Gweithdai Cerflunio Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr

Ym mis Mai 2012 bu enillydd gwobr John Tripp, Rhian Edwards a’r cerflunydd esblygiadol, David Annand yn gweithio gyda disgyblion dawnus yn Ysgol Isaf Brynteg, Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr fel rhan o weithdai ymgynghori cyhoeddus i baratoi ar gyfer cerflun newydd i ganol y dref.

Mae llawer o gerfluniau David yn creu gofod rhyngweithiol sy’n gyfuniad o gelfi stryd a chelfyddyd. Ar y rhan fwyaf o’i gerfluniau ceir cerddi a gafodd eu comisiynu a’u hysgythru arnynt; mae’r gerdd yn helpu i ennyn diddordeb y cyhoedd ac yn eu hannog i dreulio amser gyda’r cerflun.

Gobeithir y bydd cyfraniad disgyblion ysgol lleol yn creu naratif i’r darn, a fydd yn defnyddio ffigurau, adeileddau dur a’r farddoniaeth i helpu i greu undod o’r cyfansoddiad cyfan.


Hannah, Callum and Christian


Cast out to a land of independence

Her thoughts are all she has

The mind is typically powerful

But hers is none but weak

Brainwaves accelerating to heart palpitations

Unwanted, unappreciated, lonesome

The building foundations to a society that hates us

Turns its back on us so we cannot help

Tears fall and merge into letters

To form despicable words of violence

And awareness of the nightmare she’s fallen into

Exams, silence and the clicking of pens

Then arguments, screeching and bruises later

Days and years and forever.


Shelters from the illusion of misconception.

The interpretation of the most battered, degraded generation.

Forced to roam the barren wasteland we call home.

Fairytale castle, clothed in lies, crumbles

Apart at the door they call reality.

Their identities are simply puzzles,

A puzzle being guided away.

From its answer by the curse of stereotyping.

The youth, distraught with isolation.

Believing they are all the same and conforming

To a system of smiling secrets and dilapidation.

Lay here to weep as it’s frowned upon elsewhere.

Emotions are uniqueness and unique is still forbidden.

A bubbling urge to tear out one’s gut

To display the terror, anguish and fury

That rejects wouldn’t be rejects without.

An unhappily ever after.

Steph, Waleed and Cellan


I cherished you,

Blinded by your beauty,

My blood rushing when we meet,

I love you,

Now you have moved on,

I am desperate, alone, waiting,

Waiting with open arms,

Hoping you will come back

Into my closed heart.


The throbbing in my neck,

The pounding in my heart

Our love was everlasting

But that does not make it right

For what we did wrong

I am sorry.

Aisha, Emily and Holly


As he rests his head on his soft, warm hands,

He thinks about the past

And what mistakes he made.

He thinks to himself he could change.

Sitting on the bench alone, he worries

And weaps of what the future holds.

As the moon comes down

for dawn to begin,

he is still on the bench weaping,

as still as a ghost, he stays.


Even the closest relationship can fall.

Make you feel worthless, alone, unloved.

Just remember things can change.

Chloe, Eve and Shaun


He relished the notes,

Thinking of her perfect quotes,

Reading the letter over and over,

Looking for clues of her whereabouts,

Whilst wanting to hold her,

He thinks the words over and over,

In his head he says to himself,

I found my other half.


She wrote letters to her other half,

Sent them via dove,

Poured out her heart and soul

Showing her sincere love.


I can’t help myself, I can’t hide my feelings.

Whenever I see you my stomach flutters.

My frown turns to a smile.

I laugh at your jokes even when they’re not funny.

I dream about being with you.

I can’t hide my feelings for you.

I have to tell you how I feel.


I heard a whisper then I heard you laugh and cry.

I saw you move and then stand still in time.

Your rare earth smile haunts the air that surrounds;

Dare to look and upturn your world to mine.

Together we will nurture with respectful minds.

So let your free spirit carry you to be with mine.

