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Poetry in Motion as Youngsters Visit New Railway Line

As part of the South Wales Valleys Literature Development Project, fourteen pupils from Glyncoed Primary School in Ebbw Vale have taken a ride on the newly reopened railway line from Ebbw Vale to Cardiff while recording their experiences in poetry.

Led by poet Peter Read, the Glyncoed youngsters aged 10 to 11 were encouraged to produce a vivid journey of words reflecting the communities and scenery they travelled through, from the train itself and from their experiences during the day.

Peter Finch, Academi Chief Executive said: “We are delighted to continue our relationship with Arriva Trains Wales by offering the youngsters of Wales the chance to learn more about their country and to express their hopes and ideas in creative writing. This event with Glyncoed Primary is part of Academi’s South Wales Valleys Literature Development project.”

Gareth Jenkins, Teacher Glyncoed Primary said. “It was a wonderful idea to bring the romance of something as simple as a train ride together with the beauty of poetry writing. This was all too evident by the smiles on the children’s faces and the exceptional poetry they produced on the day.”

Geraint Morgan, Community Affairs Manager for Arriva Trains Wales, said:
“We have been delighted to offer the children an opportunity to travel by train, for many it was their first time.  It will have given them an opportunity to see the delights of the Ebbw Valley which can only be seen by train and the thrill of visiting the Capital City.”

Arriva Trains Wales and Academi are supporting the development of literature among young people across Wales through a series of special train rides for young writing squads. Their aim is to assist children who enjoy writing and who are beginning to write well.  Members are nominated by their schools and selected to join the squad for the quality of their writing.

Ebbw Vale Train Poems

Through the Train Window

Horses munching their frozen grass lunch
People hurrying, rushing dashing to the train

Flowing water passes by
Dead leaves stand on cold bay trees

Branches bend like dripping hands
Rugby pitch without players frozen from the night before

Houses stand to attention like brick soldiers
Valleys shivering over the hills

River and water, rocks and trees
All over the tracks is how it seems

Dark tunnels come and go, spooky and cold
Telegraph poles take messages from here to there

Grey smoke forever thinning
Giant lorry flies through the big, never-ending sky

Slowing train, wheezing conductor waits to greet us
His breath swirling in the frozen air, painting icy pictures.

Group poem created by
Peter Read and the Children of Glyncoed Primary School
19 February 2008

What I see out of the Train Window

Houses standing to attention,
Trees swaying in the breeze,
Pylons standing nice and tall,
The sound of constant drumming,
Striped tickets orange and yellow.

Trees, rocks, bushes and branches,
I see as I pass by,
The driver breathing smoke,
As he greets the people going by.

Caitlin Harris

On the Train

On the train from Ebbw Vale
It is very exciting.
Going to your favourite restaurants
And shops expensive things on sale.
Watching rugby hoping we will win.
High rise flats climbing up to space
Builders building big houses and high towers
Fields of gold when sun beats down
Farmers doing work busy as can be
Big railways new and old
We’re back in Ebbw Vale
Know we have arrived
We’re getting off the train

Jesse Edwards and Connor Davies

Journey on a Train

Driver focusing on the tracks
Teal train running on diesel,
The sound of the train is a constant drumming
Three carriages full of people.

Striped tickets of orange and yellow
People chatting, babies crying,
Some are sleeping, some are talking
Some are looking through the window like a screen.

Telegraph poles stretching over the horizon
Trees dancing with the wind,
Streets coming, streets going
Towns announce their names,
Then they are gone.

Jade Morton and Bethan Copner


Gushing By

Different things gushing by,
Branches swaying fields freezing,
Motorway traffic rushing by.

Crackling pylons,
Marching across fields,
Like an army of electric troops.

Dirty green grass as we pass.
Tall brown trees
Standing in the breeze

Adam Watkins and Joseph Lewis


My Journey

Fluffy clouds in the sky
Birds flying so high
I like to watch them float by
The pitch I see is wet not dry.
I see the trees swaying by
The hills and mountains are so high,
The tunnels are dark like the night sky
They are so dark they make me sigh,
I cry

Casey Haines and Matilda Wood


On the Train

Beep beep go the horn clack clack go the wheels
People chatting babies crying
Houses smoking pigeons flying
Cold frost melting on the street
Fields brown and green
Mountains look down on the boys playing football
On the frosty fields planes shooting past.

Sarah Hayden

On the Train

People listening all the time to the
Music and the rhyme Adam
Joseph, Sarah, Jesse, They are
Noisy and they’re messy.

See the cows and the sheep
Munching grass as the train goes beep.

Clickity clack, Clickity clack
The train is not allowed to be slack
Beep beep goes the horn
Chatter chatter go the people
Drum drum go the wheels.

Look at the people moaning and groaning
Look at the people sleeping and peeping.

Samantha Thomas.

Extra Time with the Gwent Dragons

In March 2008 seven students and two staff members of the Blaenau Gwent, OASIS team enjoyed a two day visit to Rodney Parade to visit the Gwent Dragons as part of the Extra Time Scheme.

Extra Time is a European Social funded educational and sporting project. It provides a valuable experience for young people who complete the course with tangible qualifications that assists them in their future career plans and become fitter due to the extensive sporting opportunity. The course involves motivation and confidence building activities such as interviewing Dragons Players.

The visit was arranged as part of Academi’s new Valleys Initiative. The boys had the opportunity to interview and write reports on Dragons Player Colin Charvis as well as taking part in a number of co-ordination activities run by Community Manager Mike Sage. To end an exciting two days, the group was invited to watch the finals of the Wales versus Italy Under 20 team match.