whizzing past the town
With fumes which exhaust the sky.
Breathing new life into the ancient earth
Enticing young people
To savour the green fuse of nature,
As they learn to sow the seeds of tomorrow.

Some try to escape
Like the piglets who snuffle
And shuffle away from their mothers
Through thin railinged gaps
Plus three deer, who last year
Just  disappeared.
In a field two rheas
Move heavily and clumsily
Like top heavy, too heavy ballet dancers
Dressed in upside down tutus
All around us we move back to nature
Sheep straggle around a cluttered pen
Parading a biblical pedigree
Through Jacob’s wanderings
While Berkshire pigs
Lead us back to Cromwell’s time.

But we move forward too
For strong shiny teeth
We need calcium from cattle’s milk
For warmth, when winter freezes
Around the house, we hug
The wool farmed from sheep.

We are all linked,
Needing each other,
The green lung
Feeding and protecting the community..