Cysylltiadau Anthony Browne

Trwy gydol Gorffennaf ac Awst 2012, bu disgyblion o Ysgol Gyfun Brynteg a’r rhai a wnaeth fynychu Ysgolion Haf Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr yn: Canolfan Fywyd Cwm Ogwr, Canolfan Chwaraeon Maesteg, Canolfan Adloniant Pen-y-bont ac Ysgol Gyfun Pencoed; yn archwilio amryw o dechnegau ysgrifennu creadigol a gweithdai a ysbrydolwyd gan Arddangosfa Anthony Browne yn Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Caerdydd.

Gweithiodd can chwe deg o unigolion gyda’r bardd perfformio Mike Church i greu cyfres o straeon a cherddi a ysbrydolwyd gan gymeriadau megis Willy’r Wimp a Buster y Gorila. Bu’r bobl ifanc hefyd ynghlwm â chreu ffigurau helyg a ysbrydolwyd gan y darluniau. Cafodd y cerfluniau a’r cerddi eu harddangos yn Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Caerdydd ym mis Medi 2012.

Ailadroddiad Willy’r Wimp

Willy the wimp was walking and a fly was walking all over him. Willy the wimp carried on walking down the street and a bully barged right into him. He was on his way home when three robbers attacked him. One of them strangled him. Willy was in his chair reading a magazine. He was shattered. He saw a bully advert in the magazine on how to get strong. He ordered a book. Willy was reading his book all morning. Willy took right to the ideas in the book and started exercising first by jogging. At 12 o’clock it was lunch time. He was eating too many bananas. After dinner he started doing ballet. When he finished ballet at 1.30 he did boxing, but he was too small. He couldn’t reach his opponent. He was at the gym posing. While he was at the gym he did weight lifting. He got stronger and stronger. He went home to check himself in the mirror. He was no longer a wimp. He was proud. He was walking along the street and he was strong. He was proud. The robbers were picking on a lady, Willy the wimp came and scared them off. The girl gave Willy a kiss because he saved her. Willy walked away really chuffed. He was smiling so much. After walking into the lamppost, he felt more like a wimp again.



Gorillas are not good at Maths or Language,

They do not study R.E., Times Tables, PSE, swimming and singing

But, they are really good at

Banging their chest and peeling bananas

And they are good at making noise,

They can’t however, cook yummy cakes.


Monkeys and Gorillas


Monkeys and Gorillas eat bubble-stingies

But, they can’t draw like Leonardo

They can’t write like Francesca Simon about Horrid Henry

They can’t work on computers like my Mum

They can’t sing like pop stars JLS or Justin Beeber

They can’t put a bobble in their hair like I do

They don’t wear earrings like Britney Spears

They can’t cook like Jamie Oliver

Monkeys and Gorillas are happy scratching all day long

They can swing through the trees

They can play hide and seek

They are very cheeky

Bananas are their favourite food

They can make loud noises

Monkeys and gorillas.



Ellie May

Gorillas feel so sad sitting by frozen bars

All day long

They probably sing songs

Gorillas have five feet

They like eating world meat

I’d like to have one

So they can have fun

They can’t cook

But can eat with their foot

They sometimes have friends

Or play at the end

Then find some friends

Or climb up vines

They can be good or bad

But are mainly good like me

They’re so, so icky

But so, so cheeky

But then, they can eat bananas.


Gorillas can’t


Gorillas can’t

Play the violin

They can’t drive cars

Gorillas can’t

Play x-box

Can’t play guitars

Gorillas can’t play chess

But gorillas are good at

Banging their chest

And good at

Picking nits.




A gorilla can’t eat chocolate

A gorilla can eat apples and bananas

A gorilla can’t ride a bike

But gorillas can make a bed out of leaves

Can gorillas eat meat? – no one knows

But gorillas can eat fruit

Gorillas are hairier than a dog and a cat

Gorillas can’t feed their pets

But gorillas can find bugs

One thing gorillas can’t do is read a book.




I’d love to have a gorilla in my house

So I can have a friend to play with all day

They are so noisy and so cheeky

And they especially love banging their chests

But I wouldn’t want them banging mine.


The Gorilla


Gorillas are bigger than monkeys

But not bigger than a house

But they can step on a mouse

You can have films about gorillas

And they eat lots of fresh bananas

They can sleep, play and fight

But most of all they can go out like a light.


Gorilla Tales


Gorillas are friendly beasts

You normally find them in the East

They eat stuff like wheat

Never touch a single piece of meat

That’s gorillas for you

There are many types of gorilla

There is Sid, Chris and Bill

All rare types of species

Muscular and meaty

That’s gorillas for you.




Gorilllas can’t read, write or sing

Gorillas are good for everything

They can’t watch TV, dance or swim

But you could have a gorilla called Kim

They can’t tap dance on a rolly-bin, or drive

A fast car or fly like a bird in the sky

But they can’t lie, like a human can lie

They can’t talk, dream or go to school

Some might say that they’re a hairy fool

But one thing they can do is pop a

Banana better than me or you

That’s one thing a gorilla can do.




