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Poetry, Planets and Music

Ninety children from Rhondda Cynon Taff Primary Schools enjoyed interactive creative writing and science workshops on 22 and 23 May 2008 at the Youth Centre in Treforest.

The events were part of a partnership project between Academi, Rhondda Cynon Taff Cultural Services Officers, University of Glamorgan and Park and Dare Band.

The beauty of Holst’s ‘The Planets’ was brought alive as the children were entertained by science in the University of Glamorgan’s Planetarium, discovering the history and astronomy of the stars.

Penyrengllyn Primary School worked with author Mike Church whilst Treorchy and Parc Primary Schools were encouraged by Peter Read to create planet inspired group poems. The poems were finally recorded bySimon Bayliss and played at the performance of The Planets by Park and Dare Band on the evening of Friday 13 June 2008.

Wild Planets
Parc Primary School  23 May 2008

Here on boring Earth
I telescope myself to the sky.

Staring at the changing screen
an unseen gun shoots stars.

The silent sky makes music
through Holst, Mickey Mouse
Tinkerbell and Bambi.

I’d rather eat it than live on Mars,
with sizzling skin, popping lungs and bulging eyes.

Uranus looks like gone off Dairylea,
Neptune like iced milk,
Mercury like a scrunched up yellow sponge.

Winds like two passing jets reminds me
those planets are not the place to be.

Is Earth so dull and boring?
Perhaps we’ll stay here after all.

The Moods of the Planets
Treorchy Primary School 23 May 2008

The moods of the planets change the Earth
as Gustav creates the silent sounds.

The blood red of Mars rings in his ears
like the beat of battle.

Venus comes to him
as waves of love and peace.

Faster than cheetahs
Mercury runs through his mind.

Big, jolly Jupiter barges onto the score.

Holst puts down his pen,
feels fragile and old as he thinks of Saturn.

Uranus’s magic flows through the room
sliding on Neptune’s frozen ocean.

Moving from the table Gustav knows
he’ll never capture those roving planets.

Looking into Space
Penyrengllyn Primary School 22 May 2008

Here I sit on the cold wet earth
Minding my own business for what it’s worth
Looking into the bright night sky
Will the stars be there till the day I die
Blasting up into the cold night space
And seeing reflections of my face
Is there life out there beyond the stars
Is there still any chance of life on Mars
Gases and Nebula in Orian’s Sword
Surfing in space you’re never bored.