Cartref Gofal Maenordy Greenhill

Mewn partneriaeth ag Ymddiriedolaeth Elusennol Stephens a George, ymwelodd Patrick Jones â Chartref Gofal Maenordy Greenhill, Pentrebach i arwain gweithdy ysgrifennu creadigol gyda’r trigolion.

Mae Maenordy Greenhill yn arbenigo mewn darparu nyrsio cyffredinol, dementia preswyl, nyrsio dementia, gofal seibiant a gofal ar gyfer ifanc ag anabledd corfforol. Mwynhaodd 13 o’r trigolion greu’r gerdd grŵp isod:


a group poem by the residents of Greenhill Manor Nursing Home

In my pocket

little bits and pieces,



cold weather,

a comb,

my friends,

a hill,

me and my brother playing in the mountains,

sun and rain

falling into my pockets

where I kept them safe,

In my pocket

cinemas, ice creams,

vanilla and strawberry favours

In Maerdy

playing with buttons,

making things

in Pontypool,

playing ball

In Treharris,

going to the pictures,

Laurel and Hardy

I loved to play badminton

In my pocket

squash, tennis,

fish hooks,

fishing line


worms to entice the fish,

I remember

getting up at 730 in the morning

the trout coming up

then fishing all day

and coming home in the evening

stinking of mud,


I had caught 6 fish,

felt so proud

In my pocket

is wanting to go to the cinema

and needing 5p

and I had to collect pop bottles

and get the money back,2p

and I collected two bottles

but was 1p short

I remember

my mum had a button jar,

she found a penny,

I went to the cinema,

happy times

in my pocket


my pocket