Sgiliau’n Sgleinio (All Skilled Up) Eto


Yn ystod misoedd Ebrill a Mai 2009 cymerodd ysgolion cynradd o Fro Morgannwg, Caerdydd a Rhondda Cynon Taf, Caerffili a thîm ieuenctid datgysylltiedig Rhondda Cynon Taf ran yn ail gynllun prawf y Prosiect Sgiliau’n Sgleinio (All Skilled Up). Prosiect chwaraeon a llenyddiaeth newydd ac arloesol yw hwn, rhwng yr Academi, y Cynllun Datblygu Llenyddiaeth yn y Cymoedd a Thîm Pêl-droed yn y Gymuned Dinas Caerdydd.

Aeth 241 o ddisgyblion a 30 o athrawon a staff cynorthwyol i Faes Pêl-droed Parc Ninian am ddiwrnod ysbrydoledig o weithgareddau pêl-droed a chyfleoedd i ysgrifennu’n greadigol. Bu’r disgyblion yn cydweithio ag enillydd Gwobr John Tripp, Peter Read i greu siant pêl-droed newydd. Cawsant hefyd fwynhau helfa drysor fel rhan o daith dywys o amgylch safle Clwb Pêl-droed Caerdydd.

Meddai Scott Young, Dinas Caerdydd:

Mae ‘Sgiliau’n Sgleinio’ yn bartneriaeth rhwng Sefydliad Cymunedol Clwb Pêl-droed Dinas Caerdydd a’r Academi (Asiantaeth Hyrwyddo Llenyddiaeth Genedlaethol Cymru a’r Gymdeithas i Lenorion yng Nghymru). Prosiect llythrennedd yw hwn sy’n anelu at blant Cyfnod Allweddol 2 ar draws De Cymru; y nod yw gwella sgiliau sylfaenol mewn darllen, ysgrifennu a siarad, gan ddefnyddio pêl-droed yn offeryn dysgu.

Mae Sefydliad Cymunedol Clwb Pêl-droed Dinas Caerdydd yn credu’n gryf fod ganddo gyfrifoldeb tuag at y gymuned i hybu datblygiad ei phobl ifanc, yn gorfforol ac yn addysgol. Gan ddefnyddio statws Clwb Pêl-droed Caerdydd a phoblogrwydd chwarae pêl-droed, gallwn chwarae rhan hanfodol yn y gwaith o annog pobl ifanc i wella eu sgiliau sylfaenol.

Datblygwyd pob gwers gydag ymgynghorwyr ac athrawon lleol sydd â gwir ddiddordeb mewn pêl-droed. O ganlyniad, mae’r prosiect yn ennyn dychymyg y plant, sy’n dysgu cyn hyd yn oed sylweddoli hynny.

Un arall o fanteision prosiect o’r math hwn yw ein bod, wrth wella sgiliau sylfaenol plant, hefyd yn datblygu eu sgiliau pêl-droed, eu lefelau ffitrwydd a’u gwaith tîm yr un pryd, a hynny mewn amgylchedd diogel.

Peter Read


Features of Ninian Park

Palmerston Primary School with Peter Read

Like a live banner

Saying Cardiff City

Towering stands are eyebrows

On the face of the stadium

The lines of lime

Mark the playing surface

Goalposts square as chessboards

As players grab the ball like chess pieces

In the empty ground

No-one hears the clock

Come Saturday, it will tick

The excitement of the game

As the football ping pongs

Across the pitch from foot to foot

Chest to chest, knee to knee

Head to head

The Big Pitch

Oakfield Primary School with Peter Read

The big pitch

An ocean of green

Short, wavy grass

A million squares

Patterned by the grounds man

Into a spongy carpet

Walking through the tunnel

I hear an amazing crowd chant my name

I wave to my twenty thousand fans

Standing to attention for the anthem

The whistle blows.

