Rownd Chwech Sgiliau’n Sgleinio

Mike Jenkins

Ym misoedd Medi a Hydref 2011 gwelwyd parhad llwyddiant y Prosiect All Skilled Up yn Stadiwm Dinas Caerdydd. Partneriaeth yw’r prosiect rhwng Llenyddiaeth Cymru, Tîm Pêl-droed yn y Gymuned Dinas Caerdydd, Adrannau Addysg AALl, Llyfrgelloedd AALl a BSA Cymru.

Drwy gydol misoedd Medi a Hydref cafodd disgyblion o ysgolion ym Mlaenau Gwent, Tor-faen a Phen-y-bont ar Ogwr fwynhau’r prosiect, sy’n mynd i barhau â chyllid gan y Gynghrair Bêl-droed hyd wanwyn 2012. Cafodd un grŵp o Gaerffili hefyd fwynhau’r prosiect â chyllid gan Gyngor Bwrdeistref Caerffili.

Daeth dros bedwar cant o blant a phobl ifanc o ysgolion yn y pedwar awdurdod i stadiwm newydd Dinas Caerdydd i fwynhau diwrnod ysbrydoledig o weithgareddau pêl-droed a chyfleoedd i ysgrifennu’n greadigol. Bu’r disgyblion yn gweithio naill ai â’r bardd a’r awdur adnabyddus, Mike Jenkins, y bardd adnabyddus Patrick Jones, enillydd gwobr John Tripp, Peter Read, neu’r bardd perfformio Mike Church i greu cerdd bêl-droed newydd. Cawsant hefyd fwynhau helfa drysor fel rhan o daith dywys o amgylch safle’r stadiwm.

Enghreifftiau o’r Cerddi:

Ysgol Gynradd Nantyffyllon gyda Mike Jenkins

Cardiff City are the best

‘Cardiff City are the best!’

I would say and ‘Cardiff City are so pretty!’

My main colours dark blue,

Yellow and white

The noise is deafening

That’s what I like.

I would be a bird

Because we are the Bluebirds

My mood becomes excited

When we win the league

I have high-pitched

Music of a violin

My outstanding feature’s the pitch

Which is my head.

My hopes for the future lie in Wembly.

Abercerdin Primary School with Mike Jenkins

C’mon Cardiff

Cardiff City all the way

Winning games Home or Away!

My main colours blue and white

People cheering – oh what a sight!

Quiet as a mouse

And loud as a stormy cloud.

I am a big Blues fan.

I am a tiger

protecting my logo.

Goals turn me happy

My music’s calm and classical

Or a loud and cheery anthem

My badge stands out on my heart.

I want to be a human

And play for the team.

Pontllanfraith Primary with Peter Read

Champion Bluebirds

Loud echoes bounce from wall to wall

Crowds screaming loud as thunder

Move their arms so fast they make waves of wind

As they chant and sing for Cardiff Bluebirds.

Goalies dive from left to right

Up and up through the air

Protecting their goal from the invading teams

A wonderful green carpet of grass

Smooth as clouds. Ball in the air

Fast as a jet. Flood lights flood the pitch

With sparkling light. It’s goalless.

One minute to go on the clock

The ball flies into the goal like a UFO

Making the net bounce all around.

Crowds dance with excitement, shout ‘We won, we won, we won’.

Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary School with Peter Read


Wind whistles through my fingers

The ball goes so fast it doesn’t show.

I can smell the soft, wet grass.

The ball touches the tips of the players toes.

Beautiful birds fly through the sky

Bluebirds run around on the ground

Passing, dribbling, tackling, kicking the ball

Twenty six thousand packed seats

The crowd are clapping, screaming as loud as lions.

My heart is pumping loud as a drum

The goal posts are alive, waiting for a goal

Players speeding down the wing, fast as rockets.

The ball curled into the back of the net.

We slide on our bellies in celebration,

Do the penguin dance. The Bluebirds have won.

Brackla Primary School with Mike Jenkins

Blues are Cardiff

Cardiff City Blues,

Swansea City boos!

Our colours are blue and white

It’s not worth a fight.

Drums, drums

The fans are pounding!

It’s great to be Cardiff Stadium

Holding all the players, making the day

A big whale, a big whale

White and blue, white and blue

When the team win, I’m happy

When they lose I’m sad

People, people, stamping their feet

Stamping their feet.

The heart of the ground

Is the centre circle

Lights are beautiful

Like the Bluebird’s flight

My hopes are to be unbeaten.

Pil Primary School with Mike Jenkins


Cardiff’s the Best

C’mon Cardiff, let’s rule!

We’re the greatest team in the world!

I’m yellow, blue, green and white.

Mt sounds are loud cheering

People screaming and chanting

I am an exciting person

Noisy and tall and wild

I am a huge bluebird

And also a fierce lion

‘keep on scoring or we’ll be snoring’

My music’s loud rock

My writing, lights, roof and colours

Stand out like a rainbow.

My ambition is the premier league..