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Eat Your Words

From July-September 2008 over 100 adults and children from the Abergavenny Independent Learning Group, Sure Start Group and children from Deri View school enthusiastically joined in with interactive, musical creative writing sessions with poets Ric HoolJeff Rees andMike Church to link to the Abergavenny Food Festival in September 2008.

The workshops were part of a partnership project between Academi, Adventa, Abergavenny Food Festival, Abergavenny Sure Start and Flying Start, Monmouthshire Community Education and Communities First.

Participants were encouraged to explore and create food related poetry, stories, songs and Nursery Rhymes. These were rehearsed during August and early September and performed on the Main Stage of the Festival in Abergavenny Castle Grounds on a gloriously sunny day on Saturday 20 September 2008.

Ric Hool  said ’Sometimes, in the solitude of writing poetry, I often discount the possibility poetry has in connecting with people in a social way. In the workshops and Food Festival event, that very connection was well made.’
Jeff Rees said ‘Despite the diverse nature of the three groups involved in the workshops and performance, they all worked hard to produce a worthwhile contribution.  Ric and I were very pleased by the level of their involvement.’

Sure Start said ‘Sure Start at the Acorn Centre in Abergavenny was very pleased to welcome visiting writers to their activity days over the summer holiday.  They and Sure Start staff practised some food-related nursery rhymes with the families with the idea of linking in to the Food Festival.  On Saturday 20th September, a group of small children and their parents appeared on stage at The Dome at Abergavenny Castle to offer their renditions of some traditional and not-so-traditional rhymes and songs: an exciting experience for all and a valuable link between young families in the area and the festival.’


Market Poem
By the Monday Poets
Working with Ric Hool and Jeff Rees

Apple, raspberry, strawberry
Plums and bananas from handsome trees

Coconuts, pineapples and sweet pears
Grapes and oranges from elsewhere

Buy my Battenburg! Buy my cakes!
All day long I mix and bake

Werthers Originals and Fruit gums
Starburst cubes are so much fun
Rhubarb and custard, white chocolate
Mint rolls, liquorice and Cadbury Flakes

Soft cheese, red cheese, stilton too
Caerphilly, Leicester and cheese that’s blue
Stinky, stinky, smelly cheese
Brie and cheddar will make you pleased

Prawns, pilchards, conger eels
Sardines, turbot – fishy feels
Crabs, shrimps, tuna fish
Cockles, mussels – oh, I wish

Wallets, purses, leather seats
Come and buy my leather treats

Olives pasta, egg fried rice
Taste my food it’s half the price

Buy my lamb chops, chicken and steak
The sweet and sour sausages I make

Cauliflower, carrots, parsnips – good!
Peas, sprouts, onions – FOOD!.