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Margam Park Love Poetry

On 14 February 2013, Neath Port Talbot Community Arts team led a family day of events during the half term holiday. On a mainly sunny, but cold and sometimes showery day, families were invited to take part in a variety of arts activities including: a poetry treasure hunt, creating light drawings, making Valentine’s cards and designing a colourful line map of their journey to Margam.

Mike Church led a creative poetry treasure hunt in the grounds close to Margam Castle and the Orangery. Over 100 people enjoyed discovering parts of Wordsworth’s poem, ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ and Brian Patten’s poem ‘ A blade of Grass’. Successful poetry treasure hunters were awarded with small prizes, along with a copy of their own personal group poem created with Mike.
Poems facilitated by Mike Church:
I love trees because they are colourful in autumn
And flowers that make you warm inside
I love chickens because they’re funny and they go cluck cluck
I love castles because Princesses might live in them
I love waterfalls when you put your hand under it and it almost gets washed away
But one thing I don’t like is spiders, because they scare the life out of me
By Leanne, Macey, Oscar, Megan, Hollie and Joshua

I love reading books and I read every day
I love doing homework
I love swimming, drawing and colouring in
I love dancing
I love watching raindrops racing down the windscreen of the car
I hate listening to One Direction because that makes me want to kill
Group poem

I love rolling down a hill
I love playing football and sliding in mud
I love eating pasta
I love Zulus in a big swarming army
I love jumping up and down on a trampoline
I love walking through a castle and pretending to be a Princess
I love opening presents just for me
Group poem

But one thing I really don’t like is eating brussel sprouts.
I love jumping in the autumn leaves
I love watching flowers grow in the spring
I love bouncing on the trampoline
I love watching birds swoop down
I love watching my children playing together
I love watching babies blowing raspberries
But the things I really don’t like are peas and broccoli, people pulling my hair
and my older brother doesn’t like death in the news.
Ava, Ffion, Isaac, Joseff, Elijah and Claire