Gweithdy Morluniau

Robert Minhinnick

Ddydd Mawrth 18 Awst 2009, cynhaliodd Robert Minhinnick gyfres o weithdai ysgrifennu creadigol yn Ysgol Gyfun Porth-cawl gyda Chynllun Chwarae’r Haf, Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr .

Cynhaliwyd digwyddiadau’r dydd ar y cyd â’r Academi a Swyddog Datblygu’r Celfyddydau Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, Andre Van Wyk. Bu deugain o blant 8-13 oed o Borth-cawl yn gweithio gyda Robert Minhinnick i greu cyfres o gerddi a rhigymau ynglŷn ag anifeiliaid y môr.

Bu’r plant yn gweithio hefyd gyda’r artist amgylcheddol lleol, Emma Lamport ac yn creu delweddau o froc môr i ddarlunio eu cerddi. Bydd y cerddi a’r celfwaith yn cael eu harddangos yn yr Arddangosfa Morluniau ym Mhafiliwn Mawr Porth-cawl o ddydd Mercher 9 Medi hyd ddydd Sul 13 Medi eleni.


The Turtle


The turtle’s shell is hard as a rock

And as green as moss

It squeaks like a mouse

It feels like cement

Turtles live up to 100 years   Megan


With many tentacles and lots of ink

Don’t make it scared or it will think

With a large head and just two eyes

Here’s a hint it can disguise

It swims with style as if it can fly

Now answer me this, who am I?


Porthcawl dolphins are like a bluey grey sea

Dolphins are beautiful creatures

Just like you and me

Watch them jump the waves

Hear the crash as they dive into the sea


Starfish, starfish

Pink, white and grey

In the deepest of rockpools of Rest Bay


A shark’s teeth are as big as a man’s finger

They never close their eyes

And they never sleep

Sea Cucumber

The sea cucumber is fat

It is green and slippery

You can find them in rockpools in Porthcawl

And you can discover them in the ocean in Spain   Lilli


The shiny shimmery shark swimming to the ocean shore

The slimy sly shark sitting down silently

The shark silently soaring in the ocean breeze

All the sharks are swimming ready to see the sea king    Lois


Seagulls cry like a baby

Seagulls eat peoples litter

Instead of catching their own fish

They fly in circles watching people as they drop food

They fly in the air like planes in the sky

The Blue Whale

Blue Whales are enormous they must be gi-normous

Blue Whales eat plankton; all it does is look for food

It comes behind you; it swims in front of you

What will it do but eat plankton

The Sloth

It has three toes which can cut through wood

It lives on maggots and leaves which is a healthy diet

It lives in South America around Argentina

It sometimes hangs from a branch for months not moving an inch

The Shark

It is as sly as a fox

It is as quick as lightning

It is as wet as water

It can kill you before you even know it   Rosie



My sweet starfish is as shiny as a star

It is orange like the sun in the sky

It crawls like a spider

And a starfish is shiny like a fish    Danielle

Sea Snails

Sea snails move slowly on the seabed

A slimy body with a tough shell

If they are not careful, they will be eaten

The pull themselves in to look like a rock

My sweet dolphin

My sweet dolphin swims in the sea near Porthcawl

It makes the sound of a mouse troodling along

If I touch it, it feels slithery and slimy

It looks like a flash of the shiny sky


Dolphins live in the sea

It travels very quick

They do not sleep

They speak to each other with a click


They sound like opera singers

When they talk to each other

They glide through and dance

They are slippery                   Emily

Lochness Monster

He’s as long as can be

He’s so spiky he has only one knee

He drifts off into the sea

Comes out at night and gives everyone a fright

The Whale

A whale is a very massive animal that

Lives in the deep blue sea

It’s tongue is as large as an African Elephant

A baby can swim through the veins inside the massive body

The Shrimp

The shrimp is so small it must be miniature

All it does is look for plankton

Dodging nets as they come towards them

Other than that it’s quite peaceful             Mark

Sea Monster

As green as grass the sea monster is

He’s as big as a tree

He’s hard and rough and quite very scaly

He growls and he bellows in the middle of the night

He is quite, quite scary when he does that

He gives me a fright


A squid, a quick splat there and another one

Squishy and soft but slimy as well

When they are frightened a cloud of ink pops out

Squid is the biggest animal in the world.