Prosiect Gofalwyr Ifanc Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr

Mike Church

Ym misoedd Ionawr a Chwefror 2011 cynhaliodd y bardd perfformio Mike Church gyfres o dri gweithdy yn y Solid Rock Café, Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr gyda 45 o aelodau o Brosiect Gofalwyr Ifanc Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr.

Erbyn eleni mae deng mlynedd ers i Brosiect Gofalwyr Ifanc Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr fod yn cynorthwyo gofalwyr ifanc a phobl ifanc dan 18 oed sy’n gofalu cryn dipyn am aelod arall o’r teulu, boed yn rhiant, yn dad-cu neu’n fam-gu, neu’n frawd neu’n chwaer. Gall y person y maent yn gofalu amdano fod ag anabledd corfforol neu salwch, neu anabledd dysgu, gall fod yn camddefnyddio cyffuriau neu alcohol, gall fod ag HIV/Aids, neu gall fod yn fregus.

Bydd gofalwyr ifanc yn gwneud amrywiaeth o dasgau gofalu a chynorthwyo. Mae eu cyfrifoldebau’n cynnwys: siopa, gwaith tŷ, casglu budd-daliadau a thalu biliau, helpu gyda moddion, helpu’r person i symud (codi, cynnal etc), coginio a glanhau, helpu gyda gofal personol, darllen ac egluro llythyrau, gwrando ar broblemau, cadw cwmni i’r person y maent yn gofalu amdano, ei h/atgoffa am apwyntiadau a’i hebrwng i apwyntiadau, gofalu am frodyr a chwiorydd.

Nod y sesiynau oedd cyflwyno cyfle cyffrous i archwilio bod yn Ofalwr Ifanc trwy gyfrwng barddoniaeth. Caiff y cerddi eu perfformio fel rhan o Ddathliadau Wythnos Genedlaethol y Gofalwyr ym mis Mehefin 2011.


In My Head

In my head

A chinchilla’s clinging

To the cage

There’s thousands of flying fish

And a human drum kit

All in my head

There’s a goodbye shoe

And some jewels

And a dancing asparagus

There’s the one and only

Superdog with his cape

And a pair of eyeballs

Turning into butterflies

In my head

There’s a fire breathing dragon

And some freezer bunny llamas

There’s a pot of pot noodles

And an umbrella shielding

Me from the sun

In my head

There’s a fish full of water

Looking out of his bowl

And a packet of candy corn

My head is a random place

Full of possibilities

The Door

Go and open the door

You might find an untidy bedroom

A sparkling white toilet

Or a different dimension

There may be an old man shaving

Or it might be the door to an empty room

Go on open the door

To find stairs to a random place

Or a ringing telephone

A sweeping brush

A box

Or a buffet for twelve in an old kitchen

Go on open the door

And see a lamppost

Or a single smelly shoe

You might find a jewel

Or any flower you like

Go on open the door

And find a cobwebbed dartboard

Or a wad of cash

There might be anything or nothing

Go on open the door

And find a fish

Or a heavy lead safe

Or traffic lights going disco crazy

Go on there might be

A white cloud

Or another door

Or a lost shoelace

Go on open the door

You might see the death of a mouse

Or you might see you or me

Go on open the door

You know you want to

And every door leads somewhere

In the young carer’s suitcase

In young carers case

There may be flowers

Probably red roses

There may be bright balloons

Or a hospital bed for emergencies

There may be

The oxygen of life itself

Or a pair of dark glasses

Go on open that case

You may find

Chocolates or medicine

Or maybe a laughing wheelchair

Perhaps just some happy thoughts

Go on open that case

Maybe there’s a phone ringing

Or just the Yellow Pages

Maybe there’s some sunshine

Or a painted stone

Or a photo album

Or some sensory lights

Go on just open the case

For music

Or presents

Or just open it because

There are happy memories

In My Head

In my head are dreams

There are lots of different ideas

In my head I have thoughts swimming around

Overlapping, buzzing and colliding

What am I going to do when I get home?

Should I hoover?

Should I cook?

Should I clean?

Or should I feed the cat?

In my head are lots of ideas

The dreams of being an actress

Or a footballer

Or just to be successful

And most of all to be understood

My dream

My aspiration

My life

All this I carry in my head

By Daniel and Ellie

The Suitcase

Go and open the suitcase

Inside may be the opposite of what you think

There may be a forgotten idea

Or a piece of random paper

There may be a talking puppet waiting for a hand

Or a staple gun for a staple diet

Go on open the suitcase

There may be a fire extinguisher for fiery moments

Or a collection of musical instruments

There may be a talking kitten wearing a business suit

Or oxygen to breath

Go on open the suitcase

There may be an apple throwing dynamite

Or dead people

Or magical medical tricks

Go on open the suitcase

There may be a smiley face in a triangle

Or the sniff of chocolate

There could be a pair of old crutches

Or nothing at all

Go on open the suitcase

You might find a camera on a pillow

Or just illness

There may be a pair of shiny trainers

Or an open Bible

Go on open the suitcase

And find warning signs

Or a mirror or a dancing tarantula

Go on open the suitcase

It might be something secret

Come on we’re running out of patience

We want to see what’s in there

No stop don’t open it

You might start a Nuclear War!

