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Cosmeston Medieval Village

On a windy day in April 2013 Year 5 pupils from Cogan Primary School enjoyed a unique storytelling and creative writing opportunity at Cosmeston Medieval Village, Vale of Glamorgan.

A professional costumed village guide in the character of Henry Hogg the swineherd led the group around the village and regaled them with his attitudes and views of medieval village life. Following their tour, the group worked with Phil Carradice to create a short story inspired by their experiences.

It was during the development of Cosmeston Lakes Country Park in 1978 that excavation work undertaken by Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust revealed the remains of 13th -14th century stone buildings which led to a long term research programme being commissioned.

The Trust uncovered the remains of a community over 600 years old, and so began a unique archaeological project to restore the medieval village of Cosmeston. The importance of the medieval village at Cosmeston lies in its scale as most other excavations have been limited in both size and duration.

At Cosmeston the archaeologists have had the opportunity to excavate over long periods of time and these excavations have led to the full-scale reconstruction of a medieval village on its original site and foundations.

The excavations have been interpreted and presented by archaeologists and the Vale of Glamorgan Council to provide an authentic picture of the settlement discovered at Cosmeston.

The medieval village seen today is fully accessible to visitors and set in the year 1350. It was a fascinating time in history as the village had been given a new boost of life by the de Cavershams

There were plenty of exciting things happening – King Edward III ruled a land at war with the conflict with France (the Hundred Years War) in its twelfth year and Britain was slowly recovering from the Black Death of 1348, which killed almost half the population.

Examples of work:

The Unusual                                                                             

One frosty morning as the wind was blowing through the rusty windows and doors leaving them ajar in the Cosmeston village at June.
Cold people were snuggling with their animals as black clouds were floating towards their village as vast yellow lightning strikes were damaging huts, bakeries, the land they and it was making people blind. As the lighting faded away one by one people’s fear faded away as well.
People ran out of their houses to check if it was still happening, but as they were going back inside their houses the ground was rumbling and grumbling. There was a man; a very brave man even if he was a swineherd [A person who looks pigs] called Henry, Henry Hog. As he came out of his hut he exclaimed proudly “I will find out what it is”. “How will he even do that?” Said the villagers concerned.” Fine then, tell us what it is, but you have a time limit…….maybe 3 weeks and if you find out and tell us in time you will have a reward of 15pennies or if you don’t you will have to……………..don’t worry anyway, will you go or not that is my explanation,” said the Lord respectfully. “I will go Lord,” Henry Hog said proudly. “What!” gasped the villagers? So he took his tools such as rakes, knife and a spear. He also took his armour with strong and heavy chains. So he set off to see what the noise was.
As he walked the grumbling and rumbling grew louder and he could see an orange speck growing larger as he stepped forward. It had been 2 weeks already and still Henry Hog did not find out what it is. He felt he was getting warmer and it was brighter and it grew louder. Then he headed to a great canyon. But how will he find out it is…………………….?



Army of Wales

I woke up on a Sunday morning. And felt the smoke from bakery touch my face. I peeked
through the window and saw all the huts and the people rushing to get to work. When I went
outside I saw my friend Walter he was holding two buckets full of water .I heard him shout
“William get to work.”
Walter was wearing a yellow tunic. Walter and I were both looking straight up the hill
an army of welsh Soldiers  were formed up ready to attack.
William and Walter ran for their lives alerting all the other villagers. They looked
back and all of the villagers were imprisoned by the welsh army. I look around “was anybody left?” Then I heard the faintest murmur coming from in the hog house.. I went over to investigate when I was met by two small feet sticking out through the door…..


“Who was that?”……..




What life was like 1000 years ago

Wind blowing against your face, like waking up facing a big fat smelly pig breathing against your skin. Straw huts like little tasty cheese strings dangling down. The smell of smoke drifting in the air, like mist on a winters morning.

“Aaa” Henry hog, shouted. Whilst the pigs was cuddled beneath him. KNOCK! KNOCK! Henry opened the crocked door. It was the baker “Excuse me, your pigs have snook into my bakery overnight and eaten two loaves of bread!” “oh I’m terribly sorry” Henry exclaimed. Henry rushed down to the bakery immediately.

There standing right in front of him was the Walter the Reeve. “Sir how can I help?” Henry stumbled. “If you can start getting your pigs out of HERE! Also you owe the baker two loaves of bread” “But sir I  don’t have enough meat or money to pay him!” Henry protested. “fine ill pay  off the damage and bread, but you owe me like going into battle with me “The reeve
sternly said. “Deal!” Henry nervously said.11 months past and Henry was ready for battle, he learnt how to fight to heal and to protect him and his creature.

One month passed and they were standing on the muddy battle field, next to him was his apprentice Lewis, the battle started, both teams rushed towards each other. Arrows, spears all sorts came firing towards them, But henry still loved his smelly pigs.


The Lost Apprentice


The sun is shining the wind is blowing in the breeze rustling like a dog running through the bushes  of the lord of Cosmeston.
The Reeve Walter wakes up suddenly, to find one of Henry’s pig’s in his bedroom.
Loud shouts are heard outside . Henry is screaming, his pigs everywhere.
Walter run’s quickly out to find  Henry chasing his pig’s all through the village.
“Who has done this? “Shouted Walter staring at the mess all around him.
In the distance Henry can see into the morning mist of the road. As he stares at the swirling smoke, the cart of a stranger appears in the distance,  he recognises the face of his newest apprentice sticking from under a blanket, thrown into the back of the cart.
He had been kidnapped. But who had done it? And how could Henry get him back? He ran back to his hut and gathered his belongings ready to set off and find him…….



The problems that happened in Cosmeston village

Henry hogs pigs were suddenly missing. Henry woke up and pulled on his dirty trousers and his lacy shoes .He did not put on his shirt and woolly coat because he slept with them on. Henry was half asleep when he discovered his pigs were missing. He ran like the wind down to the field down the other few huts and he heard a voice “ha ha ha this is going to be something funny.” Henry looked in the hedge but “nothing there” he said.

Henry was standing by the bakery when someone was outside. It was Jack ,he rushed in side shouting “Black death is coming, you know the plague I nearly caught it .”Jack went to scratch his head and he discovered he had black death !! He had a black swollen patch underneath his armpit. Henry ran to his hut, but he had no door so Jack ran through the door but henry found his back doorway only to find there was a dead end!

The wind was blowing through Cosmeston village like a gentle summers breeze. The huts were warming up as the hot fire and smoke were steaming up the celling .The sunlight was streaming through the slots of windows and doors like it was a summers day on the beach. The village fields were swaying side by side as the wind was pushing them. As you look up at the chimney on the huts the smoke was bursting out like it was going to explode.