Caws Mawr

Mike Church

Cyfrannodd dros gant o bobl at gerddi grŵp newydd a chyffrous yn yr Ŵyl Gaws Fawr, Caerffili ddydd Sadwrn 30 Gorffennaf 2011.

Bu’r bardd Mike Church yn annog pobl a oedd yn ymweld â’r Ŵyl, o’r ardal leol ac o Sgwad `Sgwennu Caerffili, i gyfansoddi ychydig linellau i’w hychwanegu at y cerddi grŵp.

Defnyddiwyd cyflythreniad, odl a rhythm gan bawb i greu nifer o gyfansoddiadau wedi’u hysbrydoli gan farddoniaeth Miroslav Holub. 


The Suitcase

Go on open the suitcase

Maybe inside you’ll find

A ventriloquist’s dummy

Or three Russian dolls

Maybe you’ll find a single purple rose

Or a severed leg.

Go on open the suitcase

Maybe inside will be the keys to a holiday

Or a bunch of green grapes

A bottle of chilled water

Or a dragon breathing garlic

Go on open it

Maybe inside

There are lost sunglasses in the snow

Or a punctured rugby dream

Or a single million pound coin

Go on open the suitcase

Maybe you’ll find

The world rotating

Or nothing at all

Come on open the suitcase

You might find

A sword and St George

And Lord Lucan

There maybe a highly strung tennis player

Or a gigantic pen

Come on open it let’s see what’s inside

We want to know what’s in there

What if there is a severed leg?

Maybe we could save the world?

No don’t open it…it’s not yours!

In my mind

Search your mind

You might find nothing at all

Or Harry Potter may be looking for a wand

You might see an elephant doing origami

Or a man eating a suitcase

There maybe a string of uncooked sausages

Or a mouse eating needles and socks

Is this my head

Or maybe yours?

Search your mind

See if you can spot the dog on a date

Or rummage for an old fashioned swimsuit

Search for the unpicked scab that calls

Or see the anaconda eating cheese

And wait for the hurricane to blow

Search your mind

We’re intrigued

We’re nosey

It’s an unexploded bomb

In My Head

In my head is a giant lightening breathing grizzly bear

Called Zut

There’s a tune I can’t admit that I like

There are thoughts fluttering round like butterflies

In my head there is a chocolate river

And there’s a hairy doughnut

There are giant green caterpillars with human faces

In my head is a terrifying claw

And there’s an old smelly trainer

There’s a gaggle of geese swimming across a moat

In my head is an exciting book

And a big grey cloud

There are crowds of people milling around

So many things in my head

And there are more

Enough to make me eternal

So we’ll stop for now

Joshua McCarthy

In My Head

In my head is an idea to write a poem

There’s a fully functioning working brain

And there’s a recipe for bread

There’s me at The Big Cheese

In my head is a stick of dynamite

A delicious piece of chocolate

And a burst ice cream

There’s an explosion of flour

In my head

There’s a snoring giant

Eating biscuits

And there’s a warm waiting bath

Isn’t it great that we all have heads

And lots of different ideas?

The Dietch Family.