Past Rinaldo, Rooney, Berbatov

Only Van Der Sar to beat

I see my name in flashing golden lights

And then the teacher shouts

‘It’s time to write a poem’

The Football Speaks

St Mary’s the Virgin Primary with Peter Read

Kick me if you must

But catch me gently goalie

I like to slither through the grass

But only on dry days

Not through the mud and rain

I love hitting the net

As twenty thousand cheer

Kick me in the air

So I can soar in the sky

And dive through the clouds

Throw me if you must

But not out of the ground

Only to the winning team

You’ve always got my trust

The full time whistle blows

My ninety minute job is done

I’m battered, bruised, exhausted

Deflated, waiting to be blown up for another match

Kick me, hit me, throw me if you must

But not so hard that I end up bust

Peter Read

The Crowd

Springwood Primary School with Peter Read

Like waves and seas of colour

The crowd sway

Through oceans of streets

The crowd chant

Ole, Ole, Ole, Cardiff, Cardiff

To fly high to victory

Heads ping pong

From side to side

Eyes glued to the ball

Will he. Won’t he score

Will he keep the ball

The crowd are begging for a goal

They rise up and down

Like a human elevator

At last it’s a goal

Joe Ledley scores

The noise of a stampeding elephant

As the crowd roars

We don’t like it, we love Football

Hafod and Pontygwaith Primary Schools with Peter Read

We don’t like it

We hate football

The same old thing

Passing, dribbling

Sounds like baby games to me

We love football

Running fast as the wind

Like a headless chicken

Seeking the golden ball

We hate the shoving crowds

Loud as crashing symbols

We love the singing crowds

Chanting, cheering

Egging players onto victory

We hate the footballers

Underworked and over paid

For a ninety minute shift

They wouldn’t last a second underground

We love the players

Ledley, Johnson, Chopra

And the rest

Led by Dave Jones

Who is the very best


Visiting the Bluebirds Home

Cymmer Primary School with Peter Read

The grass green as emeralds

Chairs filled with excitement

Waiting for footballers to come out to play

Chairs blue as the team and the sea

And white as clouds in the sky

Through the caterpillar tunnel

We see and hear the roaring, joyful crowd

The hungry goals are open mouths

Waiting to be fed by Bluebird strikes

Floodlights huge as the morning sun

Will attract fans and draw them like moths

To Ninian Park

Football is a passion

RCT detached Youth Team and Peter Read

Football is a passion

I live for the love of the game

Kicking with skill, having fun

Until we win the match

We try to respect the ref

Respect the players, the colour of their skin

The Bluebirds fans and other teams

To play the game we must be fit

We give up smoking

Go for the big seven:

Carbs, protein, fat

Fibre, vitamins, minerals and water

You represent your club, yourself

And the game the best you can

At the big match

Anticipation in our fingers

Adrenalin rush through our veins

The tension’s overwhelming

The crowd cheers like a pride of lions

Chanting the Bluebirds names

A global gathering

To watch the mighty City


Sounds of Ninian Park

Abertysswg Primary School and Peter Read

Crowds yelling like excited dogs

Wow, Hurray, Yeah

Shaking like leaves on a tree

Laughing like hyenas

When the others miss a goal

Hunting the ball in a pack

Shouting for a goal

Come on shoot, you can do it

Get in there, get stuck in

The player pulls back his leg to shoot

Yes, yes, yes, Ahhh no

They are on the attack again

To the sound of the banging, beating drums

Boom, bash, boosh, crash

Ting tong, whack

It’s a goal


The Ninian Park Clock

Fochrhiw Primary School with Peter Read

The clock round as a football

Circular as a face full of fingers

Looks like a giant eye over seats

Blue as a shiny sapphire and the flowing sea

It states the facts of

Kick off, half time and the final whistle

Some fans watch it nervously

Looking at it’s face more than the match

One nil ahead with five minutes to go

Time stretches as slowly as lessons

One goal behind the clock zooms

Faster than jumbo jets or Lamborghinis

This clock face has seen it all

Victories, defeats, promotions, relegations

People crying, people sighing

People jeering, people cheering

Now the season ends

It doesn’t want to be skipped

But hopes to tick in the new season

In a new stadium for

Jerrard, Torrez, Rinaldo and the rest.

Peter Read ccfc.