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Petra the Penguin

Together with Communities 1st, The Parent Network and Caerphilly Arts Development Team, South Wales Literature put together a fantastic creative writing project last year, working with groups of parents from Hengoed Parent Forum

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Making your own Graphic Novel

Over the last four weeks, tucked away in Cowbridge School and town libraries, young people have been busy creating their own spectacular, heart-racing, shock-inducing, goosebump-causing graphic novels.

Illustrating storyboards

Busy illustrating their stories

Thanks to support from the Rhys Davies Trust,the Cardiff-based animation team, Turnip Starfish, who’ve instructed professional illustrators and artists who’ve worked on famous animation films by Disney and Pixar, led the workshops. A small and select group of 9 students from Cowbridge Comprehensive School – from the age of 11 to 17 – succeeded in producing their innovative, individual storyboards just four sessions. The stories included all sorts of exciting characters inspired by film, animations and comics, as well as completely new figures straight from their imaginations – an evil bank-robbing dog, a terrifying serial killer, a chase for a crazed gunman, a skateboarder who can skate over rooftops…

The young people were first taught essential drawing skills (how to draw hands, feet and bodies, for example – who knew that a human torso is the same length from their hips to their feet?) before launching into drawing their own fictional worlds.


The graphic novels have been collected together and published in their own book, so that the young debut authors can spread the joy of story-telling to friends, families and everyone else!