Rhian, Ellie and Maddie


There she is, a girl I know,

Sitting there all alone,

Leaning against the same bench

That I myself am sitting on.

There she is looking at me,

Sideways on with a sideways glance,

With her hand by the side of her face,

Pulling her hair away shyly.

But now I wonder when to give

The girl I love with a love of a rose,

Which I am twirling in my fingers

With the petals falling down to the floor.


I twirl a rose in my hand,

Not knowing where I stand.

I get lost in the sapphire swirls

That are her eyes.

I worry that I’m not good enough.

For she is the most beautiful

Girl I’ve ever seen.


I cover my face, thinking I’m a disgrace

That nobody will know I exist.

I glance up and see that gorgeous man over there.

His chestnut flicks of hair, match perfectly

With the gentleness of his emerald eyes,

Which seem to be looking at me.

Not they can’t be, nobody ever notices me.

Matthew, Jess, Oat and Catrina


I’m trying not to look at you

I didn’t know angles could fly so low(although it’s a typo, it makes the poem more interesting)

Your beauty lightens up my soul

Your reflects off the sun

As if it was the beacon of my life.


I can’t help but look at you,

You make me light up inside,

Your smile, your scruffy hair,

My tongue is simply tied,

I can hear your laugh from far away,

See your eyes glistening for miles,

Your personality shines through a crowded room.

My heart is stopped, it fails.

Kelsey, Lucy, Josie-Ellyn


She felt someone watching, but didn’t turn around to see.

As she thought to herself, who wouldn’t want to look at me?

Her purple silk skirt rested neatly on her shins.

One knee crossed over the other,

Showing her slightly wrinkled skin.

You can tell by her jewels, she was fairly well off.

If only she had turned around when she heard his raspy cough.


He stands on his own, pretending not to care.

As he gazed at he slowly fading, glossy hair.

His raspy cough bellows, the hurt in his chest.

But he acts like a healthy man, trying to look his best.

He knows she isn’t watching, oblivious to how he feels.

But carries on caring. In spite of what his heart hears.

Phoebe, Courtney and Shauna


The face I couldn’t forget

A sweet smile hiding the fear of a broken heart.

We stare into each others soul,

Caught into each others eyes.

Holding her in my arms

Would be so unrealistic

But yet the thought of my dream girl

May have just come true.


The face I couldn’t describe.

A serious frown of concentration.

Hiding the possibility of a cheeky personality.

When I caught his eye for just those few seconds.

The feeling I had may be back.

But what was it?

Laura, Erin and Neve

Him (by Neve Pennell)

It’s a face that I’m never going to forget.

Hair as long as a giraffe with chocolate brown swirls of curls.

Her body fitted in with the long tall trees,

So nice and thin but yet so delicate.

Her dress looked freshly made

So long but yet no enough to touch her strong feet.

Swooped down in harmonious colours,

Blue, yellow, green I could see

But I think that this was just the emotion.

I can see that beautiful face

But I don’t think she can see me.

Birds are singing around her.

And me just trying to hope that she can see

Behind the brown, swirly curls

To try and see me. I say to myself

Oh what on this beautiful, spring day

Have I got to getting this pure diamond

Try and see me, I could feel myself saying.

A voice in my head kept telling me, ‘you’ve got no chance’.

That sweet smell of pure happiness

Lasted as long as the distance between us.

I felt a sudden look she gave, I think?

She looked! She looked! I think?

What will happen next?



I look around the luscious green.

Take in the singing birds.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, I examine all the trees.

As I look around, what is that I see?

A man sitting over there, he’s looking at me

With a persistent stare, he’s holding flowers.

I catch his stare but look away

Wondering what he wants.

He’s wearing a jacket, scruffy and brown,

Way past its time. He’s as grubby as a dog.

If he thinks I’m interested he’s wasting his time.

As I walk away feeling his glare on my back.

It think about the clouds, the grass, anything but him

I turn around, see the pain in his eyes,

Walk away on this spring day,

Not even batting an eyelash..