Abergavenny Food Festival Poem

Abergavenny Food Festival

On 19 September 2009, poet Ric Hool and Academi South Wales Valleys Literature Development Officer invited individuals to add a line to a community poem celebrating food as part of the Abergavenny Food Festival.

The Academi Abergavenny Food Festival Poem sandwich board attracted submissions from over 40 individuals including celebrities Monty Don, Scott Quinnell, Levi Roots and the Mayor of Abergavenny.

Poet, Ric Hool then used the submissions to create the stunning composition below, which celebrates the variety of foods available during the Festival. Extracts of the poem will be used in the publicity materials for Abergavenny Food Festival 2010.
Abergavenny Food Festival Poem

Take a south Wales market town

Season with people
Break & blend yolks of tradition
In a pan of marinade

Stir for a morning
Until afternoon
Everyone giddy
As a fast turned spoon

Flash-fry conversations
Hull late soft fruits
Infuse enthusiastic tongues
Around stalls in the Market Hall

Coddle a recipe of chefs
Devil their actions
Flambé their thoughts

Parboil cook books
Pare leaves when almost done
Raise the temperature to completion
Dredge with anticipation

Take a south Wales market town

Blind bake its being
Puree this day
En croute streets of experts

The Foodies say
Kiss me honey, honey
Kiss me
Gee, what a buzz

Winter warmers
Spring desires
Summer coolers
Autumn’s patisserie afire
Sun dried words
Herbal phrases
Abergavenny written thro
Heavenly flavours

Grow yer own pancakes
Inferno grapes
J’aime Puy de Galles
A Parliament of Food

Eat Welsh
Drink Welsh
Rude health

How do you
Cook a thought?

Eto caiff pob un fwyta – cawn yfed
Cawn afiaith o’r gora
Cawn gyfaredd o wledda
Yn yr ŵyl a hwyl yr ha!

Ric Hool
From quotes by the public attending the Abergavenny Food Festival 2009.