Gorillas can’t write or

Do many things that human beings can

But they can swing from tree to tree

They can’t do a forward roll or can they?

They can’t fly like a bird

Or tap dance

They can’t lie like human beings

Or read, or clean

They can’t drive a car

But the one thing they can do

Is be themselves.


The Big Gorillas


When the big gorilla reads a newspaper

He never gets off his seat

Even when he reads a comic

And the morning, is when he’s at his worst

A gorilla always plays no matter what

Gorillas would like to be human

But they can’t do this

And they can’t do that

But what they can do is play a lot.




Gorillas are naughty

They like swinging in the trees

They are funny

Gorillas are.




Gorillas are really good at climbing trees

They can also make very loud noises

If you wanted the gorilla could read newspapers

Gorillas can do anything.

Gorillas can swim

Gorillas can win every race

Gorillas can write essays

Gorillas can do anything

Gorillas are the champions of eating

They hardly ever drink

Gorillas are the best

Gorillas can do anything.


Gorilla Lessons


I wanted a pet gorilla

But my parent said

“No, it’s smelly”

But I said

“They’re funny, they’re cool,

What else could you have?

I’ll be a gorilla teacher

My parent said

“We’ll see”.


My special gorilla


My gorilla can juggle

My gorilla can play football

And play on his bike

He can balance thirty things

On his knee

He sometimes likes to have

A cup of tea

But most of all

He loves me.




I wonder what it is like to live with a gorilla

Are they big and hairy?

What about scary?

Would they eat Mum’s blackberry?

Would they watch Dad’s TV?

What if they needed a wee?

They would eat all the pears.

What about all of their hair,

It would go everywhere!

Would he go to ballet with me?

So I have decided with my Mummy,

We will have a gorilla

Just for me!


My Gorilla


My gorilla likes to sleep all day

But he always has a party, every Saturday night.

He eats all the bananas

And goes for a jog every Sunday morning

He often plays computer games

He plays on the Wii when he wants to keep fit

Sometimes he is sick,

When he eats too many bananas

He likes to play on the swings in the park

He likes playing on the slide too

When it is ‘take your pet to school day’

He always comes with me

The best thing is that he loves me

And I love him

My gorilla is a girl too.




Gorillas can’t do much

They can’t do what humans can do

They can’t read, sing or

Disco dance in Bridgend

Or fly like a bird in the sky

They can’t talk like us

Or say “hello” or “goodbye”

They can’t swim like a fish in the sea

Or cook an exotic curry

They can’t lie, dream or go to school.

The only thing a gorilla can do

Is peel a banana

Better than me or you.




Gorillas can’t read, write or cook

Gorillas can’t swim like fish or play football

Gorillas can’t play rugby. Although we could do with some for Wales

Gorillas can’t juggle or tame a tiger like in the circus

Gorillas can’t drive nor do gymnastics like to people in the Olympics

But gorillas are really good at ripping leaves off a tree.


Gorilla’s rules


Gorillas love cold weather

Because they have furry coats

If you have a gorilla in your home

You are mad.


Gangsta Gorilla


Gorillas are gangsters

They need fillers for

Pillars when they crash

Through them and bash

Their heads and as they tread

They start to dance then

They see Lance

From the knights of the round table

They start to chant into

A world of fancy pants

So goes those gangsta gorillas

For you the

Chimpy, chimps chorus.


Queen of Hearts

If I was the Queen of Hearts

I would make up all the rules;

Shoplifters, Robbers,

Bullies, Bosses,


Off with their heads!



Swearing rappers,

Pranksters and those who are rude in public,

People who abuse bus drivers,

People who disable train tracks

Off with their heads!

People who make fun of Leonardo Da Vinci,

Or the Mona Lisa,

Or Mona Lisa Simpson,



Mangles and murderers,

People who hog the television

And switch off the Olympic coverage

Off with their heads!

If I was the Queen…..

Or King of Hearts

You had better watch out!!!!

By Owan Dancey


Queen of Hearts

If I was the Queen of Hearts

Then hairdressers who ruin your fringe

Would be the first to go

Off with their heads!

Or little brothers who wander into your bedroom

Or people who tell you to get up…or to go to bed

Parents who are always arguing

Off with their heads!

Whoever took the last Starburst from the fridge

People who cause power cuts when you’re on the computer

People who wake you up with a loudspeaker asking for junk

People who sneak around in your private stuff

Off with their heads!

Little sisters who want to play princesses all the time

Teachers who shout at you for no reason

People who tell you you look lovely in clothes you don’t like

Family walking into the bathroom when you’re in the shower

Brothers who get their own room while I share with my sister

Mums who hurry you up when you’re talking to friends

My brother screaming when he can’t get his own way

Make me Queen of Hearts for one day

And then

Off with their heads!!!!

Bridgend Rec Play Scheme Crew August 2012.