Pedwaredd Rownd Sgiliau’n Sgleinio

Mike Jenkins Patrick Jones Peter Read Mike Jenkins

Ym misoedd Ionawr a Mawrth 2011 gwelwyd parhad llwyddiant y Prosiect All Skilled Up yn Stadiwm Dinas Caerdydd. Partneriaeth yw’r prosiect rhwng yr Academi, Tîm Pêl-droed yn y Gymuned Dinas Caerdydd, Adrannau Addysg AALl, Llyfrgelloedd AALl a BSA Cymru.

Ddechrau mis Ionawr ac ym mis Mawrth cafodd disgyblion o ysgolion Blaenau Gwent, Tor-faen a Phen-y-bont ar Ogwr fwynhau’r prosiect, sy’n mynd i barhau â chyllid gan y Gynghrair Bêl-droed hyd wanwyn 2012. Cafodd tri grŵp o Gaerffili hefyd fwynhau’r prosiect â chyllid gan Gyngor Bwrdeistref Caerffili.

Daeth pedwar cant chwe deg pedwar o blant a phobl ifanc o ysgolion yn y pedwar awdurdod i stadiwm newydd Dinas Caerdydd i fwynhau diwrnod ysbrydoledig o weithgareddau pêl-droed a chyfleoedd i ysgrifennu’n greadigol. Bu’r disgyblion yn gweithio naill ai ag enillydd Gwobr John Tripp, Peter Read, y bardd a’r awdur adnabyddus, Mike Jenkins, y bardd adnabyddus Patrick Jones, neu’r bardd perfformio Mike Church i greu cerdd bêl-droed newydd. Cawsant hefyd fwynhau helfa drysor fel rhan o daith dywys o amgylch safle’r stadiwm.

Cerddi Ion 11

Ysgol Gynradd Beaufort Hill gyda Mike Jenkins

Calm and Crashing Stadium

The Stadium is calm

Seats as blue as the sea

And as white as waves

Grass as green as seaweed

Empty as a beach at night

Gentle breeze crossing the pitch

Silent as under the sea

Hoardings swaying like the fish

Fresh scent like the ocean

Lonely as an empty beach.

The Stadium is ear-blasting

Like the sound of crashing waves

The pitch like a rock pool

Mexican waves like breakers

The sound is deathful

When the opposition score

Seats as clear as the water

Or like shells opening and closing

Fans like multi-coloured fish

Rough sea blowing everyone away

Like when we score a goal.

Roseheyworth Primary School with Mike Jenkins

The Forecast Stadium

The Stadium’s weather is very peaceful

Calm and gentle breeze

Quiet as nobody’s there

It rains gently, lightly

Cool wind rushing through

Or a bright sunny day

When a heat wave rushes

Over empty seats.

All of a sudden a strong wind through the crowd

It rains mad with thunder

Noise of a crowd chanting like a whirlwind

Goal scored like an earthquake

Celebrations of hailstones

Huge tackle like a hurricane

If we win it all ends sunny.

Hendredenny Park Primary School with Peter Read

Playing in the rain

Rain on the roof, it’s pitter patter

Sounds like crowds of crawling spiders and running mice

It moves along a slithering rattle snake

Players slipping ad sliding

Their studs digging muddy holes in the ground

Before kick-off there was bright green grass

Now a chocolaty brown mud bath

Soaked shirts stick to the players skin

Steam comes off their foreheads

Fast as a rhino charging.

Before the match their hair was combed

Now it’s a droopy mess like strands of spaghetti

Running down their cheeks

Fans near the front, as wet as a swimming pool

Are cheering their team,

They’re singing in the rain.

Tŷ Sign Primary School with Peter Read

Cardiff City FC

The amazing view of the Stadium

With it’s luscious green grass

We climb the steps to success

Imagine Cardiff knocking QPR off the top

Hear the crowd flowing with excitement

The drumming rain splashing against the ground

The wind’s frosty touch on my cheeks

The dark clouds fall on the ground

With the noise of beating hearts

Bellamy weaves and darts past stunned defenders

Wriggles through the gap

He’s in the penalty box

My heart stops as he takes a shot, and scores.

Poems March 11

Glanhowy Primary School with Mike Jenkins

Welsh Giant

“Go Bluebirds” I’d say,

My colours are blue, white and green,

My sounds are silent and roaring.

I am a huge giant

And a lion biting.

I’m gutted when we lose,

But excited when we win.

My marching music is ‘Hen wlad fy Nhadau’,

My outstanding features are players on match days.

My hopes for the future are the Premier League.

Brynbach Primary School with Mike Jenkins

Bluebirds Stadium

The pitch is my heart and the seats are my soul.

My colours are blue, white, yellow and green.

As I soar in the sky I can hear birds whistling.

I am an enthusiastic person,

I change into t blue whale

Every time people cheer for me, I feel proud.

Sometimes quiet, at might roaring.

My main feature’s the name on the seats.

I will be one of the Bluebirds forever.

Pil Primary School with Mike Jenkins

Who are we? Blue Army

“The other teams smell!” I say;

My colours are blue, green and white,

Green for the pitch and blue and white for the team.

Sounds of chanting ‘Cardiff! Cardiff!’ and people screaming.

I am like a hundred children and a dusky dolphin.

Moods change like the weather

Because of winning, losing or drawing.

I sing really strong Welsh songs.

My seats are my teeth.

I hope to keep winning all the games.

Brackla Primary School with Mike Jenkins

City Poem

“Cardiff’s gunna win!” I say,

My colours are blue, yellow and white

My sounds are cheering, clapping and roaring of my fans.

I am tall, but three years old.

I am a wild blue shark.

My moods change from every game.

Chants are all I hear.

My heart belongs in the ball.

“Win the game, have a go!” Bluebirds score, I get to know!

St Cenneth Secondary School with Peter Read

Bluebirds to Victory

Stadium bigger than the biggest skyscraper

On match days it’s like a wrestling cage

Queues are as long as the ocean

People ramming, jamming each other

To get to the white seats shining, spelling Cardiff.

Players fast as racing cars zoom along the pitch

The crowd revs up like engines or roaring Monster Trucks.

The ball fast as a bullet flies from foot to foot

Then swirls into the top right hand corner of the net.

Sometimes it flies as high as a plane or even Pluto.

Aaron Ramsey celebrates like an acrobat

Back-flipping on grass as green as trees.

Twenty seven thousand seats avalanche up and down

Making a volcano of sound as the whistle blows.

Pengam Primary School with Peter Read

The Birds are back in Town

The grass green and brown

Just like a chameleon,

Underneath a gigantic open roof.

The crowd roars like a dinosaur

Jumping up and down like a raptor.

Birds hover above the pitch

Waiting for the party to start

When the crowd drops their food and leaves

They dive in for big, juicy sausages

Pecking at the crumbs from buns

Nippering at spilt coke, fanta, spilt beer.

They squawk messages to their friends

Twitter and tweeter that fans and Bluebirds have left.

There’s plenty of food, the party’s in full swing..