Why Are We Here

Why are we here?

Because we’re Young Carers

And there’s free food

Because we’ll have a laugh

And it gets us out of homework

Why are we here?

To escape nagging parents

Or annoying sisters

Why are we here?

We’re on the run from prison

We’re on the run from a rampaging rhinocerus

Because people are trying to convert us

We just like bolognaise

Why are we here?

We’re all psychos

We’ve all been kidnapped

This is the only safe place in the world

Why are we here?

Because we are amazing

In My Head

In my head

There is blinding boredom

A playing play station

And a sawn off school

There are friends

In my head

I feel trapped

And irritated

And excited

There are names and brains

And watered grass

There’s one Jaffa Cake

A lost necklace

And I need some time to chill

In my head

I’m cuddling baby brother

And chatting on Facebook

There’s homework on the table

A mirror and a bed

There are early mornings

And a Coke bottle

There’s sleep and chalk

And I’m wishing there was more sibling help

All in my head

In Our Heads

In our heads

Lanky legs overtake our minds

There are thoughts

Of how do I shrink

And how do I grow?

There are perverted penguins

Picking on a panda drinking Pepsi

In our heads

Are nagging parents

When will it end?

In our heads

We need more money

Don’t you dare think it’s funny?

I’m skint like my mummy!

In our heads

Worries start to enter

And darkness overtakes our minds

Waiting for tomorrow

To see what we can find

Gosh these heads

Are weirder then we thought!!

By Jonathan, Emma, Caryl and Sam

In A Young Carers Suitcase

Go on open the carer’s suitcase

Inside you might find

Medical things that help

You might find some patience

Or just a wheelchair

You might find a good doctor

Or a crutch to lean on

Or some magic wishes

Go and open the carer’s suitcase

You might find

Some love

Some peace

Or the answer to all your dreams

You may find happiness

Or just a lucky four leafed clover

Why would you open that suitcase?

Because you might find the answer to everything

That could help people

So go on open that suitcase

By Jordan, Thomas, Ewan and Chloe

In A Young Carers Head

In a young carers head

There’s a big yellow bus full of annoying people

There are purple elephants running freely

There’s a fellah with his hair on fire

There’s a skinny person making an earthquake

And a Kit Kat running away with a can of sprite

While eating a Mars Bar on the beach

There’s a Pot Noodle doing the twist

In the Cantonese Takeaway

While an exotic cow

Is being chased by a tired sheep

And all the while a pig smokes a pipe

And rolls over laughing into his cap

All this in a young carers head

By Laura, Kerry, Rosie, Jodie and Holly

In My Head

In my head is a brain

And a one legged catapault

There’s some boys and the odd girl!

There’s a French exam

And books flying around

In my head

Is a First Aid Course

And Facebook

(I don’t like Facebook)

There are kitchens and spoons

There’s a woman on the phone

And a sheep singing ‘Alleluia’

There’s an Ayatollah shaving

And a jewel

There’s a Bible with no answers to new technology

And a green penguin spitting

As its raining cats and dogs

In my head

There are pages waiting to be turned

In the life of a young carer

Constantly learning new things

Some heads are big

Some heads are small

It doesn’t matter at all

Just keep your head at all times

By Rob, Chelsea and William

In A Young Carers Suitcase

Open the young carer’s suitcase

You might find

A First Aid Kit

Or a mysterious key

Or a cure for M.E.

You might find

16 cans of coke

Or some rules and responsibilities

You might find some cheeriness

Or a robot that helps

There maybe nappies

Or photographs

Or some help for each other

You might find a chart

Or a babysitter

Or a slave

Maybe there’s a magic mirror

Or just a flea that’s funny

Who knows what’s in there

You might find a dancing dog

Or the perfect helper

Some papier mache

Or a cherry that grows into a friend

Go and open the carer’s suitcase

Because that will actually help people

And maybe surprise them too!

By Tia, Jasmine, Lauran and Teri

In A Young Carers Head

In a young carers head

There’s a crazy traffic jam

There’s a shrimp in a suit

And a monkey riding a motorbike

There’s a giraffe eating a Chinese

In a young carers head

There’s a man who’s a penguin

And a lion dancing the can can in a ballerina’s outfit

There is a single left foot trainer

And a wild rumba

There’s a platypus that can salsa

In a young carers head

Is a gigantic chocolate bar

And a wild car

There’s a wizard drinking from a cauldron

All this in a young carers head

Where we can laugh

And care for the ones we love

By Vikki, Jane, Kim and Connor.