Ail Rownd Sgiliau’n Sgleinio

Peter Read CCFC

Ym mis Medi 2010 gwelwyd parhad llwyddiant y Prosiect Sgiliau’n Sgleinio (All Skilled Up) yn Stadiwm Dinas Caerdydd. Partneriaeth yw’r prosiect rhwng yr Academi, Tîm Pêl-droed yn y Gymuned Dinas Caerdydd, Adrannau Addysg AALl, Llyfrgelloedd AALl a BSA Cymru.

Ganol mis Medi cafodd disgyblion o ysgolion Blaenau Gwent, Tor-faen a Phen-y-bont ar Ogwr fwynhau’r prosiect, sy’n mynd i barhau â chyllid gan y Gynghrair Bêl-droed hyd wanwyn 2012.

Daeth dros gant chwe deg o blant o ysgolion yn y tri awdurdod i stadiwm newydd Dinas Caerdydd i fwynhau diwrnod ysbrydoledig o weithgareddau pêl-droed a chyfleoedd i ysgrifennu’n greadigol. Bu’r disgyblion yn gweithio naill ai ag enillydd Gwobr John Tripp, Peter Read, neu â’r bardd a’r awdur adnabyddus, Mike Jenkins i greu cerdd bêl-droed newydd. Cawsant hefyd fwynhau helfa drysor fel rhan o daith dywys o amgylch safle’r stadiwm.


Peter Read with Llantarnum Primary School

The Rocking Stadium

In the empty stadium a crane

Tall as a seismosaurus

Grass emerald green

Like leaves on a tree

Turf a stripy green zebra.

Smells as meaty as beef burgers

Tasty as Peter’s Pies.

Noise full as a playground

Loud like a jet plane.

The stadium a big city

Seats white as snow, clear as glass,

Blue as the violet sky.

Crowd,singing crows

Cheer, yell, shout, scream, clap chant

Roaring like rumbling bears.

Players sweaty as a swimming pool

Two teams, lions, fighting for the ball.

The clock ticks the ninety minutes of the game

Referees whistle like a beeping car horn.

Peter Read with Padre Pio Roman Catholic Primary School

Will Daley’s Dream

Crowd loud as elephants

Doing the Mexican wave

Chanting my name

Come on Will Daley

Come on Will Daley.

The stadium a giant bowl

28,000 fans all mixed in together.

Flood lights bright, shimmering stars

In the dark black sky,

High as hanging bats.

Girders tall as sky scrapers

Lines on the pitch

Green and white like celtic strip.

The turf like a giant chessboard.

Giant TV screen huge as a roof

Clock ticks slowly

Like a bomb to the final whistle

1-1 Will Daley steps up to the penalty spot

Shoots, scores, final whistle, Cardiff win.

mike jenkins

Mike Jenkins with Queen Street Primary School

The Bluebirds Stadium

Seats of different colours

Yellow like golden nuggets

Blue like birds taking off

And shiny as a window

Lined up like soldiers

Stadium massive like an aeroplane

The roof like a mouth open wide

As gigantic as an elephant

Lights look like eyes

Speakers are like church bells

Grass green as a string bean

Pitch stripy as a stick of rock

Or rugby shirts or a zebra

Like a large green carpet.

Stadium big enough for an army to live in.

Mike Jenkins with Blaintillery Primary

The new Cardiff Stadium

The seats open like a duck’s beak

The lettering’s big as a building;

They are as blue as the sea

And as colourful as a rainbow;

White ones dull as clouds,

Yellow ones like the sun.

The grass like a zebra striped,

But also a spotted leopard

Pitch like a giant chessboard

And as smooth as a golf course

As green as green could be

It’s a colossal blue whale

The cameras are all-seeing eyes

Birds as blue as the sky

But a chill breeze through the air

Speakers as loud as foghorns

Stadium as big as a city

Peter Read with Cornelli Primary School

Sparkling, bright blazing lights

The pitch a glossy green,

Green as the land and the Welsh flag

Players fast as fire faster than cheetahs.

Golden steps lead to the seats

As blue as the Caribbean

The crowd move like a slow snake,

The ball a flying blaze

The goalie is a diver, swimming in the air

The Bluebirds break the hammers,

Clip the wings of the Swans

Shoot the Gunners, swallow the Toffees

Extinguish the Red Devils’ flames

Knock the Pirates off their ship.

Peter Read with Afon y Felin Primary School

The Dream World

Stadium filled with empty seats

Waiting for screaming, chanting fans.

Sitting in the dugout waiting for Dave Jones’ nod

Running onto the sparkling grass

Green as an apple, striped as a zebra

The crowd roars my name.

Ball at my feet, I weave and swerve

Dribble past players, leave Wayne Rooney for dead.

Fergie on the touchline chews his gum

Kicking his legs, waving his arms in the air.

Van Der Sar prepares to save the goal

Narrows the angle, makes himself big.

I choose the top corner, shoot